My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 3 Episode 2

The Crystal Empire - Part 2

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 10, 2012 on The Hub

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  • Finally

    Finally the moment has arrived.

    Improved animation, feel good moments, great villain, two new songs and more.

    All summers wait with no ponies are finally over.

    This time The Mane 6 and Spike must save the Crystal Empire, while Princess Cadence is exhausted after her constant protection spell.

    The new unicorn villain King Sombra shows up that the ponies and Spike must face.

    King Sombra is like The Groke from the stop motion Moomins.

    He growls for the most, looks eerie and has a minor role.

    And watch out for future S3 spoilers under the ads!
  • Part 2 of the Season Premier

    When we last left off, we learned the Crystal Empire had returned and that King Sombra, the one who took over and enslaved everypony in the Empire, had return to take over it again. Now it's up to Twilight and the others to stop him and save the Empire. The episode begins with Sombra's spirit and shadows taking over the Empire, but Princess Cadence regains consciousness and uses her magic to repel him. His horn gets cut off in the process and lands in the kingdom, slowly corrupting the land again. Twilight decides she'll go alone this time to find the Crystal Heart while her friends keep the festival going and all of the Crystal Ponies distracted. Spike though hears about what Twilight is doing and teams up with her to find the heart. Meanwhile, Sombra's horn is making black crystals grow in the Empire and is slowly corrupting the land again. Twilight's friends try to keep things in check, but a lot of ponies are determined to see the Crystal Heart again and it's up to Applejack to keep them away from it. In the throne room of the palace, Twilight finds a clue that helps lead to an underground cavern and while there finds a door. After dodging her a few times, Twilight enters and discovers she's in Canterlot again and meets an angry Princess Celestia, who tells her she failed the test. Twiligth tries to make sense of the situation, but Spike calls out to her and she finds out that it's all an illusion. Spike looks at the door and sees Twilight telling him she doesn't need him anymore. She breaks Spike free of the spell and both learn it's a door that reveals their darkest fears. Twilight uses another spell to open the door and both she and Spike go in to discover a long staircase that leads to the Crystal Heart. At first, they seemed to be going nowhere, but Spike offers some advice that helps Twilight solve the mystery and find the heart. Twilight and Spike both find the heart, but she gets trapped in King Sombra' black crystals. Meanwhile in the festival, Twilight's friends accidentally reveal the heart they have is a fake and Cadence faints again, allowing the magic barrier to fall again. Sombra's spirit comes again and Twilight tells Spike to get the Crystal Heart back before it's too late. Spike agrees to do so, but on his way down he is forced to jump and accidentally loses his grip on the heart. In a last and desperate move to save the Empire, Shining Armor picks up Cadence and positions her in the path of the heart. He throws her and she is able to catch Spike and the Crystal Heart before Sombra could. With the heart back now, all of the Crystal Ponies power it up to vanquish Sombra again and save the Empire. After everything is back to normal, Twilight feels like a failure for how she didn't pass her test and knows she's probably going to be expelled. In Canterlot Palace, Princess Celestia lets Twilight know that she did pass because she was willing to sacrifice herself for others. The episode ends with Twilight and all her friends singing again as they take the train back to Ponyville. This was a really great season opener and I loved every bit of it. I loved the tender moments between Spike and Twilight. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash jousting was pretty awesome. Pinkie was hilarious throughout the episode. Best of all though, Spike is actually the true this time around. He saves the day and he even gets his own stained glass like the others did and gets praised for it. As a fellow Spike lover, this was a huge victory for him and I loved it. About my only complaint is the fact that Sombra gets defeated too quickly and he isn't as fleshed out as the other villains in the show. Considering though how his horn is shown flying off in the distance at the end, it seems to signal his return later on. All in all, a very solid start to the season and another promising season starts.

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10
  • Biggest Surprise In Animation For Awhile

    MLP:FiM is one the biggest surprises to hit animation in a long time and I am glad to being able to review it. It has more character depth and character plots then shows made for more mature audiences. This isn't some little kids show, but a show that anyone can really get into and enjoy, once you get past the cute colorful ponies. I hope that is clear to you, and that I have come into this series with a blank state and open mind. I come here to review for television quality, and this show does just that in a bright, shiny, happy package.

    Hope you read part one of my review for the first part of the two episode season premier. If not, go check it out.

    So we enter part two of the episode and King Sombra takes hold of the Chrystal Empire in his odd dark ghostly form. Twilight and Spike go on a "mini" quest that reveals their darkest fears, in a scene I would say was very well done, and done tastefully. Without giving too many spoilers, the writers answered questions that fans had long wanted, as well as questioned by fan made material.

    Twilight in the closing moments has to deal with failure and self sacrifice and choosing what is right, as an unexpected hero comes from it all. Beef number two from me, was the unexpected hero, didn't get much respect for their work by anyone nor the leaders of Equestria. They kind of got shafted when it came to thank you's.

    The characters all interacted well, and the vocals in the singing segments were terrific. I was highly impressed at the talent in the music and the voice acting. It would be epic to see this show with quality for a theatrical movie with shading and such. A ton of character development as we see characters interact. We see a more aggressive Rainbow Dash, a level headed Applejack in times or trouble, and the darkest fears realized by Twilight and Spike. There are some good laughter bits in part one, but also some darker tenser moments. This episode deviates slightly from the constant happiness shown in this show, because there are darker moments, and not always happy characters, which I was slightly taken aback by.

    The animation from season 2 is greatly improved in season 3, which I didn't think they could do! It was already so good. It was fluid and smooth. There were many great expressions which they dominated at in this entire episode.

    I picked up the show used a faster paced humor, more random, and some more adult gags, as if the writers were embracing their adult fanbase. I would say kids could still enjoy it, including the three great musical numbers where were really well done. Some kids might find the bad guys scenes a little scary, but nothing worse then a Disney bad guy.

    Overall part two was a great episode, and I was pleased to watch it. I enjoyed part two better then part one, because at times I was underwhelmed with part ones pacing. But this second half did a good job bringing action and a conclusion that left many things to still be answered for future episodes. There also seems to be an overarching subplot going on here with Twilight and what she will become . . . but we will see. Part two beats part one.

    MLP:FiM is one the biggest surprises to hit animation in a long time and I am glad to being able to review it. It has more character depth and character plots then shows made for more mature audiences. This isn't some little kids show, but a show that anyone can really get into and enjoy, once you get past the cute colorful ponies. I'm thinking development similar to animation hits like "Avatar: The Last Airbender," but if I saw that too much, I will be laughed out of television reviewing.

    Great episode, and look forward to reviewing more from this series. Again, I am truly impressed.