My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Saturday 10:30 AM on The Hub Premiered Oct 10, 2010 In Season



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  • My little pony the magic of making a good show

    Before not in a million years would you have conviced me to watch an episode. But that was compromised when I sat down on my coach and watched it for what it was a good TV show. It's not for my age group it's for little girls. So I didn't exspect to like it as much as they did. But I did think the animation looks good and the color panel for this show reflects how good the animation is. It's simplistic but very well done. I think the characters are great remoldes for kids and each character has a very realistic flaw. The story seems intresting from what I've seen from the first two episodes but it's not my thing I'm not in love with the show. Becuase the whole time watching it seeing all those great things. something in the back of my end was telling me to turn off the TV becuase it felt like I was on the wrong chanel. That said it's the only reason I can't give it a ten. I think the voice acting was good and even the dialoge which in shows like these is very generic I thought was good. But it's to cute for my taste and thats where all my problems are focused. That and that this show does not deserve hate becuase it's not a bad show but people hate the idea that men in there 30s and 40s are watching this show aimed at little girls. And those people are not wrong. Overall great show don't think I'll be watching much more of it though.
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