My Little Pony - Season 1

(ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • Through the Door (Part 2)
  • Through the Door(Part 1)
  • The Revolt of Paradise Estate (Part 2)
    After being kicked out of their home by their furniture the Ponies seek out the help of the Moochick. The Moochick tells the Ponies that Beason is really a powerful sorcerer that gave them the paint so he could steal Paradise Estate. The Ponies decide they won't give up without a fight and rush home to fight Beason.moreless
  • The Revolt of Paradise Estate (Part 1)
    Paradise Estate is falling apart, so Paradise and Sweet Stuff go off to buy some tools to fix the place up. On their way they are stopped by a peddler who offers them a free sample of some magic paint that will solve all of their household problems. They bring the paint home and start painting everything in sight only to find out that the magic paint brings everything it touches to life! At first, the Ponies enjoy their new housemates, but things turn ugly when their furniture turns against them and kicks them out of the house!moreless
  • Crunch the Rockdog (Part 2)
  • Crunch the Rockdog (Part 1)
  • Baby it's Cold Outside(Part 2)
  • Baby it's Cold Outside (Part 1)
  • Would be Dragon Slayer
  • Fugative Flowers (Part 2)
    The Flouries have taken Masquerade hostage and are on their way to sucking the life out of Dream Valley unless the ponies can stop them!
  • Fugative Flowers (Part 1)
    Posey finds some sentient flowers wandering around her garden and offers them shelter and water, but she has no idea what they have in store for her to repay her kindness!
  • Woe is Me (Part 2)
  • Woe is Me (Part 1)
  • Mish Mash Melee
  • The Magic Coins (Part 4)
  • The Magic Coins (Part 3)
  • The Magic Coins (Part 2)
  • The Magic Coins (Part 1)
  • Little Piece of Magic
    The baby Ponies are bored and want Ribbon and Buttons to play a game with them. Ribbon suggests that they play a game of Make Believe and runs out to go get them a red ball to use in their game. She explains that the red ball is magic and can be anything they want it to be. While she's gone the baby Ponies take turns imagining what the red ball will be...moreless
  • Return of Tambelon (Part 4)
    Everybody's captured now, including the Moochick and the baby ponies, so Grogar starts the spell that will send Tambelon and the ponies into the Realm of Mists. He then orders the Troggles to celebrate the victory, threatening to banish them with the ponies if they don't. He also imprisons the Troggle who tried to help the ponies escape. The ponies now know he was telling the truth and agree to give him and his oppressed people a place to live in Ponyland if they escape. Forget-Me-Not finds a crack in the ceiling where there is fresh air coming through. Fizzy and Buttons manage to use their magic and some disgusting prison food to make the crack big enough to fly through. Megan, North Star, and Forget-Me-Not find Bray and take his keys so they can unlock the cell. The ponies run out into the streets during the celebration and tell the Troggles they can stop pretending and come with them to freedom. Bray tells Grogar that everyone is running away - with minutes to go before the banishing spell goes into effect, Grogar goes outside and pins them down with his magic. Something Spike says reminds Paradise that Grogar's power souce will be destroyed if the old bell in the passage is rung. Forget-Me-Not tricks Grogar into opening the gates just as Megan and North Star ring the bell. Everyone except Grogar and Bray makes it out of the city just before it vanishes. The next day the ponies discuss how Grogar won't be able to make a new bell for centuries without the help of the Troggles, who are now ready to live a life of freedom in Ponyland.moreless
  • Return of Tambelon (Part 3)
    With Megan captured, Danny takes the lead and suggests they find a way to destroy Grogar's magic. Forget-Me-Not remembers that the bell he wears around his neck glowed when he used his magic in Tambelon. Everyone decides that the bell is his power source and they can take it from him if they can make him leave the city. They manage to do this with the help of Danny's tape recorder and one of Masquerade's disguises, but Grogar is too strong for them and madanges to capture a few more ponies while the others run away. Megan and the prisoners try to find another way out, but there are no hidden passages in their new cell that lead to the city streets. They mention the bell again, which Paradise thinks could have been an important part of the legend of Tambelon but isn't quite sure of. Elsewhere, Danny and the others capture a Troggle who was deserting and wants to lead them to their friends before Grogar banishes them to the Realm of Mists that night. They decide to trust him and let him lead them into the city, but they are all ambushed by Grogar and Bray and sent to prison with the others.moreless
  • Return of Tambelon (Part 2)
