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  • season 6 sucks

    this season is the worst of the whole show. something needs to change.
  • Got really bad

    Title says it all. The show went downhill after season 3.

    After season 4 this show got REALLY terrible. Hasbro needs to fire get a new production team, because this one really dropped the ball. Season 5 and Season 6 are the worst seasons yet.
  • Awesome

    I love this show! It's one of the best cartoon nowadays.
  • Not even half as good since Faust left

    Yea, I'm just going to say it. This show sucks now. It was pretty good when Faust was in command, but it's fallen off dramatically since then.

    Shame really. Guess this show should have known when to stop like Gravity Falls did.
  • Overrated to the Max!

    Sorry guys! Thumbs this down all you like but I'm not a "Brony". I prefer The Powerpuff Girls to this!

    At least was this made by Craig McCracken's wife, Lauren Faust and hey, at least Tara Strong is in it!
  • My Little Stinky: Crappiness is Magic

    The title says it all.
  • This show is...

    poop everyone is fat and ugly and rainbow dash sucks and fuck everyone

    this show is for babies and little girls lol
  • Great Show, But, I'm No Brony...

    I'm not going to dive to deep into the show here. All I will say is that it's very enjoyable, and I can see why the fanbase they have is so large. However, I don't understand why I'm considered a "Brony". I watch My Little Pony, I don't need a title for something like that. It's like calling people who watch Gravity Fall something dumb like Gravitrons or something. Overall, this show is very worthwhile. If you like being called a Brony, that's all fine and good, but you can just call me someone who watches My Little Pony.
  • One of best show for little girls and for adults one of best calms

    If you look,you will think,this is just pony show for little girls,but if you will look more deep,you will see,there is something,that is not very frequent in nowadays cartoons.

    Plot and atmosphere.

    And where can you more relax than while watching this show ?

    Beetwen 8,5 and 9,5.
  • This cartoon was okay and fair.

    In my honest opinion, This cartoon was okay and fair. But, I still like Doug and the cartoon from the 90s.

    Please MLP fans, can you respect my honest opinion?
  • Terrible

    I hate MLP. Why does it have to have high ratings?
  • 10/10/2010: Turning Point of Modern Animated Series

    I have never watched any of the previous generations except for possibly some commercials for G3 but what I saw was enough for me to establish My Little Pony as the usual stereotypical bullshit advertised for little girls and to sell toys.

    However, 3 years after the show's inception, pony-related content started to pop up everywhere and eventually ended up on where I usually stayed on Youtube. I have no idea, or don't think I ever will know, what exactly pushed me to search "My Little Pony Theme Song". From what I saw, I was 100% STUNNED. Just from the theme song alone, I could tell that I was looking at quality animation. I knew I had been wrong all along. After watching a few episodes and eventually the entire show (it's like a drug, once you start, you can't stop), I realized I was looking at, at least in my opinion, one of the best cartoons ever made.

    No one is going to deny that My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is still mainly targeted towards the demographic of children but if you actually give this show a chance, you find yourself not caring of that fact. Admittedly, some of the storylines could be more polished but almost all of it is decent. What I found most impressive however was how they managed to turn a complete failure (quality-wise) of a franchise and turned into something amazing. It's one of the biggest comebacks of all-time, if you ask me. The story development is great, the world-building feels original and right, and the show has a refreshing feeling of lacking cynicism and constantly resorting to randomness (I'm looking at you, Adventure Time) which is so prevalent in other shows. The animation is stunning even with a few errors. The music and songs are without a doubt, the best any animated cartoon has to offer. The entire show has this very satisfying blend of humour, cartoon gags, storytelling, action, prevalent in animation's best (Tom and Jerry, Batman: TAS). There is not a single episode which I find unenjoyable to the point where I don not feel like ever watching it again.

