My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 2 Episode 1

The Return of Harmony Part 1

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 17, 2011 on The Hub

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  • Fantastic start to season 2!


    If there were any words to describe how blown away I was with the premier of season 2 of Friendship is Magic, it can be summed up in one word: epic! It begins in a garden where the Cutie Mark Crusaders on a field trip with their class and get into an argument. Their argument is so powerful it awakens a statue of a creature known as Discord who was known to have cause chaos and is now free. Throughout all of Equestria strange things like cotton candy clouds, chocolate, rain and big apples are created. Princess Celestia summons Twilight Sparkle and her friends and tells them about Discord's history and they must use the Elements of Harmony to defeat them. The EoH turn out to be stolen and Discord makes Twilight and her friends get them in a maze. They are not allowed to fly or use magic though and each pony is separated from the rest and Discord starts his mischief on all the ponies. Each pony is manipulated into their own weaknesses such as Applejack thinking her friendship with the others is over, Rarity fall for a giant diamond, Pinkie Pie is made to believe her friends laugh at her and not with her, Fluttershy is just made evil when she doesn't fall for Discord's tactics, and Rainbow Dash is tricked into believing Cloudsdale will be destroyed and tricked into flying resulting in the girls losing the game. The episode ends with Discord laughing that they have lost and the Elements will never be found and ends on a cliffhanger. This was a fantastic start to the second season of this show. I loved Discord and how he manipulated all the ponies into their own weaknesses and he had some funny moments as well. I also loved how Pinkie was acting around with the wild weather. This was a fantastic start to season 2 of this awesome show and I recommend it for all!

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10

  • Part 1 of the 2-Part "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" Season 2 Premiere was excellent


    I thought that this was an excellent start for Season 2 of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". Sadly, we have wait til' next Saturday morning to watch Part 2 of this Season 2 Premiere but a week will fly by very fast. I loved how Part 1 of this Season 2 Premiere started off with Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo (The Cutie Mark Crusaders) going on their class field trip. It was interesting to see those recurring characters to start pff Part 1 of this Season 2 Premiere. I hope that they appear in Part 2 because Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo only appeared in the very beginning of this episode. The storyline of Part 1 was marvelous with some funny parts along the way. I loved how that villain Discord was manipulating the ponies. I was laughing hard when Discord was losing his patience trying to manipulate Fluttershy. Pinkie Pie and Rarity brought a lot of laughs into this episode. I know that this is a childrens' program but I felt like Discord should have been a little more darker to keep the storyline interesting. Then again, I don't want the dark storyline to scare the younger viewers in this world. The ending of Part 1 when Discord gave Rainbow Dash her wings back and then she flew away was interesting. Part 1 ended with the game being over and Discord laughing. Overall, I can't wait for Part 2 next Saturday morning... I just wish I didn't have wait a whole week to see what happens next. 10/10

  • Think I have a new fave ep


    Holy crap, Season 2 sure started off with part 1 of what I reckon with be one hay of a masterpiece.

    It had it all. Great humour coming from the characters (especially from pinkie and rarity), great story thats actually pretty dark for once, and best of all, a great villian that actually is a magnificent bastard. Discord is pretty much like a mixture of Him from PPG, Joker from batman, and Q from star trek.

    Having seen this episode, I dont think I could even watch the nightmare moon 2 parter pilot anymore.

  • Fantastic.


    Discord, the spirit of chaos, escapes from his stone prison and Twilight and her friends act quickly to find the Elements of Harmony to stop him. The only problem is that Discord has set up a little game for them so they won't be able to find the Elements.

    My review: A good episode, reccomended to any fan of the show.

    10 out of 10, A + +

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