My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 2 Episode 9

Sweet and Elite

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 03, 2011 on The Hub

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  • An excellent Rarity episode.

    I have to admit that while not one of my favorite episodes of Friendship is Magic, it was still rather sweet and awesome as well. Our episode begins with Princess Celestia setting up a suite in Canterlot for Rarity. Rarity is in the city for some fabric to give dress for Twilight Sparkle's party. In Canterlot, Rarity is approached by some fancy ponies, and ask about her hat, and when they learn she's from Ponyville, they scoff at her, making the unicorn angry. Rarity goes back to her suite and decides to create a dress for Twilight to show the ponies who insulted her. On the way back, Rarity runs into a colt named Fancy Pants, and is invited to actually attend his party after he learns Rarity is staying with Princess Celestia. At the Wonderbolts Derby, Rarity is asked how she knew who the winner was and tells that Rainbow Dash told her, and lies that Rainbow is a trainer for the Wonderbolts. As time goes on, Rarity becomes part of Canterlot's Elite and forgets about Twilight's dress. At one point, Rarity decides to stay in Canterlot after she is invited to a Garden Party. She lies in a letter that her cat Opal is sick and gets read to leave for the part when Twilight and the others appear in front of her. Twilight says that when she learned from Rarity's letter that she was stuck in Canterlot, she decided to move the party to Canterlot instead. Twilight sees the dress Rarity made and even though it's plain looking she loves it. At Twilight's party, Rarity sees the Garden Party and is forced to go back and forth for the parties. Eventually, Twilight and the others move the party to the garden, and the other high class ponies see this, and Twilight tells of who made her dress, making everypony look at Rarity and whisper. Rarity decides to tell the others who she is and that she tells them that they are her friends. Fancy Pants sees this and accepts them as being rustic and likes them. Rarity tells Princess Celestia that she shouldn't forget about her roots and her friends as well. Our episode ends with the luggage colt falling over from all of Rarity's stuff. In my opinion, while not one of my all time favorites, this was still an awesome episode. I loved the scenes with the luggage colt, I also enjoyed Rarity's musical song and it was so awesome. I also loved the party scenes especially Pinkie Pie's party cannon. My only complaints are that there was no Spike and that some of the stuck up ponies were getting annoying. Overall, laughs to be found, a great musical number, and fun all around, it's a superb episode.

    FINAL SCORE: 9.5/10
  • Somewhat enjoyable and it wasn't terrible BUT it could have been better in my opinion


    Rarity becomes popular with the social elite during a visit to Counterlot. However, the demands associated with being a prominent aristocrat start testing her loyalty to her friends, especially when they show up from Ponyville to celebrate Twilight's birthday party, set to take place at the same time as a sophisticated garden party. I thought that this was an okay episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". It wasn't terrible but it also wasn't that good either. I honestly got bored throughout most of the episode and I really didn't laugh much which I don't expect since I don't see this show as a comedy cartoon. The only time that I did laugh was the pony carrying Rarity's luggage in the beginning and the end of the episode but I didn't really laugh at the middle part when he was carrying it, Rarity telling Princess Celestia "thank you" a bunch of times because she was kind to let Rarity stay at her castle, AND Pinkie Pie's part especially with the party cannon. So yeah, I really didn't laugh a whole lot and really not that much. Rarity's musical number was also enjoyable but it honestly wasn't the greatest song I've ever heard from this show. My main issue was that the stuck up ponies are so freakin' annoying and the episode was boring in most of the parts but it could also be entertaining at the same time. It was cute seeing Twilight being super happy in this episode because it was the happiest I've seen her and I though she was adorable in this episode being happy and the same thing goes to the rest of the ponies. It was also enjoyable seeing Rarity give her friendship lesson to Princess Celestia in person. Overall, this was an okay episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" but it could have been better and it is the worst episode of Season 2 in my opinion... it was somewhat enjoyable so not too bad for the most part. 6.5/10

  • Rarity is back and kicking.


    Rarity she is on a visit in Canterlot, and her friendscomes by for a surpise visit. There in Canterlot are Rarity making friends with new ponies. Twilight is having birthday, so Rarity makes a dress for her. But Rarity must party with both the upper-class ponies and her friends. Rarity can't decide so she runs in and out between the two parties in the castle. But at last the upper-class and Ponyville ponies unite. I waited for weeks for another Rarity episode, and it was all worth. 10/10