My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 4 Episode 2

Princess Twilight Sparkle- Part 2

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 23, 2013 on The Hub

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  • Too Tidy

    There was a bit too much exposition for my taste and it really just felt like a rehash of past storylines. You're supposed to return with fresh ideas to wow us into sticking around, not throw the same things at us time and time again. Though it was nice to see Twilight learn to fly (and Spike decide he doesn't like it - can't wait for him to get his wings).
  • Season 4 premiere (Part 2) is Great

    Twilight and her friends head off in search for the Tree of Harmony, where the Elements of Harmony were first formed, in hopes that it can help them find Celestia and Luna. This is a little bit better than Part 1. The development was a little bit better and it made a little bit more sense. The storyline was really interesting here and I was really invested in the mystery of this episode. There were funny moments here and there as well. Discord stole every scene he was in. The fact that Discord is going to have a bigger role in this season and so on in the series is awesome. We will see him more often which I can tell. I loved the character and he provided laughs. I know Discord is suppose to be a trickster but I didn't like how he barely revealed to Twilight at the very end about how Celesta and Luna defeated him.... the real truth behind it. It kinda made the whole episode feel like a waste in a way and made me kinda ask myself "What was the point of this episode? that was kinda a waste of time". I didn't like how all of Twilight's friends dissed her even though they needed the sixth harmony. It was pretty messed up in my opinion. The finale of the episode felt a bit rushed in my opinion as well. Overall, I've very please with Part 1 and Part 2. While the Season 4 premiere doesn't compare to the past season premieres, it is still very well-written with an incredibly journey and a bit of cool thrills to it. Can't wait for the rest of Season 4. 8/10
  • Good to be back.

    After the success of the Equestria Girls movie S4 finally arrived. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna is missing. The six ponies and Spike have to wake up Discord again. Zecora comes back too. Many fics, arts and other fanons will be burnt here. 20 minutes of lighthearted pony adventures. 10/10
  • What I thought wold have been awful, turned out really good.

    This was a really good episode. Yes, there was some instances of Pinkie Pie being stupid but still this episode was awesome. Much better than that Season 3 finale! This 2-parter episode was a riot! There were a lot of sappy parts such as when Twilight went out of the forest crying, and of course there are the funny parts! Discord was so hilarious! And wait until you get a load of Twilight traveling back in time! WOOP WOOP! This episode was awesome. 8.5/10 for both parts. AMAZING.
  • Part two of the season premier.

    When we last left off our season premier, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia have gone missing, the Everfree Forest has "invaded", and Twilight goes into flashbacks of the past to see what's causing everything. So how does this second part of the two-part season opener hold up? Again, let's take a look.

    Like in the final minute of the episode, Twilight is seeing the past of what happened to Princess Luna and how she came to be Nightmare Moon. We then see Princess Celestia, who tries to calm Luna down, but she's not willing to listen and attacks her sister. A small fight scene ensures where Nightmare chases Celestia around what is the old Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters until she gets one hit in and injures her. Celestia shrugs it off and uses the Elements of Harmony to defeat Nightmare and send her to the moon. Twilight breaks out of the flashback and tells the others that there was nothing about what's causing the Everfree to go mad. Zecora suggests another sip of the potion, which Twilight agrees to. This time, she sees the time that Discord was first turned to stone by Celestia and Luna, but after that, she goes back in time again and sees the strangest flashback of all. She sees both Celestia and Luna again, but they are standing in front of something called the Tree of Harmony, which is where the Elements of Harmony came from. When she comes to, Twilight tells her friends they need to get to the Everfree Forest and find the Tree before it's too late. While they go through the forest, they come across a cragidile, a creature that's a crocodile, but has a very rocky skin, and attacks Twilight. After her friends save her, they all tell her that it's best for her to go back since they fear for her safety and that even if they saved the Tree of Harmony, there's no guarantee that Celestia and Luna will be brought back. With a heavy heart, Twilight, along with Spike, goes back to Ponyville, who tells Discord of what happened. He encourages her though, in his own mischievous way, to go back and help her friends, which she does. Back in the Everfree Forest, the others find the Tree of Harmony, but they realize they accidentally got rid of the only solution to save the tree, Twilight herself, and feel horrible. Meanwhile, Twilight and Spike are lost in the forest and Spike goes up a tree to see where they are. He finds where to go, but sees that Twilight is under attack from some plants and goes to get the others. Back at the Tree of Harmony, the others are arguing about whose fault it was that they sent Twilight home, but then Spike comes by and says Twilight is in danger. The group goes to her rescue by distracting the plants and manages to tie themselves up. After an apology from all of Twilight's friends and a group hug, they all go and head back to the tree. At the Tree of Harmony, Twilight believes the only way to save the tree is to give back the Elements of Harmony, which is where they came from, and manages to do so before the vines stop her. The effort works as the tree glows and the vines leave, but they also reveal that Celestia and Luna were both being held prisoner by the vines. They both congratulate Twilight and her friends for their actions, but the tree suddenly gives something very mysterious, a chest that we have no idea it contains, and since it has six keys that are needed to open it, Celestia tells Twilight that her and her friends will need to find the keys together. When they get back to town, Discord congratulates the gang, but is told that the Elements of Harmony are no more, but before he gets any idea, Fluttershy talks him down. He then suddenly reveals those plants that invaded were actually Discord's idea after all and that before he got frozen the first time, he was going to plant the seeds and trap Celestia and Luna, but the Tree of Harmony prevented them from doing so. Twilight is angry at this, but Discord tells her that what kind of friend he'd be if he didn't try to teach her a lesson about being a princess. The day of the Summer Sun Celebration then comes and Celestia states that this holiday now is partially in honor of Luna's return and redemption. So our episode ends with Twilight performing something similar to the Sonic Rainboom and she smiles happily at her friends.

