My Little Pony Tales

Disney Channel (ended 1995)


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  • Season 1
    • Who's Responsible?
      Who's Responsible?
      Episode 26
      The Ponies discover that the river has been polluted, and set out to find and expose the culprit.
    • Ponies in Paradise
      Ponies in Paradise
      Episode 25
      Bright Eyes takes part in a student exchange, and is placed on a tropical island. Will she enjoy living in this paradise, or will allow her friends' stories about the islanders scare her off?
    • Just For Kicks
      Just For Kicks
      Episode 24
      Starlight has a crush! She is smitten with Ace. Unfortunately though, Ace has a crush on someone else. Starlight tries hard to get Ace's attention, but all of his focus is on Melody. Will Starlight be able to make his attention stray to her?
    • Bon Bon's Diary
      Bon Bon's Diary
      Episode 23
      Bon-Bon cheats on a test, writing down the incident on her diary. When it falls into Teddy's hooves, Bon-Bon finds herself being blackmailed!
    • Gribit
      Episode 22
      #11102 "Gribit" Scene opens with the ponies laying down a picnic. Everything seems perfect. But not for long. Like every other edutainment cartoons, because they're happy to have the picnic, pathetic fallacy follows and its starts raining. Uh-oh! everybody retreats to the clubhouse. Everybody except Sweetheart. She hears a croaking sound, and follows it - to an injured frog. Meanwhile, back at the clubhouse, everyone's wondering where she is. She comes in. Everyone asks her where she's been. She shows them the frog. Since it's hurt, they decide to take it out to the vet. It's okay, just broke it's Tibofibula. Will be well in 3 days. Scene cuts to 5 days later. They have yet to remove the splint. Suddenly, they remember, and do so. Havoc ensues as the ponies jump around the clubhouse. When they're done, they have to decide who would take the frog (now named Spot - because he has lots of it. Bon Bon agrees to take Spot home, only to suffer major havoc and a scolding from her mother. Thus begins a game of Hot potato, as she passes it over to Starlight. More havoc ensues as Spot jumps into a sundae, and frightens all the customers off. Luckily, Sweetheart walks in to the shop - she's off because her babysitting appointment is cancelled. So the frog is passed over to her. The next day, she takes the frog to school. Again, more havoc ensues as Spot goes around the class distracting the other ponies. So, Miss Hackney advises Sweetheart to let it go free, now that it's okay. So, they do, to a musical number. Sweetheart feels the pain of parting, but Bon bon suggests a picnic, and it starts to rain again. They retreat to the clubhouse, and we see Spot for the last time before the screen fades out. The end.moreless
    • Happy Birthday, Sweetheart
      #11101 "Happy Birthday, Sweetheart" Scene opens with ponies practicing synchronized swimming for a competition at Lancer's home. Starlight's the instructor as Lancer controls the music. They're to hold a birthday party for Sweetheart at the mansion the next day, after the competition. Teddy then shows up and ruins things by throwing a fake octopus into the pool. Lancer squirts Teddy with a hose. As Teddy walks away, we hear him plotting to make the girls lose tomorrow. Uh-oh. Not good. The next day, during the competition at paradise lake, the competitor scored 9.3, 9.5, and 9.6, giving them an average of 9.46. Now it's their turn, but Teddy disguises as a sea monster, and screws one of the ponies up. They're disqualified. Scene cuts to the hair saloon. The girls asks Sweetheart who's coming to her party. But when Sweetheart mentions Teddy, the girls get very angry, and forces her to take sides - either un-invite Teddy or they're not coming. Under pressure, She calls off the party. She then heads over to Lancer's home and starts tearing the decorations down. Lancer comes in and asks her if she really wants to do this. She nods. Lancer must now come up with a way to solve the pandemonium. So, he does. By inviting Teddy and the girls onto his father's yatch, and forcing them to sign a truce treaty. The yatch leaves and they're not going back onto land until the treaty is signed. Everyone refuses at first and things break out into a war of the words, but everyone soon settled down and do so after Lancer's long lecture about how they broke Sweetheart's heart. That night, Lancer takes Sweetheart back to the mansion, saying he's got a surprise for her. They enter the ballroom, and what a surprise it is - everyone's there! So, they break into a song, and she blows out the candles of the cake. The end.moreless
    • Send in the Clown
      Send in the Clown
      Episode 20
      Meadowlark the ballerina comes to town! She is staring in the new ballet in town, and gets her little sister, Clover, to help! Clover is nervous and doesn't know if she will be able to be in the ballet though! Will Clover be able to get past her fears? Will she be able to perform?moreless
    • Birds of a Feather
      Birds of a Feather
      Episode 19
      The Ponies go searching for a type of bird presumed to be extinct, and end up getting lost in the forest.
