My Mother the Car

NBC (ended 1966)





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  • Pleasantly Surprsed!

    I'm watching this series for the first time after hearing for years what a mistake it was that Jerry chose this. As it turns out, I like this show very much and am in tune to the sincerety between husband and wife... and gotta love the dog! And as there have been so many other truly silly shows that "made it", I am amazed what a bad rap this one got. I would think Jerry should be proud of this one, inspite of what others may say. I, for one, am revelling in the watching of every single episode, in order, and wish I could relay to Mr. Van Dyke himself, what a pleasure it is to watch him with this truly enjoyable cast, in this surprisingly pleasurable series. Also, I should mention that considering it was one of the very last parts that Maggie Pierce (Barbara Crabtree) played in, I am very glad to have been introduced to her in a role that played so well off of, and along with, Jerry Van Dyke The two played husband and wife as well as Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore ever did. The chemistry was definitely there. Add the precious pooch, the cute & talented kids, the awesome car (the vehicle, as well as Ann Southern), along with the fun guest casts, and you've got yourself what SHOULD HAVE been a hit, and what I believe would have been a hit at any other time. In my opinion, this series is a definite thumbs UP and benefit to the library of television series everywhere!