My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 3 Episode 7

Wonderbolts Academy

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 15, 2012 on The Hub

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  • To Be A Wonder Bolt

    It was extremely gratifying to see this new aspect of rainbow dashes life and a new part of aquestria. I loved when fluttershy was being helped and then she realized that she could fly on her own. It was an extremely interesting episode
  • Balanced

    While it was easy to see where this episode was going, it was very well paced and arrived in a manner that didn't beat the audience over the head with the message. It felt like a very grown-up episode that would have had that all-important message for children but is still watchable and heartwarming for the adults. I loved that Lightning and Rainbow were together instead of a simple rivalry. I'm not so sure about the suddenness of Lightning losing control of the twister or Pinkie's obsession with hearing from or contacting Rainbow, but it was well-grounded, so it worked out. Great episode overall.
  • Back to the 80s

    This episode is like a greeting to the 1980s where I was a kid with movies like Police Academy. RD is going to see if she is good enough to join the Wonderbolts. This might lead to the untitled episode where RD may finally join the Wonderbolts. 10/10

  • Good, refreshing, entertaining episode but it does have problems

    This wasn't as good as last week's episode so sure but still beats that poor "Magic Duel". I don't know, I'm a huge fan of this show but I'm not the biggest fan when it comes to Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash was good here and like what That_TV_Dude said, she wasn't jerk in this episode compared to some of the Season 2 episodes in which I really agree with him on. I liked this episode people, I really did like it but there are issues that I've had. One, it's the same problem that That_TV_Dude had which was that the Wonderbolts Academy commander's voice was kinda off and tried too hard to make it sound like a military voice. Two, as much as I love Pinkie Pie she actually annoyed me in this episode because she was waiting for Rainbow Dash's letter and she would get panicky plus the fact that she was talking so damn much while panicking and it just got so annoying, old, and a bit repetitive and didn't find it funny at all. Third, Lighting Dust kinda got on my nerves and actually reminded me of Trixie at times (ugh!!! still thinking about "Magic Duel") and didn't like how she pushes the slow flyers out of the way and just got cocky too. Fourth, the episode was SO DAMN LOW of humor and when I watch an episode of this show, I want to laugh as well and I actually didn't laugh at all in this episode to be honest... MAYBE a couple of chuckles but no LAUGHS at all from me here unfortunately and that's one of the things that disappoints me because I want to laugh and I didn't laugh at all in this episode... MAYBE a couple of chuckles but it doesn't hold as a laugh. Finally, the episode near the end was just so rushed, so predictable, and cliched too. Rainbow Dash stands up to Spitfire (I think that's the commander's name) and then Spitfire responds with "What are you trying to say Rainbow Dash?" then Rainbow Dash responds "I quit"... I HATE hearing those same old lines and at least not make it too cliched plus the commender coming back and saying how Rainbow Dash is right and blah blah blah plus the pacing felt rushed near the end. What I did like about the episode was the storyline as a whole (even though it's got problems), all of the Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust flying up and racing each other plus going through those badass obstables at the Wonder Bolts academy, and I was happy to see Rainbow Dash save her friends from the tornado. I know it' sounds I'm more complaining than actually saying good things about this episode but I do actually like it, it just isn't my favorite and it was actually a bit of a letdown. So in my opinion, this was a good, refreshing, and entertaining episode but it could've been done so much more better and if those all of those problems didn't exist then BOOM it would've been amazing... good for what it was so give it a watch... I wouldn't really rush to see this episode though just actually watch it when you're bored or actually have time that's my suggestion. 7/10
  • A superb episode for Rainbow Dash.

    Well I was happy with the results of this episode. Rainbow Dash isn't a complete jerk like she was in her season 2 episodes and she wasn't OOC like she was throughout most of that season as well. The new pegasus, Lightning Dust, reminds me of Gilda for some reason. I don't know what it is, but Lightning seems to be almost like Gilda. She's almost got the same attitude as her and the competitive nature of Rainbow rolled into one pony. I was also happy to see Snowflake, Thunderlane, and Cloudchaser all appear again in this episode.

    Spitfire, I have mixed feelings for in this episode. I know she's training the cadets, but the way she acts kind of rubs me the wrong way. She isn't bad or anything, it's just she's a little too different to me. Not to mention her voice is a little off. She barely sounds like herself in Best Night Ever and Hurricane Fluttershy. I don't know whether the VA for her wasn't available or not. And I guess you can argue they were going for a commanding military type voice, but she still sounds a little masculine to me.

    The jokes were kind of played down in this episode, but the few that were in it like Pinkie waiting for Rainbow Dash's letter(there's going to be a LOT of RainbowPie pictures and stories coming out of this episode as well as SpitDash and LightningDash) were pretty funny.

    My other complaint with this episode, aside from how Spitfire sounded, was that Soarin wasn't in this episode at all. Why? A Wonderbolts episode wouldn't have been complete without him after all. This was a golden opportunity and they never being him in at all. It's sad to see that he was left out of the episode. I guess the VA wasn't available or something, but it's still sad to see he wasn't in it.

    Now what surprised me the most was who the writer of this episode is.

    Merriwether Williams

    She's got a very bad reputation when it comes to writing Rainbow Dash, whether she's the main character or not. She always writes her as a jerk to everypony and makes her unbearable. I was surprised that not only was Merriwether given another Rainbow Dash episode, but this time she writes Rainbow Dash in a very good way. She doesn't make her a jerk this time, or a stuck up pony who becomes irritating. No, this time she's not written badly. Which makes me wonder why she didn't do this in The Mysterious Mare Do Well, an episode we all know as one of the most infamous episodes ever made. So I have to give props to Merriwether for actually making a good Rainbow Dash episode.

    Overall, some good jokes, a good moral, and the return of the Wonderbolts makes this episode really great. Aside from some flaws, I enjoyed this episode a lot and it's one of my favorite Rainbow based episodes.

    FINAL SCORE: 9/10