My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 2 Episode 19

Putting Your Hoof Down

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 03, 2012 on The Hub

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  • Putting Your Hoof Down

    This one is a big discussion about being assertive. I heard from some people it was a bad one, but I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about it. Basically, this episode is about Rarity and Pinkie Pie wanting Fluttershy to stand up for herself and be more assertive because they thought she is soft. But after Fluttershy took assertiveness lessons, the episode gets really ugly when Fluttershy takes her behavior too far as well as hurting her own friends. It showed a different side of her we never knew would exist. But in the end, she apologized for her behavior. Which is a really good thing. I do think this is one of the worst, but I kind of like this episode.
  • Worst Episode

    If anyone likes this episode, OK.

    But now Fluttershy thinks she can just insult Rarity's and Pinkie Pie's meaning of life? Not mention the implications that are oddly similar to Seahorse Seashell Party? Not to mention that the background characters are jerks for some reason, as well as Angel Bunny. This is the kind of episode that has the potential to COMPLETELY RUIN a character.

    Ugh. The ending was nice, but that's the only thing remotely salvageable about this episode. Poor Rarity and Pinkie Pie.
  • Fluttershy, you mare of malevolence.

    An episode establishing assertiveness in a character so Timid, she's translucent. Wow, it sounds awesome! But the plot is contrived, and the writing is incredibly mean-spirited. Why is Angel like x4 more abrasive than normal? He kicked a bowl on Fluttershy's head, smacked her across the face, shoved a book in her face and even punted her into a mailbox. Honestly if I was Fluttershy, that bunny would be dropped into the middle of the Everfree Forest. The entire town is against Fluttershy in this episode like most episodes of Spongebob torturing Squidward and her friends also act unusually out of character. Rarity seduces a nerd stereotype which is petty and Pinkie Pie pulls the ol' Bugs Bunny trick and goes con artist. Sadly, that's the funniest part of the episode. Then... Fluttershy goes full blown train and assaults anyone who dares to piss her off. She even goes as far as to insult her friends reason for living turning them into pools of misery. And then the ending... yeah the pacing in the ending is atrocious. Fluttershy learns to stand up for herself isolated from anyone in a house tied up on a chair and apparently is a Magician since she can untie herself. -_- Her friends completely disregard her remark and HAPPY ENDING BCUZ KIDZ SHOEE! This episode fails so hard, my god.
  • No more nice pony

    Yo! Da Flutterrage returns

    Fluttershy is tired of being pushed around so she teams up with a macho minotuar that learns her to be stronger.

    Then Fluttershy shows her new strenghts but it backfires.

    Gone are the good old days of Ponyville like in the happy CMC episodes in this episode.

    It's just like a fic I wrote about big Spike and Pinkie Pie after Secret of My Excess where the Ponyville citizens are rude against them after Spike's rage.

    And at last the Flutterrage is used at Rarity and Pinkie Pie that breaks down.

    Be prepared for another pony rage in next episode as it's Twilight's time.

    Another great Fluttershy focused episode.

    This episode deserves a 10/10
  • Flutterjerk Done Right

    When word of this episode first appeared, a lot of people were expecting our favorite mousy pony to return to "Flutterjerk" mode (a G-Rated version of a term used to describe Fluttershy's discorded form in The Return of Harmony). As such, there was a little bit of nervousness going into the episode (especially given how Fluttershy is my favorite of the Mane Six). Thankfully, this episode turned out to be one of favorites of the second season. A big reason for this: the episode, by handling Flutterbitch in a natural way (instead of being forced a la The Return of Harmony), it ends up being more enjoyable. Some examples of this:

    -While it is indeed one of the weaker aspects of the episode (with it costing about 1 or 1.5 points), the first act sets up a reason for Fluttershy to become a jerk again: she's finally realizing that she's somewhat of a doormat and is seeking tips to become more assertive, with her getting some lessons from a minotaur named Iron Will. Compare that to The Return of Harmony, in which Discord manually reprograms her just because the plot demands Twilight Sparkle to be the main hero (which leads to another plus that I'll get to later).