    After sending the baby ponies to the Moochick for protection, Megan gathers together everyone who managed to escape the attack. They try various methods of rescuing their friends that all wind up failing. Eventually, Megan and Lofty decide to fly into Tambelon to see if they can locate the prisoners. Meanwhile, Buttons has used her magic to loosen a large stone out of the wall of the ponies' cell. Magic Star, Galaxy, and Heartthrob travel through a passageway that leads to a dusty old bell. Galaxy senses great power coming from it, but instead of dwelling on the bell the trio of ponies keep looking for a way out. They manage to reach the surface and find Megan and Lofty, who tell them to go get the others so that they can head for the gate. Unfortunately, the ponies run into a patrol of Troggles, who send out an alert about their escape. Everyone makes it to the gates and are about to push them open when Grogar appears and uses his magic to recapture them all. Forget-Me-Not, who followed Megan and Lofty, sees the whole thing and flys back to camp to tell the others that Megan has been captured as well.moreless
  • Return of Tambelon (Part 1)
    During a game of hide and seek, Baby Ribbon cheats by winking out. But the others get worried when she doesn't wink back in the second time she does this. Ribbon winks out in order to find her and winds up in a strange fog-filled city where she is chased by shadowy creatures. Worried about their friends, the ponies rush to Megan, who tells them to spread the word to the other unicorns not to wink out. Only Buttons gets the message in time - during a search mission, she's forced to wink out to avoid being crushed by an avalanche, and she disappears too. That night, Megan has a dream in which Ribbon says the word Tambelon as an imposing ram closes in on them. Paradise remembers that it's the name of a lost city that last appeared 500 years ago. Its ruler Grogar tried to conquer Ponyland, but was somehow banished to the Realm of Mists. Paradise correctly guesses that Tambelon is slowly reappearing in Ponyland and that the unicorns got caught inside. In the morning, everyone is about to form more search parties when a storm hits and Tambelon reappears. The castle gates go down and the Troggles, led by Grogar's right-hand donkey Bray, invade Dream Valley and capture most of the ponies, Grundles, and Bushwoolies. Grogar is pleased with his conquest and vows that soon he'll rule all of Ponyland.moreless
  • Sweet Stuff and the Treasure Hunt
    Sweet Stuff wants to play games with everyone else, but feels left out because she is an Earth Pony and doesn't seem to be good at anything. She ends up surprising everyone (even herself!) when she joins a treasure hunt with the pegasi and is the only one able to answer the last riddle and win the game!moreless
  • Bright Lights (Part 4)
  • Bright Lights (Part 3)
    Megan and Molly take Baby Heart Throb, Baby Lofty and Baby Half Note to a concert featuring their favorite singer, Night Shade and his back up singers, the Shadowets. After the concert is over, Baby Heart Throb and the other baby ponies meet Night Shade and get their shadows stolen, which leaves them feeling sick and very dizzy. They are soon trapped in a cage by three giant rats and must wait in fear for Megan and their mothers to save them.moreless
  • Bright Lights (Part 2)
  • Bright Lights (Part 1)
  • Pony Puppy
    Pony Puppy
    Episode 23
    The Ponies find a puppy and decide to keep her and build her a doghouse and name her Dinah. When the new puppy is reunited with her family the following Spring, the Ponies are sad to see her go, but they realize that even though friends come and go they will never leave their hearts.moreless
  • The Glass Princess (Part 4)
    Shady who feels like the kidnapped ponies imprisonment was her fault, devises a plan to switc Porcina's magic cloak with a cloak made of the bushwoolies' hair. However the Raptorians are so excited about their new *home* being made in Ponyland, that they're obviously not going to let anyone get in their way.moreless
  • The Glass Princess (Part 3)
    When the Raptorians find out that Pony hair grows right back after being cut, they are orced to make Porcina's cloak themselves. Afterwards, the feathery villians persuade Porcina to turn not only Ponyland but all the ponies living there into glass. Meanwhile, Megan and the search party, along with the bushwoolies, find the imprisoned ponies and try to escape!moreless
  • The Glass Princess (Part 2)
    The Raptorians have successfully kidnapped Gusty, Lickety Split, and Heart Throb, and the bushwoolies see it all happen. After reporting it to Megan and the other ponies, who form a search party and go to the Black Mountains to bring them back. Meanwhile, the Raptorians prepare the imprisoned ponies for the cutting of their hair that'll be used to make Princess Porcina's cloak that she will use to turn Ponyland into glass.moreless
  • The Glass Princess (Part 1)
    The ponies in Ponyland are having their special pony olympics. One Earth Pony named Shady thinks she's not special and tries to find ways to help the other ponies believe that she is indeed important. Meanwhile, an arrogant princess named Porcina plans to turn Ponyland into glass. That way, her beauty will be reflected to the world. However, to do so, she'll need a new magical cloak. To do so, she calls upon three feathered fliers called the Raptorians who not only kidnap unicorn Gusty, earth pony Lickety Split, and a flier named Heart-throb to provide the magic in their hair for the cloak, but also have evil plans to take over Ponyland themselves.moreless
  • The Great Rainbow Caper
    A pair of monkeys called Gizmonks take Danny and Surprise prisoner until Megan turns over the Rainbow of Light to them.
