My Mother the Car

NBC (ended 1966)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Desperate Minutes
      Desperate Minutes
      Episode 30
      A gun-toting hooligan and his moll are hiding out at the Crabtree house after robbing a jewelry store. Bonehead Dave botches several attempts to escape, leaving it up to Mother to save the day when the criminals try to escape in her.
    • When You Wish Upon a Car

      Mother leads Cindy and Randy to believe that she's a genie who makes wishes come true when they rub her with a magic cloth. The Crabtree kids are soon charging other youngsters to rub and make a wish. Mother is basking in the attention, but Dave wants it to stop immediately.

    • The Blabbermouth
      The Blabbermouth
      Episode 28
      Barbara learns the truth when she walks into the garage and catches Dave and Mother talking. In no time, the secret's out about the chatty chassis and the press descends on the Crabtrees. This only makes Manzini want the car more, so he plays on Mother's vanity by convincing her he will make her a star.moreless
    • Absorba the Greek
      Absorba the Greek
      Episode 27

      Prudish building owner Henry Heckendorn hires Dave to close the Greek Grotto, a nightclub he claims is indecent. Dave and Barbara go to check out the supposedly racy club and, to avoid being seen by stuffed-shirt Heckendorn, end up masquerading as exotic Greek dancers.

    • It Might as Well Be Spring as Not

      Dave's new client, wealthy older businessman Conrad Bryon, is in love with the Porter, and Mother is smitten with him. He offers to give the Crabtrees his limousine and chauffeur in exchange for the antique car, but Dave says absolutely not. Mother, lovestruck as a schoolgirl, wants her son to make the deal.

    • Over the Hill to the Junkyard
      Barbara wins a luxurious new car in a supermarket contest and Mother is immediately jealous. After being relegated to the driveway, she turns up the guilt on Dave, demanding he force his wife to sell the vehicle that's stealing her limelight. Mother hits on the idea of showing Barbara how expensive it will be to keep the new car.moreless
    • An Unreasonable Facsimile

      Manzini trains a beatnik hipster dufus who's a lookalike for Dave to act and talk like him. The fake infiltrates the Crabtree household, tells Barbara he's selling the car to Manzini, and gets her to sign the registration papers. The groovy dude was not warned that the car talks, and that makes him freak out, man.

    • My Son, the Criminal
      The busybody mailman, Mr. Kroot, sees Dave cementing the garage floor and hears him say something about his mother not complaining anymore. Naturally, he assumes Dave has bumped off his mom and sealed her body in concrete. Kroot races to the phone and notifies the cops.
    • A Riddler on the Roof
      In an airport parking lot, Mother overhears three thugs plot the assassination of a visiting foreign president. Once he's convinced Mother's telling the truth, Dave uses many disguises to get to the head of Copa Rica and warn him of the danger.
    • You Can't Get There From Here

      Dave and Barbara are driving the kids to camp before heading off on a second honeymoon. Stopping for gas in the middle of nowhere, a sheriff checks Dave's driver's license and sees that it's expired. Barbara can't drive a stick and Dave can't pass the cop's 1928 driver's test.

    • I'd Rather Do it Myself, Mother

      Dave's efforts to help an overworked Barbara with the housework causes even more chores. He finally listens to Mother and hires a maid. The efficient woman soon has the home running like clockwork. Barbara, however, is miserable with all the free time and wants the woman fired.

    • The Incredible Shrinking Car
      Manzini gets his hands on a molecular compressor that shrinks things down to a miniature size. He gives Dave one last chance to sell the Porter before he makes the car the size of a toy. Dave doesn't, so Manzini does.
    • Goldporter
      Episode 18
      Manzini's U.N.C.L.E. Louie, the cat-petting head of a nefarious secret organization, loans him a henchman and a drug to make Dave agreeable to all suggestions, including selling Mother. It lasts for just 24 hours, so the evildoers keep having to shoot Dave full of the drug everytime he "comes to."
    • I Remember Mama, Why Can't You Remember Me?

      After being smacked by a truck, Mother no longer recognizes her own son. Dave tries everything to cure her amnesia (including screening painfully dull old home movies) before deciding another wreck is the only cure.

    • Shine On, Shine On, Honeymoon

      After eight years of marriage, Barbara and Dave are finally going on the honeymoon they never had. Barbara's mother, however, is an astrology nut and warns them of trouble if they travel now. When they laugh at her admonition, she begins concocting phony emergencies to keep them at home.

