My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Season 4

Saturday 10:30 AM on The Hub Premiered Oct 10, 2010 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 5/10/14

    Celestia, Luna and Candance all transfer their magic into Twilight in hopes that it will help them defeat Tirek and save Equestria.

  • 5/10/14

    Twilight is having trouble finding her place as a princess. But she soon has bigger things to worry about as the evil Tirek arrives and plans to drain the energy out of every pony in Equestria.

  • Equestria Games
    Episode 24

    The Equestia Games are finally here and Spike is put in charge of lighting the torch during the opening ceremony. But the small dragon's nerves get the better of him and Twilight has to help him out. Spike then tries to do something else for the games to prove to everyone that he can do things by himself.

  • 4/26/14

    Rarity is suffering from a bad case of creator's block when she is asked to help make designs for an upcoming fair. Spike tries to help out by using a magic spell he learned that will bring anything Rarity thinks of to life. But the spell works too well as Rarity starts to get carried away and tries to make everything in Ponyville fancy.

  • Trade Ya
    Episode 22

    The ponies all head to the Rainbow Falls trade exchange, hoping to get some pretty good deals. But things don't turn out the way they planned as Rainbow Dash tries to make a bunch of trades in hopes of getting a limited edition book and Applejack and Rarity argue over what they should buy. Also, Pinkie Pie tries to convince everyone to buy Twilight's used books simply because she's a princess and Twilight is not too happy about that.

  • 4/5/14

    Rainbow Dash has to get ready for her entrance exam into the Wonderbolts Reserve, but she has trouble studying. The other ponies try to help her out, but they each have their different way of studying and they all don't seem to help Rainbow Dash. Luckily, Twilight comes up with the perfect way to help Rainbow Dash get ready.

  • Leap of Faith
    Episode 20

    The Flim Flam brothers have returned to Ponyville. This time, they're selling a tonic that they claim will cure you of any type of aliment you have. Applejack believes that the whole thing is just another one of the brothers' scams. That is until Granny Smith tries some of the tonic and all of her aces and pains disappear.

  • 3/22/14

    Rarity designs a bunch of dresses for a play that Sweetie Belle made up. But the small filly becomes jealous when she finds out that everyone was more interested in the dresses than her play. To get back at her big sister for stealing her spotlight, Sweetie Belle sabotages a dress that Rarity was working on for an important client. Later that night, Princess Luna visits Sweetie Belle in her dreams to show her the consequences of her jealousy.

  • Maud Pie
    Episode 18

    Pinkie Pie's sister, Maud, comes to Ponyville for a visit and Pinkie Pie is hoping that her friends will love hanging out with her. But the other ponies find it difficult to be friends with Maud due to her bland personality.

  • 3/8/14

    After Apple Bloom gets into a few accidents at home, Applejack starts to become very overprotective of her little sister. Now Apple Bloom must find a way to prove to Applejack that she is quite capable of doing things on her own.

  • 3/1/14

    Ponyville gets ready as the breezies make their way through town during their annual migration. But a small accident causes some of the breezies to get separated from the others. Fluttershy volunteers to take care of them until they are ready to fly again, but the breezies soon take advantage of Fluttershy's kindness and decide that they never want to leave.

  • Twilight Time
    Episode 15

    Twilight volunteers to help the Cutie Mark Crusaders with their studies. But soon, the three fillies become very popular with their classmates when news gets out that they are being taught by a princess and they take full advantage of this.

  • Filli Vanilli
    Episode 14

    When a member of the singing group, the Ponytones, loses their voice, Fluttershy is asked to replace them due to her amazing singing voice. At first, Fluttershy refuses due to a bad case of stage fright, but she soon comes up with a solution where she can sing without being seen.

  • Simple Ways
    Episode 13

    Trenderhoof, a famous travel writer who Rarity happens to have a crush on, comes to Ponyville and Rarity tries to get him to notice her, only to discover that he's more interested in Applejack. Believing that Trenderhoof is interested in farm ponies, Rarity decides to try and act like one in hopes that it will get his attention.

  • Pinkie Pride
    Episode 12

    Rainbow Dash's birthday is coming up and Pinkie Pie plans on throwing her the biggest party ever. But she soon has a bit of competition when another party planner named Cheese Sandwich comes to town and tries to make an even better party.

  • Three's a Crowd
    Episode 11

    Twilight is looking forward to a visit from Princess Cadance, hoping to spend the entire day with her. But her plans are cut short when Discord arrives with a bad case of the flu and he asks Twilight to help him get better.

  • Rainbow Falls
    Episode 10

    Rainbow Dash is excited to be part of the Ponyville relay team for the Equestria Games. But when the Cloudsdale team becomes impressed with some of her moves, they give Rainbow Dash the chance to be part of their team. Now Rainbow Dash must choose which team is perfect for her.

  • Pinkie Apple Pie
    Episode 9

    After doing a little research, Pinkie Pie believes that she and Applejack might be cousins. To find out if this is true or not, Pinkie Pie joins Applejack and her family on a road trip to meet one of their relatives who might know the answer.

  • 1/4/14

    Rarity heads to Manehattan to attend their annual fashion week only to have one of the other competitors steal her designs and pass them off as their own. Rarity asks her friends to help her create a whole new fashion line before the contest, but she soon starts to take her friends for granted and forgets to think about their feelings.

  • Bats
    Episode 7

    Sweet Apple Acres gets infested by a swarm of vampire fruit bats and Applejack asks her friends to help her get rid of them. But things take a turn for the worse when Fluttershy gets hit by a spell Twilight was using that was meant for the bats, turning her into a vampire pony.

  • Power Ponies
    Episode 6

    Spike accidentally casts a magic spell that causes both him and his friends to get sucked into his favorite comic book, where they become the Power Ponies, and the only way for them to get back home is to defeat the comic's villain, the Mane-iac.

  • 12/14/13

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders enter a competition where they must put on a routine that shows how great Ponyville is, with the winner getting to hold the Ponyville flag during the Equestria games. But Scootaloo starts to feel self-conscious about herself when Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon taunt her about how she is a Pegasus that can't fly and she starts to believe that flying is the only way to make their routine the best.

  • Daring Don't
    Episode 4

    When the next "Daring Do" novel gets delayed, Rainbow Dash decides to go visit the books' author, A.K. Yearling, to get some answers. But when she meets her, Rainbow Dash discovers a shocking secret about the author.

  • Castle-Mania
    Episode 3

    The ponies all head to Celestia and Luna's old castle, each of them with a different reason for being there. But soon, strange stuff starts to happen and the ponies start to believe that the castle is haunted.

  • 11/23/13

    Twilight and her friends head off in search for the Tree of Harmony, where the Elements of Harmony were first formed, in hopes that it can help them find Celestia and Luna.

  • 11/23/13

    Twilight is a bit nervous about her new responsibilities as a princess. But that's the least of her problems when Celestia and Luna go missing and the Everfree forest starts to invade Ponyville.

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