  • The Ghost of Paradise Estate (Part 4)
    Will the ponies be able to stop Squirk from flooding Dream Valley and enslaving its inhabitants?
  • The Ghost of Paradise Estate (Part 3)
    Megan and the others decide to help Pluma recover the Flashstone and save her grandfather.
  • The Ghost of Paradise Estate (Part 2)
    The ghost has driven the Little Ponies out of their home. When it flies away, it becomes tangled in a tree, this convinces Megan it is not really a ghost.
  • The Ghost of Paradise Estate (Part 1)
    A ghost comes to Paradise Estate to scare the little ponies.
  • The End of Flutter Valley (Part 10)
    Will the ponies be able to get the Sunstone back in place to save Flutter Valley before the sun sets?
  • The End of Flutter Valley (Part 9)
    Furbob is afraid of the Stonebacks, but Megan convinces him that they are friends, not enemies.
  • Tne End of Flutter Valley (Part 8)
    Megan and the others come to free the Flutter Ponies, but end up captured themselves!
  • The End of Flutter Valley (Part 7)
    Morning Glory and Sting convince Megan to come back with them to Ponyland to help save Flutter Valley.
  • The End of Flutter Valley (Part 6)
    Morning Glory and Sting escape Bumbleland to find help.
  • The End of Flutter Valley (Part 5)
    Bumbleland continues to get hotter and hotter as the Sunstone overheats. By now the flowers and trees are catching fire. Sting and Morning Glory start to bond while he is guarding her, and he lets it slip that he can't fly. Morning Glory offers to teach him, but Sting won't let her out of the cage. The Ponies make it to Flutter Valley, but are ambushed by the witches and their giant pet spider. All of Bumbleland catches fire and Queen Bumble orders for the swarm to put out the fire, but by now it's too late! She and the rest of the swarm evacuate, but they leave the Flutter Ponies behind, trapped in the Honeycomb Prison in the middle of the fire!moreless
  • The End of Flutter Valley (Part 4)
    Morning Glory manages to escape the Honeycomb Prison, but her wings still have honey on them, and she can't fly fast enough to escape Queen Bumbles' swarm. She is recaptured and guarded by Sting in her own cage on the other side of Bumbleland. Meanwhile, the Ponies finally make it to Furbobia and the Furbobs fix Baby Cuddles' leg. The Ponies decide that to repay the Furbobs for their kindness that they will help them fight the Stonebacks. The Ponies realize that they will need more help and head back to Flutter Valley to ask the Flutter Ponies to help them fight the Stonebacks. The Sunstone starts to overheat Bumbleland, but no one seems to notice...moreless
  • The End of Flutter Valley (Part 3)
    The Bumbles steal the Sunstone and take it back to Bumbleland, where it promptly melts the snow and grows hundreds of flowers. The Flutter Ponies are captured and put in a honeycomb prison. After trying to use their wings to blow the prison apart, Queen Bumble orders honey to be thrown into the prison to immobolize their wings. Meanwhile, the other Ponies are trapped on a rope bridge with the Furbobs and the Stonebacks are eating the ropes at both ends of the bridge. The bridge breaks and they all manage to land safely, except Baby Cuddles, who broke her leg. They decide to take her to Furbobia to mend her leg.moreless
  • The End of Flutter Valley (Part 2)
    The witches from the Volcano of Gloom have devised a way to steal the Flutter Ponies' Sunstone. Without the Sunstone, Flutter Valley will wither and die! The witches have enlisted the help of Queen Bumble and the bees from Bumleland, who also hate the Flutter Ponies, to steal the Sunstone and take it to Bumbleland where it will help flowers grow so they have all the nectar they need. The witches in turn will get Flutter Valley, which will be dark and gloomy without the heat of the Sunstone.moreless
  • The End of Flutter Valley (Part 1)
    The Ponies are on their way to Flutter Valley for the "Sun Tuesday" celebration with the Flutter Ponies. Meanwhile, the Witches from the Volcano of Gloom are busy hatching a plan to destroy Flutter Valley and the Ponies.
  • Escape from Katrina
    The Little Ponies prepare for a "Welcome Back" party for their human friend, Megan. Meanwhile, little furballs called Bushwoolies are the slaves of a cat woman named Catrina and are watched over by a shape-shifting lizard named Rep.
  • My Little Pony: The Movie

    The witches concoct a sentient slime called the Smooze to destroy Dream Valley and the ponies' castle. Homeless and with nowhere to go, the ponies and Megan embark on an adventure to restore Dream Valley back to normal and get their home back.

  • Rescue at Midnight Castle
    Tirak captures some of the little ponies to use as demons to pull his Chariot of Darkness at midnight. The rest of the ponies panic, fearing that they will be next. Firefly goes off for help and finds Megan, a girl who lives at a stable at the other end of the rainbow. Megan agrees to go to Pony Land with Firefly, but will they be able to rescue the little ponies in time?moreless
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