My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 3 Episode 6

Sleepless in Ponyville

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 08, 2012 on The Hub

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  • Scootaloo's first episode is a go

    Like most fans, I was hoping that Scootaloo would get her own episode. I mean, Sweetie Belle has already had her own episode (Sisterhooves Social) while Apple Bloom has had three of her own episodes (Call of the Cutie, The Cutie Pox and Family Appreciation Day) but we never got one with Scootaloo, until now. What did I think of it? I loved it! It was funny, emotional and very heart warming. My favorite part was the very touching scene at the end between Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash. I gotta give props to Madeline Peters (Scootaloo's VA) when Scootaloo was saying how scared she was, she actually sounded like a frighted person. Just when you think this show can't pull on your heartstrings anymore, they pull something like this. I also like the background for Scootaloo's nightmares. They were pretty dark and creepy for a kids show. I also liked Luna's appearance, I wasn't expecting her to show up. To me, this is the best episode of season three so far.
  • Luna, God of Dreams

    The canon displayed Princess Luna as being able to enter the dreams of mortal ponies, and there was much rejoicing.

    Of all series three episodes this is the best so far, but the competition doesn't amount to much. Still, it's early days.
  • The Trifecta, completed

    So far, Scootaloo's only tie to the Mane Six is a somewhat unhealthy obsession with Rainbow Dash. An amiable relationship with two of their sisters and a potential cutie mark in auto tuning or daredevilry can only take a filly so far. Here is where we learn the lengths that Scootaloo (and Sweetie Belle) will go to be appreciated. It is also great to see that she doesn't resent her friends for having a caring family. The writers also sneak in a clever reminder that a pastel world where everything goes right is *boring*, and that the nightmares must happen.

    My only gripe is with Luna's first appearance, which seemed a bit too obvious, albeit a neat nod to the horror industry for the animators. Otherwise, the princess seems a natural ally, and about the only rational choice left when even Applejack's observations are dismissed. Any opportunity for Luna to show off her brand of wisdom is certainly welcome.
  • The pony who couldn't fly

    Inserts horse puns. Anyway the CMC, Rarity, Applejack and RD are on a vacation in a forest are told to be haunted so Scootaloo have bad dreams. Scoots act out of character in S3 as told under a Con in the summer. A thrilling episdoe with Scoots to steal the show.

  • D'aww

    The premise of this episode was adorable, and everyone knows someone who pretends to be brave and then has the most overactive imagination ever. Fun to watch and not too preachy on the message.

    I loved the use of Luna in this episode, but it almost seemed to cheapen her character. It would be very easy to do an episode on dreams (and Luna's involvement very much felt like something out of Sandman), but I don't see the series doing that.

    That the Cutie Mark Crusaders have had more screen time as of late makes me think that maybe this is finally their season. It would be anticlimactic for all of them to get their marks in the same episode, though, so we'll see. There will probably be an odd pony out.
  • Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo go camping with their big sisters Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash so Scootaloo can bond with Rainbow Dash

    Last week's episode "Magic Duel" was so poor and disappointing, my eyes are still scarred on how poorly written it was. This episode makes up for last week's episode though because it was definitely WAY better than "Magic Duel". I really enjoy the fact that Scootaloo wanted to show Rainbow Dash that she was cool and bond with her so her, Applebloom, and Sweetie Belle go camping with Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash. Too bad Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy don't have little sisters, otherwise they would've appeared in this episode :,( my score isn't low because of that though. In fact, I don't know why I give this episode a 9. It's this weird feeling and I don't know what it is. The episode was very funny (I got plenty of laughs here), the characters were all very great including Rainbow Dash (who usually gets too cocky sometimes but not really here), the storyline was highly entertaining and well written, and Scootaloo's nightmares with the backgrounds and all that have blown me away. I don't have a problem with this episode at all but I don't why... it should get a 10 if I have no problems with it, maybe it could be it's not my favorite... I have no idea why it couldn't get a 10 from me, it's just weird. It is definitely an episode worth watching for everyone to enjoy. I really recommend it indeed and it's great to see Scootaloo's first episode revolved her plus it's nice to see that it's one of the few CMC episodes where they DO NOT focus on earning their cutie marks. It's definitely SUPERB indeed even though I had no problems with it whatsever yet still rate it a..... 9 out of 10. Hmmmmm. :) 9/10
  • An excellent Scootaloo episode.

