My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 2 Episode 10

Secret of My Excess

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 10, 2011 on The Hub

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  • Well, I'm flummoxed

    This episode aired on my Birthday. Spike is having his first Birthday in Ponyville. But greed gets the baby dragon that grows into a monster. This is one of the many S2 episodes that deserves a 10/10.
  • This is the best episode I have ever seen!

    I've got to admit that I love Spike. He is my favorite character in Friendship is Magic, and his last episode, Owls Well that Ends Well, was disappointing. Well this time, it seems The HUB did it right and we got ourselves the very best episode in season 2, yes it's right up there with Sisterhooves Social, if not better. Our episode begins with Twilight Sparkle doing reshelving books and Spike comes in and has a gem in his hands he's been saving for his birthday next week. Rarity comes in and sees the gem and after using her charm, Spike gives the gem to Rarity, earning a kiss on the cheek from his crush. On the day of his birthday, Twilight and her friends give Spike a lot of presents, and as the Cake family gives Spike a Sapphire Gem covered cupcake. After getting another gift from Cheerilee when he tells her about his birthday, Spike gets greedy and cons other ponies out of items. The next day, Twilight sees Spike has grown and tries to take him to a doctor or vet to fix him, but nothing works. At Zecora's place, Twilight learns that Spike is growing due to his greed and will become a monster if not stopped. Twilight tries to contain Spike in the library, but he breaks out. Throughout Ponyville, Spike takes Applejack's apples and leaves on her trees, Fluttershy's chicken coop, and Pinkie Pie's cakes. Spike then goes and take Rarity for hostage. When Spike falls under attack from the Wonderbolts, he retreats to a lair on a tall mountain. Rarity then tells of how brutish Spike is without even knowing it's him, and Spike sees the gem hegave Rarity, makig him remember what he did and grows down again. Spike and Rarity fall to the ground, and just as Spike is about to confess, Rarity puts a hoof on his mouth and gives him a smile. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy come in though and save the two. Rarity tells Spike how proud she is of Spike and gives him another kiss on the cheek. Spike writes a Friendship Report and learns that getting stuff is nice, but it's better to give ones to the one you love. Our episode ends with Spike rubbing the cheek he was kissed with. This was simply put the very best episode of the season. Everything was done right, from the plot to the kiss scene with Rarity and Spike. I loved the scenes with Pinkie Pie throwing cakes and teleporting out of nowhere. I also loved the scene with Twilight teleporting Spike. I also enjoyed the references like the lair Spike used was the one from Dragonshy, and the King Kong references as well. This was simply put one of the very best, and in my opinion the best episode of season 2.

    FINAL SCORE: 11/10 It's that great!
  • A lot of fun, with some romance thrown in

    When Spike becomes full of greed, his dragon roots kick in, and he becomes larger, and larger, until he can barely control himself.

    The episode starts out good, as we see a giving Spike, give his prized ruby to one of the ponies named Rarity. Their interactions were terrific, then the further interactions with Spike and Twilight Sparkle were nice. What the episode really does nicely are she of the funnier sequences and lines, especially by Pinkie Pie.

    Where the episode goes slightly downhill to me is how Spike keeps growing into a giant monster and tears the town up. Oh well, not everything can be perfect. Luckily Rarity has a great scene with Spike near the end, and things get resolved. Overall another great episode that should be fine for entire families to watch. There are no scary sequences, and it teaches the faults of greed.
  • A Real Treat for Spike/Rarity Fans.

    If you are a fan of the romance between Spike and Rarity, than "The Secret of My Excess" is the episode for you. Not only does she kiss him twice in the same episode, but he sacrifces a valuable ruby that he was going to eat for his birthday to her. It was also his feelings for her that changed him back from a greedy dragon monster into his cute little self, and he was about to confess his crush on her when she scilenced him showing that she knows about it. I rate this episode a perfect ten, especially for Sparity (Spike and Rarity) fans.
  • Worst of the season and worst of the entire series


    It's Spike's birthday, but he starts to get really greedy with his presents. This causes him to have a huge growth spurt and he starts rampaging through town getting bigger and more greedy and it's up to Twilight and her friends to try and stop him. I'm sorry fans but this episode just really disappointed me big time. It was even more disappointing then last week's episode. I just didn't like this episode too much. I'm not saying it's awful because it's not but it is pretty much the worst of the season and the worst of the entire series. Yes, even worse than the Season 1 episode "Sonic Rainboom". Not much humor and not a lot of great moments. First of all, I really hated Spike's greediness in this episode... I mean, it was great that Spike is getting all of the praise and gifts for his birthday but he shouldn't be that greedy though. Second thing was that I didn't like the whole storyline of Spike turning into a gigantic monster just for being greedy... that just seemed really lame to me. My biggest issue that really made me enjoy this episode even less was the "King Kong" reference. That reference was just unneeded and not very well done. I never thought I see the day where this show makes a lame and horrible reference. On the bright side, the part that give me a good laugh was the whole scene with Spike being at the doctor's office and then the doctor's line "I see the problem, he is a dragon" made me LOL and Spike saying "I'm never going to rub his cheek again" after Rarity gave him a kiss in the cheek was funny as well. As for the enjoyable moments, I only liked the moment near the end of the episode between Spike and Rarity... I thought those moments were cute and possibly the best in this mediocre episode. Overall, a mediocre episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic"... I love this show very much but I was honestly very disappointed in this episode, I know that the Christmas-themed episode next Saturday morning won't be a total bust though so I'm pretty sure that I'll enjoy that one. Again, worst of the season and the worst out of the entire series. 5/10