My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 4 Episode 13

Simple Ways

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 08, 2014 on The Hub

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  • It ain't easy being green

    You know that feeling of not deciding if you rather would live in a big city, or live your life in the country. I had been waiting in weeks for this episode to show up after seeing a Twitter hint about it. Tabitha broke herself, as said and that was worth it. Trenderhoof arrives under Ponyville Days Festival a throwback to the glamorous old days of little town USA. Just like Pinkie Pride two ponies faces each other under a festival. Rarity becomes AJ and AJ Rarity in return. It's a lighthearted slice of life episode, and if you want more action Equestria Games seems on the way in few episodes. Spike also seems to plan a thing for Ponyville. 10/10
  • It ain't simple being a farmer

    As you all know, ever since I heard the synopsis of this episode, I've been apprehensive. An episode about Rarity having a crush on somepony else? But as more clips showed up and we got a look at Trenderhoof himself, I started to feel more comfortable. Even with Josh Haber, writer of "Castle-Mania", doing the writing this time around, I still felt nervous. He wrote Rarity pretty good in it as well. So the big question is this, did Rarity end up with the guy, or not?

    We open up to outside the Ponyville Town Center, where a group, including Granny Smith, is choosing who will be the planner for the Ponyville Days Festival. Before the announcement is made, Pinkie takes in such a deep breath, that her head turns into a balloon and floats. It's then revealed that Rarity will be the planner, to which Twilight asks what she's going to do. Spike then pushed in a huge model of Ponyville(Seriously, he must be working out or something) and she says she has some ideas.

    Cut to Carousel Boutique, where Spike is giving a small speech to the others about the theme of the festival. It'll include wine tasting and auctoning, a small gala, and a fashion show. Rarity comes out and says she wants to make the festival special enough for Trenderhoof, a famous writer who goes around the world and discovers new things. She even has a shrine to him that would make Helga Pataki's shrine to Arnold in the show, Hey Arnold!, look tame in comparison. Spike, surprisingly enough is really calm about this and it's never explained why he was so calm about it.

    At the train station, Rarity and Twilight are waiting for Trenderhoof, which causes the former to have a bit of a nervous breakdown because she's afraid he won't come. We then see Trenderhoof himself, who looks more like he belongs on the Equestria equivalent of America's Next Top Model as a judge or something. Rarity shows Trenderhoof around Ponyville, including Sweet Apple Acres. Just as Rarity and Trenderhoof look like something could blossom, the latter sees Applejack doing apple bucking. Trender says he's found somepony for him, which upsets Rarity.

    Back at Carousel Boutique, Spike is checking up on Rarity, but sees she's really upset. He tries to comfort Rarity, but she continues to cry. When she asks Spike how it feels to be obsessed over somepony, only for that pony to be obsessed with somepony else, I got to say, I love the look on Spike's face. So Rarity decides that if Trenderhoof likes county stuff, then she'll try to be country as well. We get some scenes of Rarity attempting to be like a farmer from apple bucking to pulling a plow, but it only makes Trenderhoof like Applejack more. One thing I did like is that in one of these scenes, Rarity calls Spike the nickname she came up with and hugs him. A very nice Sparity moment to me. So with things not going her way, Rarity decides it's time to change things up. She invites her friends back to her boutique and says the new theme is "Simple Ways". Fillies and gentlecolts, we have an episode title!

    Applejack laughs this off, but Rarity is determined and decides to go ahead with it. This upsets Applejack because of how obsessive her friend is over Trenderhoof and decides to teach her a lesson. At Sweet Apple Acres, we see Rarity, along with Spike, telling the fillies about the new fashion show. After they leave, Spike says there's one last model, Apple Jewel. We then see it's Applejack in a nice dress and her mane kind of reminds me of the way it was styled when she was living in Manehatten. A nice reference to past episodes.

    Rarity us upset because of how Applejack is dressed like that and how she can't be like that. It soon escalates into a small fight with the two of them comparing and contrasting what they like. However, when a small bit of mud gets onto Applejack's dress, Rarity snaps out of it and tries to fix it. Rarity then realizes how much of a fool she was acting and apologizes to Applejack and vise versa. While Spike goes off to get some boiling water since Rarity messed up the dress(which belongs to her by the way), Trenderhoof comes in and decides to live on the farm. Rarity then says to him that you can't change for anypony at all.

    The festival then happens, which is basically the original plan Rarity wanted to do before she went crazy. She narrates to herself about how hard it was to do the festival, but that you shouldn't lose focus on what matters the most. Our episode then ends with Rarity standing proudly in front of a crowd.

    Well now that this is over, what did I think of it? Well I can say it's a huge improvement over the disappointment that was Rarity Takes Manehatten. Unlike that episode, the story here doesn't feel really rushed or badly paced. This episode managed to go back to the old formula of how a Rarity episode should be and did it correctly. I'll admit the ending with Rarity just snapping out of it so quickly kind of felt rushed, but it was nothing compared to how bad it was in Rarity Takes Manehatten.

    The jokes were really good in this episode and silly. Josh Haber is a great writer when it comes to comedy and it shows here again. A lot of gags like Pinkie turning her head into a balloon to how Rarity tried to be country were really good. Sure some of the gags were a little predictable, but it's a kids show and I still got some good laughs out of this episode. Especially Rarity and most of her antics.

    Trenderhoof himself isn't too bad. He really wasn't what I expected. I expected somepony to be a flirtatious stallion who like to play with others' feelings. He's not a bad pony, but considering the way he's so obsessed with country and how he changes who he likes every two seconds it seems, I think he's a bit of a screwball.

    About my only big issue is that I wish Spike was a little more prominent in this episode. Sure he was helpful and there were some cute moments between him and Rarity, but I think his role could've been done a little better. However, I am glad he was in it and that he did interact in this episode, so I won't take points off for that.

    It's a really good episode with a lot of funny moments and it really was one of Rarity's best episodes. If you love Rarity, then I'm sure you'll really get a kick out of this episode. Next week, Amy Keating Rogers takes on a Fluttershy, who may join a rock band, which may turn out to be really good. Join me next week for my review on that.

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10
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