My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Season 2

Saturday 10:30 AM on The Hub Premiered Oct 10, 2010 In Season



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Episode Guide

  • 4/21/12

    After discovering that her brother's bride to be isn't who she says she is, it's up Twilight and her friends to stop the bride's evil plans and save not only Canterlot, but all of Equestria as well.

  • 4/21/12

    The ponies head to Canterlot to attend the wedding of Twilight's older brother, Shining Armor. But Twilight soon has her doubts about her brother's future wife when she sees how pushy and mean she is.

  • 4/7/12

    Mr. and Mrs. Cake enter their latest creation into a dessert competition in Canterlot and place Pinkie Pie in charge of guarding it. However, regardless of the pink pony's efforts to keep the tasty treat safe, someone still manages to steal a bite or two. Pinkie and Twilight Sparkle begin an investigation to catch the cake-consuming culprit.

  • 3/31/12

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders' latest efforts to find their cutie marks leads them to the school paper. As reporters under the pseudonym "Gabby Gums", the three fillies write a gossip column that reveals all of Ponyville's juiciest secrets. However, disrespecting others' privacy comes with a heavy cost: a guilty conscience and the mistrust of all their friends.

  • 3/24/12

    Rainbow Dash is looking to break the wing power record for the tornado necessary to funnel water into Cloudsdale to make clouds. However, she needs everypony's help to do it, which is a hard requirement to reach when Fluttershy is so nervous about flying to perform.

  • Dragon Quest
    Episode 21
    After observing the Great Dragon Migration with his pony friends, Spike starts to question his dragon roots and wonder about his true identity. He sets out to join the dragon migration on a quest of self discovery and is tailed by some of his friends to ensure he does not get into too much trouble.moreless
  • It's About Time
    Episode 20
    Twilight Sparkle just finishes worrying about her schedule when she is briefly visited by her slightly bedraggled future self. She attempts to warn herself about some kind of future-related issue but does not have the time to do so when her past self keeps interrupting. She then spends the next few days worrying about what the future disaster could be and how to prevent it.moreless
  • 3/3/12
    Pinkie Pie and Rarity become concerned when their friend Fluttershy seems unable to stand up for herself. This encourages her to attend an assertiveness seminar from the minotaur Iron Will. His advice does make Fluttershy less of a door mat but works so well that she starts trampling over others.
  • A Friend in Deed
    Episode 18
    Pinkie Pie takes pride in being friends with everyone in Ponyville. So, when Cranky Doodle Donkey moves into town, the pink pony naturally sets out to befriend him. When Pinkie Pie's default friend-making strategies fail to capture his camaraderie, she must pull out all the stops or risk being friends with almost everyone in Ponyville.moreless
  • 2/11/12

    After finding out that Cheerilee doesn't have a special someone to spend Hearts and Hooves Day with, the Cutie Mark Crusaders try to hook her up with Big Macintosh, believing that they are perfect for each other. When their plan to get them together fails, they decide to use a love potion on them, which does too good of a job as Cheerilee and Big Macintosh spend every single moment with each other.

  • Read It and Weep
    Episode 16
    Rainbow Dash's daring moves in the sky lead to an unfortunate crash, landing the pegasus in the hospital. To pass the time, Twilight Sparkle suggests she reads a book, but the athletic pony is convinced reading is for eggheads only. However, it isn't long before Rainbow's boredom gets the best of her, and the anti-egghead pony is soon enthralled in the exciting adventures of Daring Do and her quest for the Sapphire Stone.moreless
  • 1/28/12
    When it's cider season, Ponyville simply cannot get enough of the Apple Family's Cider. This year, the travelling Flim Flam Brothers capitalize on the shortage using their Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000. The town isn't quite big enough for both cider makers, so a competition is held to determine who can create the most cider the quickest, where the victor earns the sole cider distribution rights to Ponyville.moreless
  • The Last Roundup
    Episode 14

    Applejack heads off to Canterlot to represent Ponyville in the annual rodeo. A week later, her friends receive a letter from Applejack, saying that she is not coming home. Twilight and the others set off in search of their friend to figure out why she doesn't want to return to Ponyville.

  • 12/17/11

    Twilight Sparkle and her friends are invited to play the lead roles in the annual Hearth's Warming Eve pageant being held in Canterlot. The pageant portrays the founding of Equestria through the struggles faced by, and eventual unification of, the pegasi, unicorns and earth ponies.

  • Baby Cakes
    Episode 12
    Shortly after the one-month anniversary of the Cakes' twin toddlers' birth, Mr. and Mrs. Cake require a baby sitter when a big catering order needs filling. Pinkie Pie gladly accepts, but she soon finds out that the responsibilities of taking care of the young are greater than she expected.
  • 1/7/12
    It's Zap Apple season, and Granny Smith is acting a little kookier than normal. Apple Bloom becomes self-conscious about her granny when a fellow classmate points out her eccentricity and becomes worried about having her visit the school during Family Appreciation Day. It's up to Apple Bloom and her friends to prevent Granny Smith's attendance, a potentially terribly embarrassing experience.moreless
  • Secret of My Excess
    Episode 10

    It's Spike's birthday, and he starts to get really greedy with his presents. This causes him to have a huge growth spurt and he starts rampaging through town getting bigger and more greedy and it's up to Twilight and her friends to try and stop him.

  • Sweet and Elite
    Episode 9

    Rarity becomes popular with the social elite during a visit to Canterlot. However, the demands associated with being a prominent aristocrat start testing her loyalty to her friends, especially when they show up from Ponyville to celebrate Twilight's birthday party, set to take place at the same time as a sophisticated garden party.

  • 11/26/11
    Rainbow Dash starts getting a lot of attention for the heroic deeds she performs around Ponyville and all of that attention goes straight to her head. However, the pegasus' monopoly on spectacle is threatened when another heroic pony comes to town, the mysterious masked Mare Do Well, who seems to be everywhere at once and can do almost anything.moreless
  • 11/19/11
    Rainbow Dash decides she will finally get her own pet. Only the fastest and coolest animal will do, so she holds a series of competitions where pet candidates can demonstrate their abilities and win Rainbow Dash's favour.
  • The Cutie Pox
    Episode 6

    When Apple Bloom learns about a special plant that Zecora has that can make your deepest desire come true, she uses it on herself to get her cutie mark. But the plant does too good of a job as dozens of cutie marks start to appear on Apple Bloom's body.

  • 11/5/11

    Sweetie Belle disowns Rarity as her sister and decides to make Applejack her new sister after seeing how much fun she and Apple Bloom have together. But then Rarity soon realizes how much she misses Sweetie Belle so she tries to think of a way to get her back.

  • Luna Eclipsed
    Episode 4

    On Nightmare Night, the pony version of Halloween, Princess Luna appears to join in on the celebration, but everyone is scared of her. It is now up to Twilight to teach the princess to be less scary and more friendly.

  • Lesson Zero
    Episode 3

    After discovering that her deadline to send Princess Celestia a new friendship report is almost up, Twilight tries to quickly learn a lesson about friendship before it is too late.

  • 9/24/11

    With all her friends turned against each other and Discord spreading chaos all throughout Ponyville, Twilight must find a way to make things right, find the Elements of Harmony and stop Discord once and for all.

  • 9/17/11

    Discord, the spirit of chaos, escapes from his stone prison and Twilight and her friends act quickly to find the Elements of Harmony to stop him. The only problem is that Discord has set up a little game for them so they won't be able to find the Elements.