    • Many Happy No-Returns

      Rather than giving each other lousy Christmas gifts they'll just return to the store, Dave and Barbara agree to each buy their own present. The plan changes after taking a night school art class. Both create hideous artworks and then secretly bid on the other's at an auction.

    • Hey Lady, Your Slip Isn't Showing

      Dave's pushy mother-in-law visits and is soon in cahoots with Captain Manzini. He proposes replacing the Porter with a brand new station wagon. Mrs. Netwick is all for that, so she goes to work on getting Barbara to sign over the car. If only they could find the registration slip.

    • For Whom the Horn Honks
      Captain Manzini stages an elaborate show to convince Dave that he's on his death bed. Dave falls for it, despite Mother's warnings, and ends up signing the vehicle over to the crook. Not about to let the coveted car out of his sight, Manzini sleeps with it in his bedroom. This gives Mother the perfect chance to drive him crazy with her constant honking, flashing, and lecturing.moreless
    • And Leave the Drive-In to Us

      For her birthday, Dave agrees to take Mother to a surf movie starring her favorite actor, Sonny Tufts. Going to a drive-in during the dead of winter proves a disruptive idea for the family, Mother, and the other customers trying to watch the movie.

    • My Son, the Judge
      My Son, the Judge
      Episode 11

      Dave's being interviewed for a judgeship in the domestic relations court. To impress the snobs giving him the once-over, he has the family trained to put on royally pretentious show. Sadly for Dave, he hadn't planned on being caught in a pair of roller skates.

    • My Son, the Ventriloquist
      Dave's family desperately wants an air conditioner. To handle the expense, Dave must land the account of Franklyn Hotchkiss, but he makes a lousy first impression. Mother's idea is to have Dave entertain Hotchkiss with ventriloquism, with her as the "dummy."
    • TV or Not TV
      TV or Not TV
      Episode 9

      Barbara is surprised to hear herself announced as the winner on a TV quiz show, especially since she never entered. It seems Mother was watching the show in the garage, sent in the correct answer, and used Barbara's name. Now Barb has to appear on the program to answer more questions ona topic about which she knows nothing: old cars.

    • The Captain Manzini Grand Prix

      Captain Manzini goads Dave and Mother into a cross-country race between the Porter and a British long-distance walker. With ownership of the car at stake, Manzini employs a plethora of dirty tricks including fake detours, phony train crossings, and flattened tires to insure a win.

    • Lights, Camera, Mother

      Dave is given a petition from the neighbors demanding he get rid of his automotive "eyesore." He gets his revenge when an advertising man offers to star the Crabtrees and their car in a commercial. Filming goes well for everyone except Dave; he's replaced for not looking like an actual family member.

    • I'm Through Being a Nice Guy

      Captain Manzini builds an exact replica of the Porter and hires the the world's three greatest thieves to switch it with Dave's vehicle. To destroy all evidence, he has the counterfeit rigged to explode. Meanwhile, the Captain heads to Phoenix to establish his alibi, which he does by calling Dave and having strangers testify that he's in Phoenix.

    • Burned at the Steak

      Arguments over the wife's horrible cooking has the newlywed couple next door ready to divorce. Dave's efforts to get the couple back together fail and he ends up representing the recent bride in court. The husband's sleazy lawyer brings out the best in Dave in the courtroom.

    • Lassie, I Mean Mother, Come Home

      Dave fails to set the parking brake and Mother rolls into an open van bound for a used car lot in Mexico. While a heartbroken Manzini and Crabtree bond in their grief, Mother uses her brains and knowledge of Spanish to get back to the border.

    • What Makes Auntie Freeze

      Dave drives the Porter into the mountains to attend a wedding and to meet an important businessman about a job. Due to the cold, he has to fill Mother's radiator with antifreeze. She proceeds to get plowed from the alcohol, making the cops think Dave is driving drunk.

    • The De-Fenders
      The De-Fenders
      Episode 2

      Dave becomes obsessed with protecting Mother when a gang of car strippers goes to work in town. He's so paranoid that he has his family camp out in the garage for the night to keep watch over the Porter.

    • Come Honk Your Horn

      Lawyer Dave Crabtree's troubles begin with the purchase of an ancient 1928 Porter that claims, through a voice on the radio, to be his dearly departed mother. Though his wife doesn't like the old museum piece, it has an overwhelming appeal to Captain Manzini, a very persistent and dastardly antique car collector.