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  • I have only watched 1 EPISODE, and I hate it. But can you blame me?

    My second review after "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic".

    Folks, out of all the things I have sat through, this is just one of the poorly animated My Little Pony adaptations I have EVER seen so far. And I have only watched 1 episode! Can you blame me? This show is BAD! And I mean really bad! The episode I watched was the first episode, Bon Bon's Diary. (/watch?v=B0Neqmk4A54) But instead of talking about the episode I will just hop into the review, shall we?

    Voice-acting: 2/10 Terrible! I mean TERRIBLE! The songs aswell! I mean ear-grating bad! Some voices are good though, but most of them are just abysmal.

    Animation: 1.5/10 I will give it slack since it is just a 90's (I think) show, but it is really bad! I mean, give it some effort, will you?

    Educational Value: 7/10 There is something good about this show, and it comes down to it's morals (the one I saw anyway). Although 3 points back from 10 because they (sort of) rub it in our faces! Come on! The ones I had saw was never cheat, be honest and never read anyone's diary (yes this is one episode).

    Lasting Appeal: 3.5/10 May be entertaining to little boys who don't know what the heck they are watching and little girls, but older teens and adults will want to ask themselves, "why Disney, why?".

    Overall: 3.5/10 This show is horrible from what I saw, and I bet I won't be seeing another episode! Why did Disney want to air this crap, I dunno. But you are better off watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on The Hub.

  • One of the best classic cartoons

    My Little Pony tale lets see it was the best cartoon show that ever was one well of them of course.Even the toys as well.Its been such an long time since I saw this show.I used to record this show even if I was watching it.I used to buy all the toys of my little pony.But now that I see that they are bringing the classic cartoons back.Altough I hate to admitt I love the old classic.I wished that they had an channel for just the old classic tv cartoon shows and it show there.I wished I could see My little pony tales again.My Little Pony Tale switches from the newer verison to the old ones.But its ok my favorite characters are Teddy and Sweetheart.
  • Awesome, what cartooning should be. ^_^

    I love this show. Not quite like Mucha Lucha or Camp Lazlo (my favorite shows) but CERTAINLY not like Seseme Street. I like it because of the nonviolence in it. Also, the fact that it is ponies. I love ponies. The cuteness of it is of great amount. If you haven't seen it yet, buy a DVD or video tape or something with the episodes on it. I especially like how Sweetheart is friends with Teddy, even if her other friends don't like it. He seems to like her as well. That is coolie. Now they have the most violent and gross cartoons on TV. What happend to pure cuteness and good plot?
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