    • Sister of the Bride
      Clover's sister, Meadowlark, is getting married! But Clover discovers the groom-to-be seemingly proposing marriage to another Pony.
    • Up, Up, And Away
      Up, Up, And Away
      Episode 17
      Late one night, Patch sees a bright light. Believing it to be aliens, she and an unwilling Bon-Bon borrow the hot-air balloon of Miss Hackney's friend, Mr. Kidoo, and use it to search for the aliens.
    • An Apple for Starlight
      When Ms. Hackneye comes down with a cold, she appoints Starlight as the substitute teacher.
    • Princess Problems
      Princess Problems
      Episode 15
      A king and queen come to Ponyland, searching for their long-lost daughter. The Ponies start to think that Patch could be the missing princess!
    • Roll Around the Clock
      It is time for the Roller Rinks annual skate dance off. Brighteyes and Lancer are without partners. But through their friends help, they might just end up winning.
    • Blue Ribbon Blues
      Blue Ribbon Blues
      Episode 13
      Teddy never seems to do anything right! For the most part, that is how he wants things to go, but even when he tries to do something nice, it never works. When Sweetheart tells him how she feels about it, he goes on a mission to prove her wrong! Will he be able to prove Sweetheart wrong? Will anyone ever see him as anything more then someone who always messes up?moreless
    • The Great Lemonade Stand Wars
      When the girls accidentally break Clover's mother's teapot, they set up a lemonade stand to raise the money to buy a new one. The boys see how much money they are making, and decide to set up their own stand, in direct competition with the girls.
    • The Impractical Joker
      Patch goes on a practical joking spree, annoying all of her friends. The other Ponies decide to band together and pull a prank of their own on her!
    • Shop Talk
      Shop Talk
      Episode 10
      The Pony's gossiping gets out of hand when Sweetheart accidentally lets slip that Teddy has a teddy bear. Teddy becomes a laughing stock among his friends, and it's up to the others to fix things!
    • The Play's The Thing
      When Melody is cast for the lead in the school play, she becomes a total Prima Donn, alienating her fellow cast members. Can she pull things together before the opening night?
    • Out of Luck
      Out of Luck
      Episode 8
      Clover is grounded for not doing her homework after finding a teapot.
    • The Masquerade
      The Masquerade
      Episode 7
      The Ponies are rewarded for all their hard school work with a masquerade ball, in which they are to come as what they want to be when they grow up. Bon Bon, who dreams of being a fashion model, is afraid to go, believing everyone will laugh at her.
    • The Tea Party
      The Tea Party
      Episode 6
      When the girl Ponies discover that the old house they've been using for tea parties is being "broken into", they set out to defend what's theirs.
    • Stand By Me
      Stand By Me
      Episode 5
      Teddy is accussed of stealing Melody's new tape player. The Ponies hold a trail, with Sweetheart defending her friend.
    • ...And The Winner Is
      Clover is thrilled when she wins a contest to go see her favorite music performers! Unfortunately, her friends do not share in her glory, as they are upset that they will not get to attend the event. Will Clover and her friends be able to move past the bitter feelings? Will Clover find a way to get her friends to the concert with her? Will they be able to continue their friendship?moreless
    • Battle of the Bands
      A talented pony, Melody, has ambitions of becoming a singer! She gets overjoyed when she learns of a Battle of the Bands contest going on. Melody does face a challenge though! She has to find someone to watch her little sisters for her. Will she find someone to babysit the girls? Will she make it to the competition? If she does get to the competition, will she be able to win?moreless
    • Too Sick To Notice
      Bon Bon's baby brother comes down with a cold. The whole family starts fussing over him, leaving Bon Bon feeling left out.
    • Slumber Party
      Slumber Party
      Episode 1
      Sweetheart's friends have a sleepover at Sweetheart's house; they play charades and have an ice cream sundae.