    However, I'm only scratching the surface here. The two most important things in this show which make it stand apart from ANY other cartoon is one, it's characters and fan base. Firstly, its characters, I'm not going argue on this because I cannot deny that cartoons such as Young Justice have characters and storylines of unimaginable depth of complexity, but allow me to say that this is only cartoon that I love all the main characters and it's definitely the only show which I care about the characters and what actually happens to them. If a character is sad, I feel it as well. Next, the show has all sorts of inside references and nods to an extremely unexpected demographic of the bronies. There are countless pop culture tidbits in all the episodes. The fan base is the best I've seen, creating extremely talented art, music, games, websites, animation, analysis and fan fiction.

    In conclusion, this show is awesome.
  • Breaking the Stereotypes!

    This cartoon is amazing. Not only is it a well made cartoon, but it helped to make a 'female' cartoon that could appeal to all audiences. It broke the typical 'girl show' stereotype, and decided that a show for a franchise aimed at girls can have a good cartoon. Happy 5 years to this show, and hope for 5 more.
  • Awesome show!

    Every episode about this show is great. It teaches morals and lessons about friendship. Every character is likable. Some episodes have good songs, and season premieres and finales have good plots that are awesome to watch.
  • Masterfully crafted storytelling, fun and creative setting and relatable characters make this a surprisingly great show

    You will be surprised by the attention to detail in the animation. You will be surprised by how good the music is. You will be surprised by how fun it is to sit down and watch a 22 minute episode of cute, cuddly horses jump around and save the day from mythological creatures, demons from tartarus and beings of chaos.

    A well made show that the whole family can easily enjoy together. Wish more TV was like this.
  • Where most shows go stale with more and more seasons, MLP seems to be getting better

    I got into the show after seeing some art on facebook, then I discovered the /mlp/ board on *** and the other online communities. Season 5 has been a real treat thus far and I hope this show has a long and healthy future.
  • T'is a good show.

    Growing up on Canadian-American flash cartoons, this show couldn't have been more fitting for me in terms of objectivity. Although, whether or not the show is of at least decent quality is a whole other game. Fortunately, this show seems to excel.

    After learning about Equestria Girls in May 2013, by a YouTube comment, no less, I was intrigued at the very least. The feeling of, "Holy crap, I'm so hyped for this, I can't wait!" lasted a month, believe it or not. And when it finally dropped in theatres, I'll admit, I was obsessed. I couldn't get over the characters, the animation; it was a great time for me. I quickly delved into the brony community, discovering fan music and art, even fanfiction.

    So the time came for me to actually go backwards and watch the actual show. And so, I did. I found that nearly all the characters are relatable, for me and other people. It's a well-written show with decently mature plots and voice acting you wouldn't expect in a show from the My Little Pony franchise. It's one of the few shows I've watched where Flash is used to the best of its ability, and as a result, the animation is smoothly crafted, and character designs and the numerous colour schemes are visually appealing, at least to me.

    The songs and score give a characteristic sound to the show, and Daniel Ingram and William Anderson do a good job songwriting and composing the soundtrack. A few even attached themselves to my brain preventing me from getting them out of my head. Rainbow Rocks' soundtrack blew everything out of the water, though, and I still listen to the tracks today.

    My favourite character would be Twilight Sparkle, the main character of the show. I relate to her the most, being a perfectionist to some extent, extraordinarily brainy and worrisome. What astonishes me as well, however, is the fact that I also happen to relate to the rest of the main cast, even if to a minimal degree. I care what I wear, I can brag often, I may run my mouth carelessly.

    Other characters in the background, or supporting cast are enjoyable as well, most of them having distinct personalities and roles. I'd say the show's innocence within its setting and characters are only part of the charm of the show, a charm I found in cartoons I watched in my youth, and is starting to bounce back this decade in animation. With brilliant cartoons such as Gravity Falls and Star vs. the Forces of Evil, I have high hope for the future.

    My initial hype for the show and movie in the second half of 2013 eventually died down, but by that point, the franchise seemed to become an everyday thought for me; a regular part of my Internet browsing. The fandom kept me going back, and I'm a regular viewer of fan content nowadays. Raised on the Internet these past years, I realize that the first Equestria Girls movie wasn't even that great in terms I can't name. Frankly, I can't imagine what hype I would've felt if the much better Rainbow Rocks introduced me to the franchise in the first place.

