My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 4 Episode 10

Rainbow Falls

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 18, 2014 on The Hub

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  • It's back!

    Ask Molestia is dead and Derpy comes back! Well, at first I did not care for either Derpy or Bulk, but now I hope they come back in future episode. S5 had been revealed. But I guess S5 will be in early 2015 as we are having Equestria Girls 2 and Simba's new Filly cartooons on the way this year. Rainbow Falls Falls city, more Wonderbolts and Bulk gets more lines. So much great stuff. Watch it if you like lighthearted and rainbow colored entertainment. 10/10
  • Solid

    This was a solid episode. It was very funny when Pipsqueak screamed like a girl when Rainbow Dash revealed she faked being injured. It was also pretty funny when he cried like a baby along with some other funny moments. So yeah. Solid episode.
  • By far, one of the best Rainbow Dash episodes to come out.

    I know over the past few episodes that I've been after Rainbow Dash a lot. I've criticized her for either acting like a complete moron in Daring Don't to having her priorities in the wrong order in Bats!. However, when I heard of this episode, I was actually very interested in it because this would test what city Rainbow is loyal to the most. Is it her hometown Cloudsdale, or her new home in Ponyville? The writer this time is Corey Powell, who wrote Sleepless in Ponyville, a favorite episode of mine and he wrote Rainbow really well in that episode. So can Powell do it again and make a really good episode, especially for Rainbow? Let's take a look at it.

    Our story begins with Rainbow Dash giving a speech to Fluttershy and a fan favorite, Snowflake. Actually, his name is now Bulk Biceps, which, to me anyway, sounds like a ponified version of Hulk Hogan's name. I almost expect him to rip some shirt off him. It's time for the qualifying round for the pegasus relay for the Equestria Games and Rainbow Dash is determined to get the Ponyville Team into the competition. However, it seems that Bulk has a hard time flying, which already raises an issue about continuity. We saw Bulk in Wonderbolt Academy and he could fly just fine, so why is he having a such a big problem here? Unfortunately, they never explain why Bulk has trouble flying, but he does seem to get better as the episode goes on.

    We then cut to a train bound for the Rainbow Falls, where the qualifying round for the relay is taking place. We see that the others are doing their part in helping the team prepare for the games. Pinkie is the cheerleader, Rairty is designing the uniforms, and Twilight is . . . counselor I guess. We then see the Cloudsdale Team, the Wonderbolts which consists of Spitfire, Soarin, and somepony else I have no clue what their name is(They never say what her name is anyway).

    Meanwhile, Rainbow is trying to get Fluttershy and Bulk to train for the games, but they don't seem to be functioning well. When Rainbow shows the others how the Wonderbolts team works so well, Soarin nicks a post and is about to crash, but is saved by Rainbow herself. Soarin is fine, but his wing is injured and now it looks like Cloudsdale is short one team member. Spitfire offers Rainbow a chance to practice with them and convinces them to join the winning team. Rainbow is reluctant about it, but when she's told nopony has to know about this, she takes their offer.

    A small montage then goes on of Rainbow doing practice with both the Wonderbolts and Ponyville. During one of these scenes, I swear I saw a ponified version of Mickey from the Rocky movies when the Wonderbolts did their wing-ups. Twilight soon catches on though and confronts Rainbow about it, but when Spitfire tells Rainbow that Soarin won't be ready for the competition, she offers her a choice to race with the Cloudsdale team. After they leave, Twilight tells Rainbow that she must make a choice about who to side with.

    Later on, Rainbow rolls in on a wheelchair and tells everypony that she's injured. She's then taken to a hospital where she is treated with gifts from her friends, she realizes how much her friends do mean to her. We also get to see the return of none other than Derpy Hooves! Yes! We finally get to see her again and even though she doesn't speak, seeing her in the show really brought a smile to my face. Twilight then states that choosing not to choose isn't an option and hopes Rainbow can still make her decision. Soarin then pulls the curtain to show that he's pretty much patched up and that nopony has come to see him.

