My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 4 Episode 11

Three's a Crowd

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 25, 2014 on The Hub

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  • OMG! one of the best episodes

    honestly if you love discord as chaotic pony/what ever he is watch this episode its amazing to see princess cadence and twilight and discord all in one episode but there was one fault Megan McCarthy said that flash sentry would not be this season but no they have to at least put as a guard but to be honest this guy deserves more than you think stop hating haters. but still I mean im not trying to be a hater when I say this I just think twilight doesnt need an love interest back to the episode at least he did not have communication with twilight. yeah anyway really good episode
  • S4 isn't over and it's the best Friendship is Magic Season

    How the ponies had been growing since S1. Now to this episode. Princess Cadence is coming back to visit Twilight, but Discord that seems sick arrives too. Smurfs colored Discord gives the song promised for some months ago, and it has a lot of words as told. Press pause for the many shoutouts. I think the writers must had read my fic about a modern Equestrian airport building I wrote about once. Later must Twilight, Discord and Princess Cadence fly to the end of the Equestria to get a healing flower, but a monster shows up. So good to have Princess Cadence and Discord back. There are a lot of highlights like Pinkie Pie's shoutout to The Red Balloon, the return of magical orbs, new monster, a modern train, Flash from Equestria Girls and so much more. Sit back and relax while you enjoy some feel good comedy. Watch out for the spoilers of next episode with another celebrity. Weird Al is in the next episode, and it will reach Roger Rabbit heights like in the duel of pianos, where this is a duel of parties. 10/10
  • Bad episode

    This was probably one of the worst episodes of MLP:FiM I've ever seen. Discord deserves better. Besides a few funny moments, this episode wasn't good at all. This episode gets a 2/10.
  • Three's Company, too!

    Now that I've gotten that joke out of the way, let's talk about today's episode. An entire episode around centering around Twilight and Cadence? That actually sounded good since it could've given Cadence some development. It's made even better that Discord once again returns and needs Twilight to take care of him. It's also been a while since we've seen an episode focus on Twilight, which I'm glad is here since we haven't seen her done much since the season opener. Meghan McCarthy and Ed Valentine are the writers this time. Valentine wrote Flight to the Finish, a really good Scootaloo episode and McCarthy is really good at writing Twilight. So with the characters we got here, can all these elements come together for a good episode?

    The story begins with Spike bringing in the mail, which Twilight takes from him to find a letter. Twilight finds a letter from Princess Cadence, who's actually coming to visit Twilight. Fluttershy then comes in and says she's going to go on a trip to an animal event.

    After everypony says their farewells to Fluttershy, Twilight and her friends see a train that's from the Crystal Empire pulling in. Two guar-ACK! Flash Sentry!? What are you doing here? Why are you here? Nopony liked you to begin with and my views on you haven't changed. Thankfully though, he's only on screen for a few seconds and has NO interaction with Twilight. Thank God, keep this bland and generic character as far away as possible form her. After "he" appears, Cadence comes in and discusses with Twilight about their day together. They plan to go to the traveling museum of Starswirl the Bearded.

    Twilight and Cadence leave, but then suddenly, a floating disc flies by and it turns out to be Discord, but something's wrong with him. It turns out he's sick and needs somepony to take care of him since Fluttershy is gone. Already the question as to why Fluttershy didn't hire somepony to look after him is going through your mind, but it'll be explained later on. Discord tries to get Applejack and Rarity to help out, but he accidentally sneezes on them as well and gets them sick. So when he hears Cadence is visiting Twilight, he decides that it should be those two who should take care of him.

    At the traveling museum, Twilight and Cadence are bonding and come across a famous candlestick used by Starswirl. I guess this museum is desperate for artifacts to use or something. Anyway, Discord shows up and informs both Cadence and Twilight about his situation. They, reluctantly, agree to help out, much to Twilight's disdain though. After a brief song number by Discord, he then informs the two princesses that there is one way to cure him, a flower at the edge of Equestria can be used as a drink to cure him.

    Discord has them escort him to the location, where we learn Cadence hasn't had much time to fly. You've been an alicorn for longer than Twilight and you haven't had much practice in flying? The two princesses find the flower, but it's very large and requires both their magical powers. After the flower is uprooted, apparently the space worm from Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back comes in and tries to eat Twilight and Cadence. After the worm uses his tentacles(Didn't we get enough tentacle jokes in the season opener?), both Twilight and Cadence use their magic to seal the monster underground again.

    They take the flower to Discord and we see he's feeling just fine. It turns out he was faking this whole time and was messing around with Twilight. He says he got the idea because Twilight never visits him and is apparently too good for him. Cadence, however, comes in and says she's glad she had such an exciting adventure since things in the Crystal Empire are so predictable. She goes on to say that the experience was a fun one and that she and Twilight did get to spend time together. The worm then returns and lets out a sneeze, but a magical barrier from Cadence protects all three of them. Actually, Discord gets infected and is now really sick. It's weird how the spell didn't protect him.

    At Fluttershy's cottage, Twilight has Spike write in the journal that even the most chaotic events can turn out to be a really good time. The others come in and scold Discord, but Fluttershy says he's learned his lesson. Our episode then ends with Discord asking Twilight for just a little water.

    So the final question is, did all the elements come together for a fantastic episode? Well, while it had some things that I think could've been better, for what it did, this episode was a really good one. We got to see some Cadence and Twilight interaction, but sadly no real character development for her. Now I know I've given Cadence grief in the past for some of her things, but she's actually really good in this episode. She's very patient surprisingly and keeps Twilight grounded when it seems she's ready to crack under pressure.

    Discord provides pretty much a lot of the jokes here. Although it was funny to see Pinkie so obsessed over a balloon, Discord brought a lot of laughs in the episode. The whole sneezing thing that caused some things to float away and his over the top actions to him being sick made me laugh. Some say he was pretty much evil again, but remember, this is Discord. He may be reformed, but he can still be mischievous.

    Speaking of Discord, he actually sings a song. Now there's something none of us saw coming, but considering Discord is unpredictable, that's no real surprise there I guess. The song itself is really good. The beat is very nice, but I find some of the lyrics in it to be a little drab and could've been better. It's not as bad as the Stop the Bats song though, I just think it could've been better.

    The only issues I have with this episode are this. One, why is Flash Sentry here? I didn't like him in Equestria Girls not just because of the forced romance between him and Twilight, but because he's a bland, generic, lifeless character. Why did we need to see him again? I thought he'd never be brought into the show again, so why is he back? He doesn't do anything, but just seeing him irks me. Who wanted him back? I didn't, that's for sure.

    Two, if Discord was fake being sick, then how could he have affected Applejack and Rarity? I guess you could argue it was magic, but I would've liked to hear an explanation for this.

    While the episode has some things I wish could've been in there like some more Cadence development, I think this episode turned out to be really good. The interactions between Twilight and Cadence are nice to see. Discord is once again his good ol' self. We even got to see some more parts of Equestria. It's a really good episode with some funny moments and nice character interactions that's worth a look. Join me next time as Weird Al himself invades Ponyville.

    FINAL SCORE: 9/10