    I encourage people to try the show out, and it wouldn't hurt to be part of the community. I understand it's not everyone's thing, and I make sure to respect different opinions as well. Don't let the harsh few of bronies you may run into discourage you from checking out the show. If you end up liking the show, however, and find yourself at least intrigued by the fandom, you'll be welcomed with open hooves.
  • It is good, but not perfect

    Now I accept the fact there are bronies who like this show, and I don't have a problem with that. Hell, even I have a friend that's one. Just hopefully not all bronies are like, well, "that way". I'm not saying all bronies are bad, but I had heard rumors. Anyway, I don't have the hub channel on my tv but I do get the chance to watch some of it online. While it's not amazing, I'll give it credit for being better than most cartoons that are out today. The animation is very nice, it is funny sometimes, and alot of characters have different personalities, which is a good thing. Plus Tara Strong voices as Twilight which is cool I guess. What I don't like are the fans that say every episode is perfect, which is not the case from what i seen. Even with shows I like such as Ed Edd and Eddy and Avatar, I'll admit when there's a problem. I remember an episode where Fluttershy turned into a vampire and my reaction was "what the hell". I even saw Equestria Girls but I personally didn't like it, except maybe for one song. But even if a show does have some bad episodes, it doesn't make the show bad. So again, My Little Pony isn't perfect, for me at least, but it's far from being one of the worst shows out there.
  • I Love It!

    Well, I'm a brony, so of course I love MLP! BRONY FOR LIFE!!!
  • This show is alright, nothing more.

    I watched the first three episodes of this show on Netflix, after hearing various things about it being one of the best/worst shows ever. IT'S NEITHER. My favorite show Liv and Maddie, which has a stronger plot and deeper characters. The WORST show is Sanjay and Craig, which has next to NO PLOT and awful characters. This show is somewhere in between. So, I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. It's overrated, but also overhated. Its rating of 8.6 should swap with the 5.2 they gave Liv and Maddie. I might watch more of this if I have the chance, but for now I'm giving it a 5.5.
  • MLP is the cartoon for a little girls?

    MLP is one of the best cartoon on air. You ask me: "Why?" and I answer you. MLP is good for several reasons. Good plot, beautiful songs, stunning style of depiction and the most important thought-out characters. All of main 6 characters have own unique nature.
  • Watch PB&J Otter instead, it's better than this junk

    (I'm probably going to get crap loads of thumb downs, but hey, you shouldn't have decided to read this in the first place)

    So the show revolves around the land of Equestria which is obviously populated by ponies, unicorns and whatever. The protagonist is Twilight Sparkle who is studying the "magic" of friendship and sets off with her five pony friends: Applejack (Honesty), Fluttershy (Kindness), Pinkie Pie (Laughter), Rarity (Generosity), Rainbow Dash (Loyalty), and Twilight Sparkle herself (Magic, what did you expect?).

    If you wanna know why I think MLP is bad, be my guest. First of all, people say the ponies are "cute". They aren't cute enough for me and don't fit standards.

    The music is so irritating that it gets stuck in my head, so I always have to mute the volume. Sheesh, I'm not kidding with you right there.

    The "antagonists" are mediocre and overrated, really. The what-so-called "bad guys" are PISS poor excuse for antagonists. They are unlikeable and make Johnny Test villains more pathetic. An example is Discord. All he does is act so dense in front of everyone and asks the ponies to do stuff for him. He is called "Chaos of Desctruction", but all he does is pull pranks. Are you kidding me? You call that Chaos of Destruction? That's like Dimitri Rascalov talking about cookies and milk and not doing any harm.

    The characters are annoying and have the personality of nothing but a lousy rock. The ones that make my blood boil the most, however, is Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. And let's not mention Derpy. Whoop-dee-doo.

    Rainbow Dash is nothing but a rude, self-absorbed jerk (probably why most fans like her) who always complains, such as "Oh, I'm not scared of anything!" just to look cool in front of her friends.

