My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 1 Episode 16

Sonic Rainboom

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 18, 2011 on The Hub
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Episode Summary

Rainbow Dash enters a best flyer contest in hopes of winning the grand prize, spend the day with her favourite flight squad, the Wonder Bolts. But she might have her work cut out for her when Rarity, who just got some beautiful wings thanks to Twilight's magic, decides to enter the contest as well.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • A little on the mediocre side

    I found this episode OK overall, had some great moments, but it could have been much better.
  • Season 1, Episode 16: Sonic Rainboom

    I liked how nice RD was torwards Rarity who was being a selfish brat torwards the end. She should really REALLY do this more often in the future. But after watching different episodes, She was a smug, short tempered, show-off spoiled brat. RD is kind of a mean character.
  • Sorry fellow ponies, but this episode was not great at all

    I'm sad to see that this episode was really poorly done and season 1 at it's worst. It starts with Rainbow Dash trying out a trick called the Sonic Rainboom while making Fluttershy cheer for her. we find out that there is a Young Fliers Competition where the winner gets to spend a day with the Wonderbolts and Rainbow plans to enter it, but is nervous. Rarity feels she needs to be there with her friend and convinces Twilight Sparkle to give her fake wings. Twilight warns that the wings can easily break though. At Cloudsdale Rainbow and Fluttershy run into three colts who make fun of Rainbow and call her Rainbow Crash. Get used to these colts by the way since from here on in we see them in every scene making the same insults again and again. Rarity and the rest of Rainbow's friends come along then to Cloudsdale. Rarity shows off her wings while her friends are given the ability to walk on clouds. Like the colts get used to Rarity acting a show off with her wings. We get a tour of the Cloudsdale city itself from a rainbow factory to where the weather is made it is a sight to behold. Eventually one pegasus tells Rarity to enter the fliers competition and decides to making Rainbow even more nervous. Rainbow waits until she's last, but then Rarity comes out and shows off her wings. She flies around , but accidentally flies too close to the sun and her wings burn up, causing her to fall. The Wonderbolts try to rescue her, but in Rarity's panic she kicks them unconscious. Rainbow sees what's happening and flies down to save Rarity and the Wonderbolts. Rainbow flies so fast she does do a Sonic Rainboom and saves the falling ponies. Rainbow lands back in the stadium to meet thunderous applause and Fluttershy giving a very loud cheer. Rarity apologizes for how rude she was acting and how unkind she was towards Rainbow. Princess Celestia then awards Rainbow as the winner of the competition and the best flier in Equestria. Rarity tells the princess she learned to keep her hooves on the gorund and to be there for friends. The colts the apologize for what they said to Rainbow and offer to hang out with her, but she turns them down. The episode ends with Rainbow leaving with the Wonderbolts to hang out with them. This episode was very very very disappointing. It could have been so great with the plot and I loved Pinkie tasting the rainbow mix, the city of Cloudsdale itself, and Fluttershy's attempt to cheer. It's really negated though by the three colts and Rarity. I hated how the colts were in every scene making an insult and they never got a real comeuppance from Rainbow for their insults. I also despised how Rarity was acting in this episode as well. She was way way out of character in this episode. She was very rude and arrogant in this episode and was awful. She's supposed to be the Element of Generosity, not the Element of Greed. She was just awful and I feel she should have been punished for her actions for this by working community service in the Cloudsdale factories since she disrupted the work there with her wings. I just couldn't believe what they did to Rarity and feel ashamed that the writers did this. I don't know what they were thinking to be honest. Overall aside from some funny things, this episode was done poorly and I hope season 2 doesn't have any episodes like this, or better yet no more episodes like this ever in the series. If you watch it once, you may not want to watch this episode again.

    FINAL SCORE: 6.5/10moreless
  • My least favorite "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" episode so far

    Well, I have been loving this show and I will always stay tuned but this episode just didn't do much for me. Well, this was my brother's first episode to give this show a chance and he was disappointed in this episode so that wasn't a good start for an episode to get into this show. It was disappointed in this episode as well and it's my least favorite episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" so far. Most of the scenes in this episode just felt very girl to me especially when Rarity got her butterfly wings and was showing off. I didn't like Rarity showing off her butterfly wings and making Rainbow Dash feel less confident about the flying competition. I also thought those make ponies teasing Rainbow Dash and calling her "Rainbow Crash" was getting very annoying. We get it, one time is good enough but did they have to say it so many dang times. This episode wasn't bad but it's definitely my least favorite episode and just when my brother decided to give this show a chance with me by watching this episode, he said that he was disappointed and might not tune in after seeing this episode. I'm gonna try to convince to watch an episode that I really love and that he might at least "like". The only thing I laughed at was Fluttershy's part... she was adorable and it was very funny when she wasn't cheering for Rainbow Dash loud enough. Overall, my least favorite "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" episode so far. 6/10moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Derpy cameo: She is seen flying by Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy as they arrive at Cloudsdale. She is also number fifteen in the flying competition.

    • The music that Rarity chooses for her performace was "The Waltz" by Tchaikovsky, which is mostly heard in the famous play, Swan Lake.

    • The laugh that Rarity makes when everyone is admiring her wings is also the gasp she made in "Friendship is Magic, part 1" when she sees Twilight's messed up mane.

    • Fluttershy's inhaling when she is about to cheer at the beginning of the episode is actually Pinkie Pie's gasp from when she first met Twilight in the pilot episode played backwards.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Twilight Sparkle: How am I supposed to find a flight spell in this mess?
      Pinkie Pie: A flight spell? One sec... (dashes off-screen, returns with a book) Page twenty-seven!
      Applejack: How'd you do that?
      Pinkie Pie: It landed on my face when Rainbow Dash knocked me into the bookcase.

    • Rainbow Dash: That was a truly feeble performance!
      Fluttershy: Actually, it wasn't all bad. I particularly liked it when you made the clouds spin.
      Rainbow Dash: I'm not talking about my performance! I'm talking about yours; That feeble cheering.

    • Rainbow Dash: Now, what have we learned?
      Fluttershy: Loss of control, screaming and hollering...
      Rainbow Dash: Yes. And most importantly...
      Fluttershy: Passion.
      Rainbow Dash: Right. So now that you know th elements of a good cheer, let's hear one!
      Fluttershy: Yay.
      Rainbow Dash: (groans) You're gonna cheer for me like that? Louder!
      Fluttershy: Yay.
      Rainbow Dash: Louder!!
      Fluttershy: Yay.
      Rainbow Dash: LOUDER!!!
      Fluttershy: (inhales deeply) Yaaaaay...
      Rainbow Dash: Ohh! (collapses in frustration)
      Fluttershy: Too loud?

  • NOTES (3)


    • The scene where Rarity's wings dissolve in the sunlight is much like the tale of Icarus who flew with wings made of wax, but he flew too close to the sun, which caused his wings to melt, and he fell to the Earth.

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