My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 4 Episode 6

Power Ponies

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 21, 2013 on The Hub

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  • Aside Logical problems, Inconsistencies, and the Meaningless Moral, it was entertaining.

    Quite frankly, there's a lot to like and a lot to hate about this episode. This episode was written by Charlotte Fullerton, who is (imo) the worst writer on the show, Betsy McGowen, who wrote for the utterly mediocre Johnny Test, and Meghan McCarthy, an excellent writer. Fullerton episodes usually have no regard for any logic or continuity, making episodes like May The Best Pet Win, Look Before You Sleep, and Putting Your Hoof Down some of the worst episodes of the show by having the characters act out of character, or let mean-spirited jokes take over an episode. Betsy McGowen is a writer for Johnny Test, which usually have logical problems (not to mention each character is a joke), and Meghan McCarthy has made some of the best episodes of the show, usually tying the loose ends of episodes together while also having clever humor and excellent character interaction. Unfortunately, this episode is exactly what I was afraid it would be for the reasons stated. Let me explain:

    1. The Mane 6 are idiots: In the first half of the episode, they do learn their powers, but here's my problem with it: they aren't as stupid as the episode is making them out to be. To give an example, Rarity gets caught in a tornado and Spike tells her that whatever she thinks of will appear, and she spawns a tea set in the middle of flying around a tornado, a freaking tea set. That is how to make a character look like an idiot more than making them look like they don't know what to do.

    2. Their powers (while making references to popular super heroes) are already things that they could do (Fluttershy is the ONLY exception). When you think about it, they can pull off their powers in real life. Rainbow Dash can create a tornado and control the weather, Applejack can use a rope effectively, Pinkie can run at an unusual speed, Twilight can use magic (she only has a freeze ray) and Rarity can create something from her imagination. Although I do appreciate that they are references to other superheroes, put creative twists on them, or better yet, make them different, then I could actually buy the ponies not knowing their powers.

    3. The Mane-iac is cliched to the max. Sure, her background and design is a mix between the Joker and Doctor Octopus, but all she really does is laugh, has a long monologue, and tells Spike he's useless. Nothing else.

    4. This episode has a huge lack of subtlety. The dialogue proves my point: "Oh Humdrum, why in all of Maretropolis would I use the hairspray way of doom on you?"

    5. We've seen the moral before, twice even. These episodes are: The moral of Owl's Well that Ends Well, and when Spike looks through the door of Sombra's castle in The Crystal Empire. They involved Spike worrying about not being needed, and The Crystal Empire did it 8 times better and in less than 20 seconds.

    I'm giving it a 6.5, because despite all of these flaws, it was an entertaining episode. For once Spike isn't annoying, and the superhero references were cool (I'm a sucker for superheroes, especially Marvel).
  • Strong a horses

    Back in sumerthe Power Ponies episode had been revealed at Comic Con. Then this Christmas Power Ponies arrived. The Mane Six and Spike are cleaning up the old Everfree Castle. But still they don't show who that Shadow Pony was. But I guess it builds up to the Finale. Later on the ponies and Spike are sucked into a comic book dimension. The ponies and Spike arrives in Maretropolis in shiny new superhero costumes. Spike and his friends m,ust use their Pippi powers against Mane-iac with Medusa hair. The climax ends in a shampoo factory where Mane-iac has her advanced machine. How the ponies had grown since episodes like Party of One, and this was the first TV-Y7 rated Pony episode. A must watch for comic book fans.

  • Sorry, it sucked.

    I'm sorry guys, but this episode did no justice for me. The beginning of the episode was okay but after the first 3/4 minutes you know you're in for an abomination. A boring plot is bad enough but no one thanking Fluttershy for saving their lives was downright cruel! When I first caught this episode on TV at 9:30 AM after the crappy Christmas episode I actually thought this would be good. But man was I wrong!

    Don't get me wrong there were some good parts like Hulk Fluttershy but the rest of the episode was irritating beyond belief.

    Overall this episode gets a 1.5/10 for some good parts. I think Season 4 is losing it.
  • A super episode for Spike!

    So here were are at last. When this episode was first spoken about a while back, I was hesitant about it. The last time we took the superhero route, we ended up with what many consider to be the worst episode of FiM ever made. Add to that, the fact that Spike is in this episode and the focus and we've got a really risky one here. So the question remains, did the MLP team pull off a good superhero based episode? Be warned, this is a long review, so SPOILERS ahead.

    When our episode starts, we see Spike reading his favorite comic book series, Power Ponies. We immediately get introduced to our villain of the episode, The Mane-iac, a former owner of a hair company who got her powers much like how The Joker in the Batman comics. One thing I will say is that I like how the writers gave a small back story to our villain, even though she probably won't be seen ever again. And I also think it's nice to see Twilight be more friendly around Spike and let him finish his comic.