    Pinkie Pie is a happy-go-lucky pink pony, but a very loud, high-pitched annoying pest who will never learn to shut her mouth every once in a while and her randomness doesn't really fit the show.

    Derpy, oh gosh, where do I even begin? All she was was an error, and she got a boatload of fame. Why in the holy mother of God is she so popular even though she's a background character? Why does she even have a fandom, for crying out loud? Shouldn't the fans worry about the protagonists rather than a minor character? Also, even if she's meant to be a stupid character (judging by the "wall eyes"), her voice is really annoying.

    Moving on to the animation. I'll admit that the artwork is pretty good, but it's bright. I even considered wearing sunglasses while watching it.

    To make a long story short, my grade is an F. I'm serious. This show makes me wanna throw my TV out of my window.
  • Love this show


    the best my little pony season 5 episode 8

  • Love this show

    Might be obvious because of my title, LOL. But I find this a flawless show. Great character development, great characters, knows how to re-hash a plot correctly and overall just great and makes me feel good after watching it.
  • Can't think of a clever way to describe this.

    I feel like redoing my old review, as I've gone through different stages with this show. I used to be huge fan back in 2011-2012, watching streams of new eps, frequenting Equestria Daily, and making friends. I also used to really hate it back in 2013-2014, having stopped watching it altogether and getting annoyed with the fandom. Nowadays? I've been kinda watching it again, but not as a big fan, and more of an occasional thing. Its a good kids show, in the end.
  • Dear Princess Celestia...

    "All the ponies in this town are crazy!"- Twilight Sparkle


    Let me spin you a yarn. While I was browsing Youtube about a year ago, I noticed that there were a lot of MLP avatars. I thought they were of women, at least, but no, they were grown men. I was like, what the hell? They couldn't possibly like this obviously pandering show. So, I avoided the show at all costs, essentially becoming an anti-brony. I was stupid back then. Then, on the 26th of July, 2013, I decided to watch an episode of the show, just to see how bad it was. I started with my brony friend's favorite episode, The Best Night Ever. I watched it, and my life changed forever. It had great animation, great characters, great comedy, a great song, and a great moral. I thought it may have been just a fluke episode, but I saw a few more episodes, and I got hooked. I'm not really a brony, but I still think the show is great. But why? Let's find out.

    So, the basic premise is that Twilight Sparkle, a unicorn, or spoilers, an alicorn later in the series, moves to Ponyville to study the magic of friendship, hence the title, with her friends. It seems like the premise for the most saccharine, stupid toy ploy in the world, right? But it really goes above and beyond with its quality.

    Let's get this out of the way, the animation is superb. The Flash animation is some of the best and most fluid I've ever seen. I used to think it was hand-drawn. Plus, the designs for the ponies is pretty cute... that sounded really dumb.

    It wasn't the animation that pulled me in though, it was the characters. FiM originated from such a shallow, stupid premise that I would never have taken the show seriously if not for the actual characters. The Mane Six (Get it? Get it?) are surprisingly fleshed-out with actual (gasp) personality! (Except for Applejack and Twilight. They're kind of boring) My favorite ones have to be Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, if you're wondering. Not to mention the villains. Discord. He's pretty good.

    The music is something that a lot of shows right now don't have going for them. You'll Play Your Part is my favorite song, but there are plenty of other great songs. It keeps with the roots of the MLP franchise with these songs, which is basically one of the only things similar between FiM and previous generations.

    The morals and plot are what FiM is best at. In most episodes, the plot is structured in just the right way to to get the moral across. Sometimes, the lesson is pretty basic: don't be jealous, know when to lie, that sort of stuff. But other times, the lesson is about accepting disability, or something actually really complex. And the show treats it like that, but never makes it too simple or too difficult to understand for the target demographic (Families, not bronies). MOST of the time. Looking at you, One Bad Apple.