    When Rainbow learns that she's been lied to, she decides to come clean about her injuries. Spitfire wants Rainbow to join Cloudsdale, the winning team, again, but Rainbow scolds Spitfire for lying to her about Soarin. She says she's joining the Ponyville team because it's where her friends are, something that Spitfire learns about and tells Soarin to join her again, which he accepts. I find it funny too that Soarin is so willing to forgive Spitfire for what she did to him and how she kept him a secret.

    The race begins and although the team is a little slow, Ponyville qualifies for the event and is congratulated by all of her friends. During the medal ceremony, Spitfire gives Rainbow a Leader Wonderbolt badge. At the library, Rainbow writes in the diary that she loves to win, but she loves her friends far more than winning. The episode then ends with that badge Rainbow got glowing a rainbow color, much like that thread Rarity got.

    So let's step back and look at this episode as a whole. Was this better than the last Rainbow Dash episode? While the episode certainly has lot of really good key points, I have to say this still had some issues with it. Don't get me wrong, this better than Daring Don't for several reasons.

    One, we got to see the Wonderbolts, including Soarin this time around. I think it's great we got to see more of them. Though I do wonder though that since Spitfire brought up the Academy, she didn't say whether Rainbow made it or not.

    Another thing is that Rainbow is done perfectly in this episode. This is the Rainbow I want to see. She can be a little brash and spunky, but also concern about her friends and show loyalty to them. This is what I want in Rainbow Dash episodes, not ones that show her being extremely arrogant, care more about something trivial like cider, and be an overall unlikable pony. Rainbow is written really well in this episode and I never got annoyed with her at all. She was really torn about who to side with and I was happy to see her write that entry in the journal about the lesson.

    Three, we of course got to see Derpy. She's here to stay and will never leave us now.

    Fourthly, I liked Bulk a lot. He's really goofy and silly, but he's pretty funny as well. Although Pinkie did provide me some laughs with her cheerleader routine, it was Bulk who really made me laugh and get a lot of chuckles out of me. I hope we get to see more of him in the future.

    My only problems with this episode are this. One, how come Bulk had such a hard time flying? We saw in Wonderbolt Academy and he was able to fly fine. There's no explanation about what his problem was and it really screws up the continuity from the last episode he was in. I would've appreciated at least a tiny explanation or something.

    The other problem has to be Spitfire herself. Man how far has Spitfire fallen? How did we go from a rather nice pony in season 1, to a drill commander in season 3, and now make her into a backstabbing jerk who will do anything to win? Seriously, this isn't what I think Spitfire is supposed to be. I understand she wants to win and all, but pretty much lying, keeping Soarin in the hospital, not seeing him in said hospital, and showing no concern for Soarin just rubbed me the wrong way. While she did learn her lesson at the end, I feel that since she's the leader of the Wonderbolts, it's very OOC to see her disregard her teammates in order to win something. I was surprised Soarin was so willing to forgive Spitfire after what she did. I'm not really happy with how Spitfire seems to be getting worse and worse now. I can only hope she redeems herself one day from this mess. This isn't a leader, this is a schemer who'd do absolutely anything to win.

    Despite my criticisms, I feel this is a strong episode. It has a lot of good funny moments, Rainbow is really likable in this episode, and I liked the moral we got at the end. It's a really good episode for Rainbow and the best one since Wonderbolt Academy. So if you want a solid Rainbow Dash episode, then this episode is right up your ally.

    FINAL SCORE: 9/10
  • Rainbow Falls

    The episode is included in the upcoming DVD A Dash Of Awesome,[1] which was announced in early December 2][3] The title of the episode was previously revealed in early August 2013 on Amazon as part of the title of the upcoming April 8, 2014 24-page storybook Welcome to Rainbow Falls!, in which "the ponies attend the famous sporting event known as the Equestrian[sic] Games", before its name was replaced with "Spring 2014 8x8" on the Amazon listing[4] in mid-August 2013;[5] some other websites' listings of the book still include the name
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