My Little Pony

Season 1 Episode 1

Rescue at Midnight Castle

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Apr 14, 1984 on

Episode Recap

This is the first time we are introduced to the My Little Ponies and we are greeted to two colorful flying ponies who slide down a rainbow into a pool of water. Then we see lots of other little ponies playing around: a unicorn wishing her self off a cliff to the bottom and another on roller-skates making a fantastic leap off the cliff. This beautifully portrayed world settles into an afternoon nap in the meadows with a baby pony asking Twilight a unicorn if she'll ever be able to do things like the others and Twilight reassures Ember that she'll become her own special little pony.

Then suddenly their world is attacked by Stragons and they loose two of thier friends while the others flee. Firefly the pegasi pony we meet in the beginning flies off to get help! We then meet our villain Scorpan who is reporting to his master Tirak that they captured two ponies Tirak says he needs four to pull his chariot of darkness, and orders Scorpan to prepare another raid. Meanwhile we see a girl grooming her pony and hears a noise. The girl pulls up the bucket in the well to find Firefly a Talking pony. Shocked as she is she goes with Firefly to help her friends. After returning and hearing that there was another attack where Ember and Cotton Candy another pony was captured, Megan, Firefly, Twilight and Applejack set off to rescue them. First they decide to go see the Moochick for help. The Moochick gives them a little piece of rainbow he calls the Rainbow of Light. The only thing that can fend of Tirak's Rainbow of Darkness.

After getting into Midnight Castle Applejack is taken and Tirak turns her into a dragon creature like the rest of her friends. Now he has all the creatures he needs to pull his chariot of darkness. In the meantime, Scorpan turncoats and rescues Meagan and the ponies and frees Ember along with his friend Spike the Baby Dragon. They run but it's too late as Tirak launches his chariot of darkness to bring the night that never ends. After a cute fight scene Tirak releases the rainbow of darkness. Megan then releases the rainbow of light which is engulfed by the rainbow of darkness. Suddenly the Light fights off the darkness then destroys it. Then destroys Tirak and turns everything into what it originally was Scorpan turns into a Prince and the castle into trees. The guards become Birds and Butterflies. The Dragons turn back to ponies. Everything is as it was and Megan returns home on Firefly.

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