    We cut to the next day, where Spike and the others are cleaning up the old castle from Why they are doing this is never explained. I mean they honestly don't tell us why they're cleaning the castle or anything? There's no explanation for what purpose there is at all. Maybe it's Twilight's new castle? It's never told.

    Anyway, Spike wants to help out, but the others claim they got it and the dragon goes out and he reads his comic in the same room that Twilight was reading the diary in At the end of the book, Spike finds some magic words and reads it, causing a portal to open up and sucking in Spike and the others when they come in.

    So it's here we see that everypony has become a superhero like in the comic book and are stuck in Metrop . . . I mean, Maretropolis. Now keep in mind, I don't read a lot of comic books and only know a lot of superheroes through TV show, so I may miss a few of them. Applejack reminds me a lot of Wonder Woman. Rainbow is obviously like Storm from the X-Men. Fluttershy is The Hulk. Pinkie is The Flash. Rarity and Twilight are the only ones I can't really think of who superhero powers are based on. Spike, on the other hoof, has been made into Hum Drum, the sidekick that has no powers at all.

    We suddenly see The Mane-iac and see that she's trying to steal an electrical orb for her doomsday device. Spike tells the others about their powers and how to use them. Everything goes wrong though when the powers get out of hoof and our villain gets away with the orb. So Spike tells the others where the doomsday device is and they all go there. This time, the others use their superpowers again and they seem to be getting better at it, but it's still not enough. The Mane-iac shows up again and sprays the others with a hair spray that stops the heroes in their tracks and render their powers useless. Spike is the only one not sprayed because he has no powers and the others are captured.

    So Spike has to save the day and when he sees that the spray only works for so long before wearing off, he must think of what to do. When he hears though that the others do care for him and believe he will come through, it touches him. For me, I really love that moment. It shows the others do care a lot about Spike and how good of a friend he is to them.

    Spike manages to use a cunning strategy by trapping The Mane-iac's goons and using the spray to freeze them, freeing the others. Another fight scene ensures and this time, we see the others have now mastered their powers and use them to beat The Mane-iac. We even get to see Fluttershy go, what I call, Flutterarmageddon. Seriously, if you thought Flutterrage was scary, that's nothing compared to this.

    The Mane-iac is eventually stopped, the device is destroyed, and the whole gang gets sucked back into their own world. It's here we get a lot of Spike praise and a lesson that even though sometimes you aren't needed, you are important and that you don't need superpowers to be a superfriend(I see what they did there). It's then revealed that the comic came from a mystic store and when the others leave, our episode ends with the comic vanishing forever.

    So with that all out of the way, did they truly get the superhero thing right. Well, if you couldn't tell, I really enjoyed this episode a lot. It not only pulled off the superhero gimmick without a horribly taught moral, but it had a lot of action, good pop cultural references, and we get to see Spike save the day again. Granted he did kind of kick back after saving the others, but he was credited for saving the others from certain doom. The Mane-iac is really goofy and over the top, but considering she's a parody of The Joker, with some hints of Doctor Octopus, she's fun to watch, even with some of the bad puns she made. She also reminds me somewhat of Sedusa from The Powerpuff Girls with her crazy mane. It's even got a "And so once again, the day is saved" bit like at the end of a Powerpuff Girls episode, which I find to be a really good shout out to fans of the show like me.

    In terms of humor, I really enjoyed seeing Pinkie's antics again. Especially at the end with how she got some cupcakes that was 65 blocks away. There were some other good jokes in it as well, but it was Pinkie who did it again. It's a really enjoyable episode and a good contender for best Spike episode ever, yes possibly better than Dragon Quest and Secret of my Excess.

    Despite my praises, I do have some problems with this episode.

    One, that fixing up the castle thing. Why are they doing it? I suppose you could argue they'll explain it in future episodes, but this comes out of the blue. They never mentioned in the other episodes about repairing the old castle or who it's for. Is it Twilight's new castle? Is it Celestia and Luna's old castle? Tell us!

    Two, I felt they kind of went a little far with Spike being kind of the butt of a few jokes. The bucket thing we see the first time was mildly amusing, but the second time before a commercial break? It felt tacked on to me. The tea thing though in that tornado was okay, but nothing to write home about.

    Those issues aside, I highly recommend this episode to all of you. It's got good superhero fun with Spike being a hero and a lot of good references from other TV shows and comic books. This is truly a super episode for an already super season.

    FINAL SCORE: 9/10

    So what are your thoughts on this episode?