    -Whereas the version in The Return of Harmony is a complete jerk, the Flutterjerk in Putting Your Hoof Down is more of Jekyll and Hyde case. When Fluttershy initially becomes assertive (aka a jerk), the ones who feel her wrath usually deserve it, with Fluttershy returning to her sweet self immediately afterwards. Also, whereas the jerkish behavior is 100% Discord's fauly in the two-parter, here, part of Fluttershy's jerkish behavior is pretty much her misinterpreting some of the assertiveness tips Iron Will gave her . she assumes the one about people laughing at you refers to anyone in general rather than someone who laughs at your misfortunes) and assuming "assertive = aggressive".

    -Whereas the characters in The Return of Harmony were either "discorded" themselves (or, in Twilight's case, holding the Idiot Ball), the other two members of the Mane Six in this episode (Rarity and Pinkie Pie) know full well that Fluttershy's odd behavior is due to Iron Will (with them blaming him instead of Fluttershy when she responds back to their "We want the old Fluttershy back" by insulting their respective interests and later checking on her when things settle down).

    -In the end, the one that brings Fluttershy back to her senses isn't the other ponies (and it wasn't done by force), but rather Fluttershy herself in a moment that pretty much demonstrates why she's one of the cutest characters in the show (two words: sad squee).

    Along with how the episode handled Flutterjerk, there's two other areas that make this episode work:

    1. The fact that the only other members of the Mane Six in this episode are Rarity and Pinkie Pie. Face it: the third act of this episode wouldn't be as effective if any of the other ponies appeared in this episode (not to mention there's definitely a close friendship between Rarity and Fluttershy that this episode definitely takes advantage of).

    2. Iron Will. As an antagonist (I wouldn't call him a villain, as he really isn't evil), Iron Will is an absolute hoot (especially if you're someone who grew up watching the glory days of the WWE).
  • WTF?!?

    What were they thinking when the made this episode? Until now ponies have generally been portrayed as better than humans and, all of a sudden, everypony's behaving with the same general morality as humanity. How can ponies be this way if Rarity can run a successful bespoke clothing business when clothes are not necessary and still be so generous? Not only that but, if most ponies are gonna be like this, why haven't the Princesses nationalised everything to ensure fair business practice?
  • I think there was some missed opportunity here.

    I hate to say it, but in my opinion, this episode of Friendship is Magic didn't hit its mark. Now I don't hate it, but its got a lot of issues. The episode begins with Fluttershy feeding her animal friends, but Angel demands that she make him a specific dish. After being forced to do so, Fluttershy goes to the market to get ingredients, but every pony acts rude and pushes her aside from cutting in front of her, to yelling at her. Pinkie Pie and Rarity come and notice their friend is pushed around too much, and try to help her be assertive but it all fails. After being kicked out of the house by Angel for not getting his dish, Fluttershy finds an ad to be assertive from Iron Will. She goes to the seminar and is trained by the minotaur, Iron Will. The next day, Fluttershy becomes assertive and starts to tell others off for not listening to her from verbally insulting them to hurting them. It gets so bad, Rarity and Pinkie try to coax her, but Fluttershy makes them cry and run off. She then looks at a puddle and realizes that she was acting like a monster and regrets what she did. Pinkie and Rarity come back to comfort Fluttershy, but find her house boarded up and refuses to come out in fear her nasty side will come out. Iron Will then comes in and demands his fee from Fluttershy, but after seeing her friends be a little pushed around by him she refuses to do so. Fluttershy tells off Iron Will without being cruel and tells him there's more to being assertive than being pushy, but being firm with yourself. Iron Will accepts that and goes off to rethink his line of work. Rarity and Pinkie then come to Fluttershy who apologizes for what she did and they all make up. Fluttershy learns there's more to being assertive than being pushy or mean to others, and the episode ends with her feeding her animal friends again. This episode could've gone better. Admittedly, the idea is good and all, and there are some great strong points in this episode. Iron Will was an excellent character and I enjoyed how he acted like Mr. T, Pinkie was a lot of fun with her antics and her Bugs Bunny impersonation, and the moral is great. What really brings it down though is the fact that every pony was mean for the sake of being mean, and there was no reason for that. I really wanted Fluttershy to go back and yell at that cherry seller stallion and that tomato sales mare. Angel was another thing that annoyed me, he was just completely out of line in this episode, and only made me hate that bunny more. Like the other ponies, Angel should've been yelled by New Fluttershy, that would've been a delight to see. He was just a flat out brat who border lined on acting like Caillou. I also think Rainbow Dash should've been in this episode since she always pushes Fluttershy a lot and pushes her to be assertive. I would've liked to see how she reacted to New Fluttershy. All in all, there are some strong points, but this episode kind of fell flat on its face and could've done better. This is a case of watch once, and only once, or for Pinkie and Iron Will.

