My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 2 Episode 16

Read It and Weep

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 04, 2012 on The Hub

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  • I just don't know what went wrong

    Rainbow Dash is falling while she shows her friends her skills. Then she wakes up in front of her friends in the hospital where time shows progress in Ponyville with electricity. For a surprise Rainbow Dash reads a book and it's a classic daredevil adventure. One of the best RD eps. 10/10
  • One of the best yet.

    I have to admit that Rainbow Dash's character this season of Friendship is Magic has been terrible. Now while she isn't my least favorite pony she's been really acting out of line in a lot of episodes, especially The Mysterious Mare Do Well. So when I heard another Rainbow Dash episode was coming, I really wasn't looking forward to it. So can this episode save Rainbow like A Dog and Pony Show saved Rarity? Let's take a look. Our episode begins with Rarity and Pinkie Pie watching Rainbow Dash do a flying stunt. The stunt however goes wrong and Rainbow injures herself. Rainbow wakes up to find herself in the hospital and is surrounded by her friends. She learns from her doctor that her wing is broken and she'll have to stay in the hospital for a few days before being allowed to be discharged. Twilight Sparkle tries to help Rainbow pass the time with a book called Daring Do, but she refuses it and says it's for eggheads. Twilight leaves the book and the others are forced to leave when visiting hours are over. Rainbow tries to pass the time through various things like bouncing a ball and joking with her injured roommate. It isn't long before Rainbow picks up the Daring Do book and reads about how she has a broken wing like her and is venturing through the jungle to get a treasure. As Rainbow reads it more and more, she admits she loves reading, but fears she'll be mocked for being an egghead. As Rainbow reads more of Daring Do, she is interrupted by her friends visiting her and tries to get them to leave through acts like napping and eating like a pig. Eventually Rainbow is discharged, but she doesn't want to leave and is forced to leave Daring Do behind. She tries to fake an injury, but the doctors push her out and tell her to go home. Later that night, Rainbow sneaks into the hospital and finds her Daring Do story under the bed she was in. Unfortunately, a patient was sleeping in the bed and heard her, and the doctors chase Rainbow. She tries to outrun them but is caught and confronted by her friends who heard the ruckus and the doctors. Rainbow breaks down and admits she's an egghead, and that she loved Daring Do. Her friends are grateful that she loves reading and she shouldn't be afraid. Twilight gives Rainbow every copy of the Daring Do series. Rainbow learns that she shouldn't reject something so quickly unless she tries it first and reading can be fun. Our episode ends with Rainbow in her house reading the new Daring Do book. This was one of the best episodes yet. Rainbow actually isn't out of character in this episode and her character develops a little in this episode. The story of Daring Do was enjoyable and really great and I loved how it parodied Indiana Jones. Pinkie was hilarious with how she acted once more. The others were great even though they had minor roles and the moral was great. My only issues are that the plot seemed to rush a little in the beginning and that Rainbow changes her opinion on reading a little too fast. All in all, a wonderful episode and a far better Rainbow Dash episode than Mare Do Well.

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10
  • Rainbow Dash realizes that reading can be fun but she doesn't want anyone to know that she reads though

    Rainbow Dash's daring moves in the sky lead to an unfortunate crash, landing the pegasus in the hospital. To pass the time, Twilight Sparkle suggests she reads a book, but the athletic pony is convinced reading is for eggheads only. However, it isn't long before Rainbow's boredom gets the best of her, and the anti-egghead pony is soon enthralled in the exciting adventures of Daring Do and her quest for the Sapphire Stone. This was a superb episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". Not the best episode I've ever seen but I still really really liked it. I'm getting tired of seeing Rainbow Dash and Applejack getting the most episodes this season though.. Like seriously? there hasn't been one Fluttershy episode this season and I'm seriously disappointed about that. Come on writers, make a freakin' Fluttershy episode. I mean, I enjoy seeing Rainbow Dash and Applejack having the most episodes this season but I'm honestly getting tired of seeing episodes that star them when I want to see other characters have their own. Well, everyone except for Fluttershy has had their own episode this season so it is now Fluttershy's turn to be the star and it better happen ASAP. Anyways, I liked this episode but there were two issues with this episode that lowered my score a little. First issue was Rainbow Dash already getting hurt in the very beginning of the episode and you don't even see it. Like to me, that it just a "What the hell?" moment and I just found it stupid how the writers just rushed the beginning of the episode with Rainbow Dash getting injured just like that. The second issue that I also found pretty stupid was Rainbow Dash sneaking into the hospital just so she can finish a book but doesn't want her friends to know. Like seriously? that is just dumb and not funny. Other than those issues, it was a very good episode but I rather see a Fluttershy episode though since I really want to that kind of episode this season. Not really a lot of funny parts in this episode and they're pretty forgettable but I guess Pinkie Pie is the highlight of this episode. In this episode, she was more cute than she is funny so yeah. I also enjoyed the Indiana Jones-type story that Rainbow Dash was reading. Overall, a superb episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic"... please writers, no more Applejack or Rainbow Dash episodes until next season though, focus on the other characters as well ESPECIALLY Fluttershy. 9/10