    Out of all the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Scootaloo is the only one who hasn't gotten an episode. That all changes now with this episode. So how does her first episode hold up? It all starts with Scootaloo doing some fancy tricks on her scooter and is shocked to hear Rainbow Dash, her idol, say she was awesome at doing those tricks. We then cut to the CMC Clubhouse and learn that Applebloom and Applejack are going camping this weekend to head for Winsom Falls. She suggests that she'll get Rainbow to come with since Scootaloo wants to show how awesome she is and be like her. Sweetie Belle even gets Rarity involved and together they all head into the woods. Later that night, Rainbow decides to tell some scary stories to the CMC and her friends. While the others get scared, Scootaloo plays it off and says she's not scared. In reality though, Scootaloo doesn't want to think she's a coward in Rainbow's eyes and would reject being like a sister to her. Scootaloo soon starts having nightmares of the scary stories and refuses to go to sleep in fear she'll relive the nightmares again and again. The next day, Scootaloo is a nervous wreck and is really jumpy, but still won't admit to her fears. In an attempt to get to the falls before nightfall, Scootaloo attempts to go ahead and find it, but it's all for naught. Night soon falls and the group decides to stay in a cave for the night. Rainbow decides to tell a story again, but Scootaloo is so nervous she doesn't want to be scared even more. Rainbow tells the story and it leaves Scootaloo petrified with terror, but still doesn't want to spill the beans. After some convincing from the others and a campfire song by Sweetie, Scootaloo finally goes to sleep again only to have more nightmares. Just as the monster in her nightmare is about to get her, Princess Luna suddenly appears and lets Scootaloo know it's only a dream. She does warn Scootaloo that she must face her true fear, being rejected by Rainbow, in order for the nightmares to stop. Scootaloo wakes up and starts hearing a horse whinnying and believes it's the Headless Horse, but it's actually Rainbow snoring. Scootaloo runs out of the cave on her scooter and heads into a river. She goes over the waterfall, but Rainbow suddenly comes in to save her. Rainbow sets Scootaloo down on a patch of land and demands Scootaloo to tell her what she was doing. Scootaloo then sees Princess Luna's face in the moon and she tells her to face her fears. Scootaloo breaks down and lets Rainbow know she was scared and didn't want to disappoint her since she wanted to be taken under Rainbow's wing. Rainbow then lets Scootaloo know that when she was a filly, she was scared of those stories as well, but got over it because she knew they weren't real and that a headless horse couldn't beat her. Rainbow then decides to take Scootaloo under her wing and teach her everything she knows. The next day, the group all go to the falls and they all race to the observation platform of the falls. Rainbow helps Scootaloo in racing towards the falls and both go up where the falls begin. Scootaloo has one last dream with the one pony looking for her rust horseshoe. Rainbow though shows up and gives the horseshoe to her. Our episode ends with Princess Luna showing up one more time and winking at Scootaloo. This was an all around sweet and touching episode. I really liked the part of Scootaloo driving on her scooter and sleeping at the same time. Sweetie Belle's campfire song was funny and cute as well. Princess Luna appearing in the episode and helping Scootaloo was really awesome and it's good to see more of her. What I really like about the episode is that it had a lot of tender moments between the siblings of the CMC with their little sisters. It was particularly sweet to see Rainbow and Scootaloo have some tender moments as well. My only problem is that we don't get to see Scootaloo's parents. I was really hoping we could finally see what they looked like, but we don't get to see them at all. Aside from that though, this was a sweet and tender episode with some good laughs all around. For Scootaloo's first episode, I would really suggest seeing it.

    FINAL SCORE: 9.5/10