    FINAL SCORE: 8/10
  • "No means no"

    Pinkie Pie and Rarity become concerned when their friend Fluttershy seems unable to stand up for herself. This encourages her to attend an assertiveness seminar from the minotaur Iron Will. His advice does make Fluttershy less of a door mat but works so well that she starts trampling over others. Well, I didn't know what to put for the introduction of my review so I decided to use the quote "No means no" said by the adorable and sweet Fluttershy. I don't use quotes that often for the introduction of my reviews but I figured, yeah, just do it for the heck of it. Anyways, the writers FINALLY get their head straight and realized that they have forgotten about Fluttershy all season long so we get a Fluttershy episode after so so so long. Yet, I was expecting so much more since I love Fluttershy and she is my favorite character right next to Pinkie Pie but there had to be an episode like this. I don't hate the episode, I thought it was GREAT which is why it was in the "Great" range but there were problems with this episode that I had. First of all, I really didn't like how the Ponyville citizens were treating Fluttershy in the first half of the episode, just because she is a shy and sweet pony... they had to take advantage of her. I also hated how that Pony with the "last cherry stand" was making Fluttershy pay 10 coins then raises it up to 20 coins but then when Fluttershy was about to get it... he sold the last cherry to the other pony for 2 coins. Wow!!! I just couldn't help but punch that pony in the face for doing that to Fluttershy. Another problem I had with this episode was that Fluttershy was WAY out of character making Pinkie Pie and Rarity run away crying. Although, I don't blame Fluttershy for being mean though because that blame goes to the citizens of Ponyville. Man and I thought Ponyville was a friendly town. After seeing everyone in Ponyville singing and smiling in Pinkie Pie's musical number "Smile, smile, smile" in the previous episode "A Friend In Deed", I said to myself "Wow!!! Ponyville is a very friendly town... if only I lived in a town where people are like that" but after seeing how the citizens of Ponyville were acting towards to Fluttershy in this episode. I said to myself "Forget what I said, they don't seem to be that friendly of a town after all". The last problem I had with this episode was that it went by WAY too quick. This episode didn't feel like it was 23 minutes long (I took out the commercial timing), it felt like a 5 minute episode to me... yeah that's how quick the episode went by in my opinion. As for the funny parts...well.... not too many but the parts that did make me laugh were Fluttershy standing up everyone in Ponyville somewhere in the middle part of the episode such as when a pony cuts in line and then she shouts "Go to the back of the line" and then every other pony in line all went to the back of the line, Iron Will's entrance at his seminar (they even played a parody of the song "Eye of the Tiger"... listen to it closely and you'll see), Iron Will saying that he needs to go grocery shopping, and Pinkie Pie's mouth opened surprised when Fluttershy was standing up to Iron Will. The funniest part, though, was definitely when Iron Will was giving a thumbs up to the camera and Rarity and Pinkie Pie didn't know what was going on. Overall, I like this episode and it was GREAT and it's most likely an episode I can watch again but I was expecting so much more for a Fluttershy episode and it just went by too quick. 8/10