    Although the show is fantastic, there's one main reason that I wrote this review. Bronies. I was a brony before I completed this review, but now, I realize I like the show, not the bronies. Sure, bronies have done very good things, like donate to charity, but it's gotten out of hand. First of all, is MLP REALLY complex enough to make theories about it? Really? Second, fanfictions. Now, I'm not complaining about MLP fanmade things in general. Turnabout Storm, Pinkie Watches Paint Dry, Picture Perfect Pony, a number of other fan projects are really good. However, the fanfics aren't always good. Double Rainboom, Dusk's Dawn, ALL shipfics, they're dumb. Not to mention Cupcakes and Smile HD, they almost convinced me to never watch the show again. Third, I feel like the brony fanbase are drastically affecting the course of this show. Take a look at the Season 2 opener and then the Season 4 opener. By comparison, the Season 4 one seems more action-packed and for some reason, introduces a story arc. Now, I think this arc is mostly great, but FiM has basically turned into a magical girl anime with ponies.

    As for the show, it's easily one of my favorites animated shows of all time. The characters, story, comedy, music, all top-notch. And with Season 5 looking good so far with the season opener, it's only going to get better, I guess. It was a pleasant surprise, and if you still think "Panies are furr gurls, lfksdjdmnfhdj", you may be surprised as well. I give it a 9/10, an AMAZING show.


    Score: 9/10

    Developed By: Lauren Faust

    Based On: My Little Pony by Bonnie Zacherle
  • Overrated

    i love the show

    it's funny,the characters are nice,and the animation is decent(season 2-4)

    but it's somtimes cringe worthy(mostly season 4),unfunny,plain mean spirited(feeling pinkie keen/putting your hoof down)

    and the fandom is im a fan of the show
  • For what it is, My Little Pony is pretty good.

    Okay, let me start out by saying this. I am no Brony!! Yeah, I'm a 24 year old guy who has watched this show before, but I'm simply judging it as someone who was curious. Maybe it was the concept of the show, that being ponies based on toys that were obviously made for girls, but I always stayed away from the My Little Pony show. Then I found out about the Brony (guy fans) fanbase, which honestly I do find really strange, but whatever, that's just me. So being curious I decided to check Friendship Is Magic out. And I have to admit... It's surprisingly good.

    My Little Pony has likeable characters. And not just the main 7, but likeable side characters too. Heck, the few bad guys, despite being in something like My Little Pony, are pretty menacing. All 7 main characters, Twilight, Spike, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Apple Jack, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, are cool, and surpisingly funny. The only ones I could have a little disdain for is Pinkie for being a bit annoying, and Rarity for being vain sometimes. But even so, it's not that often. The voice acting and the animation style is pretty good too.

    As for the episodes, some are better than others, and some are kinda random. But most of them are pretty decent. And My Little Pony does have some good morals, which is pretty cool considering this came out around the same time as shit like Regular Show.

    If I'm honest with myself, I think this show was made for kids. I can't figure out how this show got so popular with so many adult guys. But whatever, it's their thing not mine. I'm not a super fan of it, but for what it is, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a pretty decent cartoon. It's much better than most cartoons that are playing on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon or Disney Channel anyway. So, yeah, I'd say check it out if you're curious.
  • Boring & too acrid that I would either need sunglasses or lower the screen settings to be able to watch it comfortably...

    So I'm not really a hater of this show & for sure not a brony, so my view is pretty limited, independent & yet very strict. This show is so bright & visually cheesy that it's just annoying to see it! I could have lowered the screen settings but then I actually had sunglasses handy! Apart from crazy/obsessed bronies who can't draw anything well than ponies (excluding some masterpieces on inkbunny where the only thing that would say it's Fluttershy or Rainbow dash is the coloring & heads, while the rest is pure human-like!) & sexualize characters just cause those are girls & slightly resembling anime with those eyes, I really still can't understand what is all the fuss about this show anyway? I did watch an episode & another one just to be sure - all impression was just acrid colouring, boring plots where I have absolutely no idea what they were talking about. Shows like Spongebob (season 1-3) or Ren&Stimpy catch your attention by whatever they have & you laugh/enjoy it right away, yet this MLP is idk... bland? All characters visually differ only by the manes, colour scheme & those tattoos on their buttocks!
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