    Now this is an excellent conclusion to part 1 of the premier and it was very different from the other season premiers we've seen. For one thing, there's no new villain this time around, which is quite a shocker since we're so used to that in the show. I do like the change of pace though, and considering how rather disappointing King Sombra was, maybe the writers felt it was time to go in a new direction that I felt work.

    It's rather strange though to see that Twilight has now seemingly moved to Canterlot, leaving her friends behind. I was hoping that she'd stick in Ponyville as her main hometown since that where her friends are. Though I do think she was only in Canterlot because of the upcoming Summer Sun Celebration. So I think it's possible Ponyville is still her home, not Canterlot.

    The humor is once again top notch, as expected in the show. Pinkie is still being her wonderful random self with her antics, Discord got a few good laughs from me, and I found it amusing that Rarity acted so nonchilant about the vines and weird looking clouds around. I guess she's gotten so used to danger now, it doesn't flinch her.

    One thing that also really shocked me is that there are no more Elements of Harmony. They've been fused with the tree again and now we'll probably never see them again. However, we do get to see a mysterious chest that could possibly be the replacement for the EoH. So throughout the season, we'll most likely see the Mane 7(Yes, I count Spike as part of the main cast, I've just been so used to saying Mane 6) go get these keys to open the chest.

    With that all said, I do have one big problem with this episode:

    It has to be how Twilight's friends tell her they don't want her to help find the Tree of Harmony.

    Now before I begin, I know a lot of you will say that they were concerned about Twilight's safety, especially considering how she's a princess and that should she fall, nopony would be around to lead Equestria and Cadence is considered ruler over the Crystal Empire now.

    That being said, I still think it's really OOC for Twilight's friends to send her away. How are they supposed to use the EoH if they are one Element short? Did they consider that at all? Besides, this is Twilight Sparkle, the Element of Magic. The one who found the EoH, defeat Nightmare Moon, took on an Ursa Minor, and bring her friends back together after Discord turned them against each other. She's saved Equestria multiple times and THIS is how they treat her? Really? You know, some ponies state that Twilight has some rather lousy friends and this one sadly reinforced that idea. It was just OOC for her friends to act that way to me and it rubbed me the wrong way. I know they were trying to be concerned for her safety, but consider Twilight's magical abilities, that argument is invalid to me.

    Those issues aside, I also do find one big positive. The title sequence not only shows that in the picture Spike sends the Canterlot has not only Twilight and her friends, but also Spike, the Cakes, the CMC, Zecora, and, for some reason, Snips and Snails. However, Luna has finally been placed in the title sequence as well. Both her and Celestia now look at the scroll Twilight sends to them.

    So for me, I did enjoy both episodes a lot and I think we're in for a grand season. I do commend the MLP team for going in a new direction in the season opener with no real new villain, the end of the EoH, and a new mysterious chest. Both episodes were done very well and I can't wait to see what else the season has in store. Though, again, the second episode gets points off for Twilight's friends being OOC. We're in for one excellent season from the premier and I believe it's going to get better with each episode, especially with the mysterious chest and what secrets it holds.

    FINAL SCORE: 9.5/10