My Little Pony

Season 2 Episode 13

The Prince and the Ponies

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Sep 23, 1987 on

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  • The Ponies are invited to feast with royalty, but wind up being caged as pets. The First Tooth Baby Ponies, out of jealousy for the newborn twins, decide to crash the dinner and wind up saving the day.

    The Ponies, once thrown into captivity, meet the Prince, who says his throne was usurped by his scullery maid. The Prince looks very much like Link.

    After the Ponies meet the Prince, the story gets confusing. Suzette, the Prince's love, suddenly appears for the first time. It is never explained where she has been since his capture.

    The resolution of conflict is very poor. The Prince merely shows the Palace Guard how the Duchess has treated the Ponies. They decide that the Prince is the better choice for ruler and throw the Duchess back in the kitchen. Pretty lame.

    The use of accents in this episode is quite strange. The servants of the house speak in a French accent, supposedly the language of refinement, good taste, and manners. The Duchess, who has usurped the throne, speaks in a very Jewish-New York accent. She is also loud, obnoxious, and gastric. What were the writers thinking?

    The song, "Oooh, Those Newborn Twins," is sung by the First Tooth Ponies in a dark cabaret style. Quite wretched, but there is one interesting line: "if they were chased by lightning, I wouldn't cry at all."