My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 3 Episode 3

Too Many Pinkie Pies

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 17, 2012 on The Hub

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  • This episode is knee-slappingly funny.

    I really love this episode, especially because it's all about Pinkie Pie. I love how this episode just focuses on one of my all-time favorite characters on the show. Pinkie Pie is kinda like a Looney-Tune character in this episode. Oh, why do I care? She's always been a Looney-Tune. One of my favorite parts in this episode was one of the Pinkie clones making a crazy face (which of course is just a imitation of one of the old My Little Pony characters' faces). It's just really, really funny! I laughed my ass off every time I see it. This episode is hilarious in every way; it's just as funny as "Feeling Pinkie Keen".
  • Too Many Pinkie Pies, Not Enough Creativity

    For me, Too Many Pinkie Pies was an episode that I really wanted to enjoy given its premise . Pinkie Pie making clones of herself), but in the end is disappointing due to writer not taking full advantage of the concept.

    The first act (and the first minute of the second act) actually does a great job with setting up what could be a great premise: Pinkie Pie, being the friendly pony that she is, wants to spend time with all of her friends. Thus, when two friends are doing something different at the same time (swimming with Rainbow Dash and raising a barn with Applejack), she decides that rather than choosing one or the other, she instead uses a magical pond to make a clone of herself in order to attend both activities. The first act also sets up a good reason for why Pinkie would make additional clones, as one of the clones discovers a third activity that she's interested in attending (a picnic with Fluttershy and her animal pals).

    Unfortunately, the problems with the episode not reaching its full potential start showing up when the Pinkie clone learns about the cloning pond herself. The first problem is that rather than slowly building things up to result in Pinkie losing track of how many clones she made (and having the other ponies outside of Rainbow Dash notice more than one Pinkie Pie), the episode pretty much rushes into a mass amount of Pinkie Pie clones.

    The second problem is that, outside of the bit to determine which Pinkie Pie is the real one (which itself is somewhat of an issue with the episode, as the real Pinkie Pie in this episode shows she's clearly to show different emotions, while everyone else can only think about having fun), the episode doesn't really take advantage of doing something truly hilarious with a whole bunch of Pinkie Pies (when compared to the Treehouse of Horror story on the Simpsons where Homer made clones of himself). Instead, most of the antics of the Pinkie clones consist of them being annoying while recycling animation from previous episodes.

    I'm sure a storyline where Pinkie Pie makes clones of herself can indeed result in a huge laugh riot. However, this episode, by rushing the mass amount of Pinkies and not taking full advantage of the situation, just doesn't do it for me.
  • Best Pinkie Pie episode since Party of One

    When I heard of an episode involving Pinkie Pie being cloned, I knew hilarity was bound ot happen from this episode, and it really delivered it. The episode begins with Twilight trying to turn an apple into an orange, but Pinkie interrupts her by accident. As Pinkie talks to Twilight and Rarity, she discovers she's missing out on a lot of fun and runs around town to ride in a cart, remove some fog, and so much more. When Pinkie though is torn between coming with Applejack to help with a barn raising and going with Rainbow to swim at the lake, she decides the best way to not miss out on any fun is cloning herself. Pinkie goes into the Everfree Forest and finds a cavern that holds a pool of water that can create a mirror image of yourself. Pinkie makes a clone and uses it to send her off to Sweet Apple Acres, while the real one go sees Rainbow at the lake. The clone though finds that Fluttershy is having a picnic and convinces Pinkie to make another clone, pus another one in case one of the others is having fun and Pinkie isn't there. Things though go south as the clones start making more of themselves and start causing chaos around Ponyville. Spike and Twilight both find the spell to get rid of the clones, but they can't tell who is the real Pinkie and who isn't. A test is then set up to see who is the real Pinkie. They have to stare at a wall that has paint drying and the ones who get distracted get sent back. After a while, all the clones are sent back and the real Pinkie hugs her friends. Pinkie writes a report stating that while it's nice to have lots of friends, you have to make time with them and they will always have opportunities to have fun with them. The episode ends with Pinkie deciding that instead of partying, she decides to take a nap. This episode was really great and the best one since Party of One. I loved all the references done in this episode, in particular the one where a Pinkie clone makes fingers and another makes a pony's face from the G3 of MLP. The fourth wall jokes were awesome as usual and Pinkie defying physics like slowly diving into the water was funny. My only complaint is how nopony could tell who the real Pinkie was. The real one was the one NOT smiling or having any fun at all and even Spike figured it out quickly. I thought it was kind of weird how they couldn't put two and two together so quickly. Aside from that matter though, I loved this episode a lot. A lot of great laughs, good references, and a nice storyline really make this the best Pinkie episode since Party of One.

    FINAL SCORE: 9.5/10
  • Oh Pinkie

    You don't realize how much you've missed Pinkie until she's back in action - but more than one Pinkie is no good. I really rather wanted Zacora to make an appearance in this episode, but I guess Twilight's gotten to the point in her spells that she doesn't need help from the zebra anymore. Shame. Fun episode overall!
  • Real me, real me!

    The Austin Powers of Ponyville. For Pinkie Pie fans this is a must see. Pinkie Pie finds a magic pond. Suddenly there is an army of pink party ponies. This takes Pinkie Pie to a new level. 20 minutes of tons and fun and feel good.
  • Pinkie Pie clones herself to avoid choosing events invited by her friends but it goes too far when there are too many Pinkie Pies

    As a Pinkie Pie fan, I FREAKING LOVED this episode :D haha WOO!!! It was outrageously hilarious, the storyline was very fun to watch, and just everything about was amazing. My favorite of Season 3 so far.... YES!!! I LOVE it slightly more than the 2-Part Season Premiere "The Crystal Empire".... ok? The parts that made me laugh was Twilight trying to turn a bird in an orange but Pinkie Pie kept getting in her way, Pinkie Pie duplicating herself and then more and more come, PInkie PieS creating chaos at Ponyville like it's an invasion :D LOL, the test where the Pinkie PieS have to look at a dry wall so Twilight can get rid of them and decide which one is the real Pinkie Pie, and more. The moral of the episode at the end was terrific as well. If you're a Pinkie Pie fan, you'll love this episode. If you can't stand Pinkie Pie at all, then I suggest you avoid this episode because I promise in the bottom of a cow that it will annoy the living hell out of you and will become a huge nightmare for you. PERFECT episode about my favorite character on this show right next to Fluttershy. 10/10