My Little Pony

(ended 1992)





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  • I loved this show so much when I was young like 3 or 4 and watching it again brings back good memories of when cartoons had morals and where actually age appropriate !!!

    The movies where what I really loved, I have to admit that I dont really remember what happened in the TV show but I will always has it as one of my favorite Childhood Classics !! Basically it is centered around a girl named megan who meets a pony that has wings and can talk. I cant rember her name at the moment But she brings her back to the dream castle and they set out on a mission to find the rainbow of light and to save the ponys from midnight castle. This was the first movie that set off the Tv show. I havent watched the new episodes simply because Im too old now and I hate when they change things from the way they where. Ill leave the new episodes for the kids of today but for people like me who where born around 1982 I loved it and Im sure Im not the only one. Its always fun to have a reminder of where you where young and had an imagination !!!! Oh and Point of fact my fav was Apple jack !!!!