My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 2 Episode 14

The Last Roundup

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 21, 2012 on The Hub

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  • 2nd round of episode edits un-necessary IMO

    I guess I kinda understand the editing of Rainbow's line from "Now, careful, DERPY!" to "Now... careful," and altering Derpy's voice, but altering the tones of Rainbow saying "Don't want to do any more damage than you've already done" and sarcastically saying "Yeah, it's a mystery" in response to Derpy's "I just don't know what went wrong!"? Really?

    Still a solid episode.
  • At long last, an Applejack episode

    I'm certainly glad that this season of FiM has started to focus on other characters, and that we finally have an Applejack episode. Our episode begins with Applejack preparing for a rodeo in Canterlot and is given a sendoff by Ponyville. During the sendoff, Derpy Hooves accidentally destroys part of Town Hall and Applejack vows to win and get the prize money. A while later at Sweet Apple Acres, a mailstallion comes by with a message that states Applejack is not coming home and will send the money to Ponyville. Twilight Sparkle and the others are alarmed by this turn of events and go forward to find their friend. At the Canterlot Rodeo Stadium, none of the ponies know where Applejack is, but one did see her head out to the desert. Twilight and the others head west and end up in a town where they meet Applejack. She refuses to tell though why she won't come home and tells them she's working at a cherry factory. Determined to get the truth, Applejack's friends join the factory and try to get answers from her, but it all fails. Rainbow Dash however states she has an idea to get Applejack to spill the beans. Later that day, Applejack is cherry bucking some cherries when Pinkie Pie comes in and talks her ears off. Rainbow states the only way Pinkie will stop is if Applejack tells the others what's wrong. Applejack decides to tell them at breakfast and Pinkie Swears that she will. The next day however, Applejack is discovered to be gone and it infuriates Pinkie that she broke a promise. A chase scene ensues with Applejack being hunted by the others. During the chase, Pinkie tries to talk to Applejack about breaking her promise and accidentally jumps on Rarity, and knocks both of them out of the cart. At one point, Applejack seems to have lost her friends, when suddenly Rainbow and Fluttershy jump over and catch up to her. Applejack tries to run, but is instantly tackled by Rainbow, and out come a bunch of medals from her saddlebag. Defeated, Applejack caves in and tells her friends that she failed to win at all. She won second, third, and even fourth place, but not first and not the money needed to fix Town Hall, and feels like a failure for letting Ponyville down. Twilight and the others ensure Applejack she's no failure and that they'll find a way to fix the Town Hall. Feeling comforted, Applejack heads home and learns that you shouldn't run from your problems and there's no shame in not coming first. Our episode ends with Rarity and Pinkie using a train cart to get home, with Rarity vowing vengeance. This was an excellent episode for Applejack. While it doesn't top Applebuck Season, this was still awesome, and there were a lot of great moments. The conveyor belt scene was like I Love Lucy, Pinkie Pie going demonic over the promise was hilarious, and I loved that Derpy talked. I only wish that Spike was in this episode and that Rainbow wasn't loyal to Rarity or Pinkie and left them behind. All in all, a wonderful episode and one of the very best.

    FINAL SCORE: 9/10
  • Remember the promise you made

    If a female version of Jolly Jumper from Lucky Luke got her own episode that must be it.

    So far so good is the adorkable Applejack in every season 2 episode so far, and well deserved.

    I waited for this episode since Christmas Eve and it was all worth since I'm an Applejack fan.

    Yes, both Derpy Hooves and Applejack better than before. Derpy gets some word as we see more of Applejack's weak sides.

    We see that Applejack has her breakdowns too, we see her other side than working like in Sisterhooves Social and she learns it's dangerous not to keep a promise.

    Applejack is starring in a rodeo, but off screen. So will she win the blue ribbon and a load of money? Be sure to watch this episode as this might lead to other upcoming episodes.

    There is something for everypony and there is chases, Derpy and I Love Lucy references.

    On the positive side lot of action, feel good and drama.

    But on the negative side the episode could had been a two part, no rodeo is shown and I still want a song from Applejack.

    So overall an episode worth waiting for.
  • Applejack doesn't come home so the other ponies go to Counterlot to find her

    Applejack heads off to Canterlot to represent Ponyville in the annual rodeo. But then a week later, her friends recieve a letter from Applejack, saying that she is not coming home. Now Twilight and the others set off in search of their friend to figure out why she doesn't want to return to Ponyville. I loved this episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". It is BY FAR one of the the best Season 2 episodes that I have ever seen. There were so many parts in this episode that literally made me laugh so hard. Pinkie Pie was so cute in this episode and she proves why I just love her. Fluttershy was also very cute as well. Anyways, the parts that did make me laugh very hard were Pinkie Pie throughout the entire episode such as when she keeps asking Applejack questions just to make her spill beans and more, the very ending of the episode with Pinkie Pie and Rarity going back home and then Pinkie Pie keeps saying "Cherry or Cherrychunga? Cherry or Cherrychunga?" and then Rarity says "I'm gonna get Rainbow Dash when we get back (that was hilarious), Pinkie Pie "startling" Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy trying to put those cherries in the basket but Applejack was running so fast that they couldn't do it, and many more. Oh my gosh, you also gotta crack up at the part when Pinkie Pie gets furious at Applejack because she broke a "Pinkie" promise. It was just such a terrific and all-around magnificent episode plus the fact that it was HILARIOUS. The storyline was well written and very well crafted with tons of humor to laugh at. I also enjoyed the ponies chasing after Applejack near the end of the episode which was funny and exciting at the same time. Applejack also finally "spilling the beans" on why she didn't come back to Ponyville was very good also and the reason was because she didn't win the prize money to fix the hole on that roof and didn't want to look like a failure. You just gotta watch this episode, it is definitely a MUST-SEE and it's the one of the greatest and funniest episodes that I have ever seen... I was very impressed and it's now one of my new favorites. Overall, a perfectly well written and well crafted episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". 10/10