My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 3 Episode 6

Sleepless in Ponyville

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 08, 2012 on The Hub



  • Trivia

    • The tree that Scootaloo bumps into in her first nightmare looks exactly like one of the spooky trees that the mane six all laughed at back in "Friendship is Magic, Part 2."

    • The entire opening scene for this episode, where Scootaloo is riding her scooter through town, is a throwback to the same scene from the beginning of "The Show Stoppers."

    • Rainbow Dash tells the story of the "Headless Horse," which is the same scary story that Twilight told Applejack and Rarity in "Look Before You Sleep."

    • Scootaloo mentions the events from "Sonic Rainboom" in this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Rarity : Sweetie Belle, do be a dear and see if you can find some fresh flowers for my bedside vase.
      Rainbow Dash: (Imitating Rarity) Hey, Scootaloo, do be a sweetheart and see if you can gather some firewood. (Scootaloo and Apple Bloom chuckle) Seriously though, can you get us some wood for the fire?

    • Scootaloo: So, it's a horse without a head. Which means it doesn't have a mouth. And if it doesn't have a mouth, it's not a horse-eat-pony kind of horse. But still, it's a horse without a head!

    • Rainbow Dash: I've been told that these very woods are haunted by the headless horse! It gallops only at night...
      Applejack : If it doesn't have a head, then how in tarnation does this pony know where it's goin'?
      Rainbow Dash : It's headless, not brainless. (Continues her story) Looking for little lost ponies...
      Applejack : So where's its brain?

    • Olden Pony: Who's got my rusty horseshoe?
      Rainbow Dash: Here it is, for ponies sake. (Tosses it to the Olden Pony) Now take it and stop all your moaning.
      Olden Pony: Thank you. And have a nice day.

    • Scootaloo: (While hanging off a branch above a river) Hello? Is anyone out there? Anyone except the Headless Horse?

    • Rainbow Dash: So, you're looking for somepony to take you under their wing, huh?
      Scootaloo: Mmm-hmm.
      Rainbow Dash: Yeah. I might be up for something like that.
      Scootaloo: Really?
      Rainbow Dash: As long as you don't go falling into anymore rivers in the middle of the night.
      Scootaloo: (Chuckles) It's a deal. (They hug)

    • Rarity: Are we there yet?
      Applejack: The last thousand times you asked that, the answer was no. This time, it's actually yes.

    • Applejack: (After seeing all of Rarity's luggage) Gee Rarity, did you remember to pack?
      Rarity: Oh, well let's see who gets the last laugh when you're absolutely desperate to curl your lashes, and you realize you didn't bring your eyelash curler.

    • Princess Luna: Everypony has fears, Scootaloo. Everypony must face them in their own way. But they must be faced, or the nightmares will continue.

    • Rainbow Dash: Okay, everybody get comfortable, 'cause I'm about to tell you the best story you've ever heard.
      Scootaloo: Is it about the time when Rarity had wings, and then they got ruined, and then you saved her from plummeting to her doom?
      Rainbow Dash: Okay, maybe it's the second best story you've ever heard.

    • Rainbow Dash: Hey. I'm gonna tell you something but if you ever tell any pony else, I'm gonna deny it. First time I heard those stories, I was scared too.
      Scootaloo: You were?
      Rainbow Dash: Sure. I mean, I got over it because I realized pretty quick that if there was such thing as a headless horse, I could totally take it on.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The plot to this episode is very similar to the Martha Speaks episode, "Martha Camps Out," where Helen (voiced by Scootaloo's VA, Madeline Peters) is scared while on a camping trip due to a spooky story she heard.

    • The story that Rainbow Dash tells, about the Olden Pony, was inspired by the story The Golden Arm by Mark Twain.

    • One of the bags in Rarity's cart has two horseshoes on it that look very similar to the logo to the fashion trend Chanel.

    • The episode title is a reference to the 1993 film Sleepless in Seattle.

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