My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 2 Episode 8

The Mysterious Mare Do Well

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 26, 2011 on The Hub

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  • Great idea, but bad execution

    When I first heard of this episode, I thought it was going to be great. An episode of a superhero in Ponyvilel sounded really awesome. Little did I know this would turn out to be one of the worse episodes of the show and the worse episode of the season. So our episode begins with Scootaloo leading a fan club dedicated to Rainbow Dash and deciding how to describe Rainbow. Rainbow helps out secretly and the foals cheer for her. Throughout all of Ponyville, Rainbow does heroic deeds like saving a foal from the well to stopping a carriage from falling off a cliff, and gets lots of attention for it. Rainbow boasts about it and her friends are a little angry about it. Soon, this masked mare known as The Mysterious Mare Do Well and the town names her a hero. Rainbow tries to do other heroic things like save another carriage or construction workers, but each time the Mysterious Mare beats her and the town starts to follow her. Eventually a parade is held in honor of the Masked Mare and Rainbow decides to confront her about it. After a brief chase scene, we see Rainbow tackle the Masked Mare to see it's none other than Pinkie Pie, but then two more Masked Mares appear. It turns out the Masked Mare is actually all of Rainbow's friends. Applejack stopped the carriage with her strength, Twilight Sparkle used her magic to fix the dam, Fluttershy flew by occasionally, Rarity designed the costumes, and Pinkie Pie used her Pinkie Sense to rescue the construction workers. Rainbow is furious and confused, since she thought her friends wanted her to be a hero. Twilight and the others explain they do like her being a hero, but she was being too boastful about it and wanted to teach her a lesson in humility and not rub it in. Our episode ends with Rainbow scaring Spike and Pinkie and Rainbow writing her letter to Princess Celestia. This was just a really poorly executed episode. Everypony is acting WAY OOC and rather mean. Rainbow was just a complete jerk throughout the episode. Twilight and the others were no better really and came off as mean spirited ponies. They don't attempt to talk to Rainbow about her boasting and they don't try to find any other solution to solve her bragging. Instead, they immediately become heroes like that and act like selfish jerks. The way the moral is taught is mean spirited as well. This is borderline iCarly mean here. I understand what they were trying to do, but they really mishandled the moral here. It's just not handled well and the whole lesson is rather cruel and heartless. It's also way too easy to find out who MDW really is. By the time we see Rainbow's celebration, we already know it's her friends since they reveal they want to teach her a lesson. There's not really any funny moments and the few jokes that are in it do give me some small chuckles, but nothing too hilarious. The only character who was acting rational was Spike thankfully. While this episode does get credit for its Darkwing Duck and Batman: TAS references, it's still not enough to save this episode. Overall, a moral taught badly, OOC ponies all around, and few funny moments make this one of the worse episodes yet.

    FINAL SCORE: 2.5/10
  • Could have been better

    Fairly entertaining episode, nice to see RD learn a good lesson in the end. However, the episode was predictable, and mediocre overall.

    It also would have been nice if it was placed later in the series since the previous episode focused on her as well.
  • Little bit of Batman, Little Bit of Spidey, Little Bit of Insanity

    The animation of this show really stands out, and the more you continue to watch it, the more endearing the characters become. You recognize their flaws and passions. This episode recognizes the flaws of one of the series' main characters, Rainbow-Dash, a hard charging, tough girl.

    From the writers perspective, I give them props for the great character development within his episode, but I fault them for the overly used, cliche', hero syndrome. Rainbow-Dash becomes boastful about her works, and the only way for her to realize it is for the mysterious Mare-do-Well, to put her back in her place. I am fine with that plot line, but the way it is done seems overly used.

    Saving ponies from a runaway carriage, it's been done before, nix the ponies. Dam about ready to burst? Done.

    The message was a good one, especially for younger views. Don't be boastful, and in that light, I would say it was a quality episode from a series based on consistency.
  • This episode was WAY too predictable


    Rainbow Dash starts getting a lot of attention for the heroic deeds she performs around Ponyville and all of that attention goes straight to her head. However, the pegasus' monopoly on spectacle is threatened when another heroic pony comes to town, the mysterious masked Mare Do Well, who seems to be everywhere at once and can do almost anything. Well... I'm back from Denver, Colorado yesterday morning which was Saturday. I watched this episode in my DVR today and I liked it. Although, it's not Season 2's best but the episode is better than "Lesson Zero". By the way, I used to give "Lesson Zero" but I changed it to a 7.5 after re-watching it a couple of more times. While this Rainbow Dash episode was great, it's nowhere near as awesome and funny as last week's Rainbow Dash episode "May The Best Pet Win". I didn't laugh a whole lot and the storyline could a little better in my opinion especially the fact that it became WAY too predictable. I TOTALLY knew that Twilight, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie were all behind the whole Mare Do Well. I also knew that there were 3 different Mare Do Wells. First of all, the magical powers gave it all away and I knew at that moment that it was Twilight, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie. I also knew that it was all a plan to teach Rainbow Dash a lesson. This episode also felt a little rushed in the end and it also sucked that we didn't get to hear the friendship lesson that Rainbow Dash learned. I also found Rainbow Dash bragging and being a jealous to be a little annoying as well. There wasn't much humor in this episode but if I had to think of which parts that did make me a laugh... it probably have to be Granny Smith's part, Rainbow Dash telling Pinkie Pie and Spike "Ghost" which scared them away at the end of the episode, and maybe a couple of more. The storyline was handled well which is the best part of the episode. So yeah, this episode could have been better. Then again, it could have been worse BUT I still liked this episode. Overall, despite the fact that this episode became WAY too predictable and Rainbow Dash being a little annoying, this was a great episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" and I think fans will enjoy this episode just as much as I did. 8.5/10

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