My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 2 Episode 2

The Return of Harmony Part 2

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 24, 2011 on The Hub

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  • Awesome conclusion to a fantastic 2 part opener

    I thoroughly enjoyed the season 2 premier episodes, definitely an improvement over last season. Discord is a great villain, and the way the plot was played out was captivating and full of humor. The long legged bunnies got me laughing pretty hard.
  • Awesome conclusion and great follow up!


    In the last episode we learned Discord has broken free and has defeated the Elements of Harmony, so his chaos spreads in Equestria. Discord tells that the Elements were never in the maze, but actually in a twist were back in the Ponyville Library. Twilight Sparkle and the others head there while Twilight's friends act very rude to one another. The Elements are found in the book about them and Twilight and the others, with the exception of Rainbow Dash, and Spike being the new Rainbow Dash since she is gone try to use them, but fail. Discord laughs at them and Twilight watches as her friends leave her and feels defeated, turning her gray. Broken hearted by what has happened, Twilight decides to leave Ponyville, but just as she's about to leave Spike belches out many letters in regards of her past reports of friendship and learns that she's being distracted and restores her confidence. Twilight goes around and puts a memory spell on her friends restoring their love for each other. Rainbow though is the toughest to catch since she flies off. Fluttershy in a bold move, flies very fast and the girls catch her and Twilight restores her memory. Twilight and the others face Discord once more and learn that friendship isn't easy, but worth fighting for. They Elements are combined and Discord is once again defeated and turned to stone. Out episode ends with a ceremony in Canterlot with the ponies being awarded for their heroics. This was an awesome way to end the cliffhanger from part 1 of the last episode. I loved the Star Wars reference at the end, how Pinkie was drinking chocolate rain before the battle, and I loved the twists and turns this episode had and how Discord almost won. I also enjoyed how Fluttershy acted when she had to catch Rainbow Dash. My only issue is that we didn't learn what happened to Discord's statue afterwards. Overall a very great way to end this two parter and season 2 is off with a blast.

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10

  • With some exceptions, great episode. Another epic successful premiere. Note: This is also a review for the first part.

    Like the series premiere, this is also a good premiere.

    And here's why:

    Pros (good):

    - Intense action

    - Learn a lot from this episode

    - Great plot and very good storyline

    - Excellent voice-acting and amazing characters, especially the new vilian, Discord.

    - Cool animation

    - Epic final scenes

    Cons (some stuff that could have been worked out):

    - A bit of a knock-off from a episode (I forgot which one, but who cares? This episode was great nonetheless)

    Overall: 9/10 - This episode was great episode, along with the first part. So, yeah, what else can I say about this two-part episode? Awesome episode it actually was.
  • Part 2 of the Return of Harmony


    Part 1- Discord (played by that guy off of Star Trek) has stolen the elements of harmony and has hidden them

    All of Twilight's friends became mean,

    What I liked- Rarity's gem, the chocolate rain, and Rainbow Dash's carelessness in the sky

    What I dislike- Everything was great about this episode.

    I will give this episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic a

    10 / 10 A +

  • Part 2 of the 2-Part "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" Season 2 Premiere was excellent


    After being impressed with Part 1 last Saturday morning, I am yet impressed with Part 2 this Saturday morning. The storyline was more well-developed and more in detail with a little bit of a dark plot to it. Twilight finding out the Elements of Harmony were inside her book back at Ponyville was very good. Ponyville being a completely new world with cotton candy, wacky objects, and dark detail was well developed. I love the writers made the story but yet it's not so dark it scared the kids. Good job writers, make a dark story that even a kid can enjoy and won't be scared to death. All of the ponies except for Twilight being dark was yet very funny. Dark Rarity continues to make me laugh very hard with that big boulder thinking that it is a rock. Rarity not being dark anymore saying "Don't eve speak of me thinking that boulder is a diamond" was funny. Everyone searching for Rainbow Dash and finding her so they can make her back to her non-dark self was very entertaining and fast-paced. Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity using the Elements of Harmony to defeat Discord was very awesome as well. I also loved the ending of Part 2 and it became a wonderful way to end this 2-Part Season 2 Premiere of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". Overall, I can't wait to see the rest of Season 2. 10/10

  • A little bit disappointing.


    The first part of this premiere was GREAT. However, I felt that the ending wasn't really a complete ending. How the problem from Part 1 was solved and how Discord was (spoiler)defeated(spoiler) was rather anti-climatic. I will say that I liked this season premiere more than the premiere for season one because I liked the antagonist more. Nightmare moon seemed like too much of a Maleficent ripoff, and I really do like Discord a lot as the villain. I like the series too much at this point to give it a six or lower, but it wasn't THAT bad in the first place. There isn't too muchcanon in the series as a whole either, so I shouldn't complain too much.