My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 11

Barn Burner

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 2006 on NBC

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  • When Joy is unable to enroll the children at the "wayward boys camp", Earl realizes it was because he burned a barn down.So he goes back to make amends.Along the way, there are some revelations involving Randy.In end, there are lessons about forgiveness.

    This episode represents the best of what I like about the series. It can be very funny, with some dark humor, but it can also surprise you with its warmth and sense of humanity. The whole point of the show is essentially Earl is trying to be a better person, though sometimes he can be blind, like this episode. Randy is at th center of the events in this episode, though it is a little moment when Earl is with the children that shows how much heart this show has.I was caught somewhat off guard by the poignancy in that scene, espcially coming from one of the children, who are usually only seen as a comic device.I wont reveal it here for anyone who hasnt seen the episode, but its one of my favorite moments of the series so far,and one reason why I like it so much.And its also a good episode with Randy. There were times in the first seaso that I felt Randy seemed to be more stupid than childlike, which is what I believe he is, so Im glad he had a chance to be a little more here.
  • Forgiveness is the way

    I loved this episode, not only for the humor and the usual funny situations, but also for the new rule “discovered” by Dodge and Earl Jr. about the list: “when someone tells the truth and says I’m sorry, you forgive them”.
    I personally like the way in which good feelings are mentioned in this TV serie: no need to write an entire dialogue about forgiveness, the simple words from a child’s mouth are a lot more effective, and they fit better in a show like this.
    I also like the way some “recourring” characters appear out of nowhere in a totally different context, like that A Lap Lap guy. It's always fun and surprising when those characters show up.
  • My Name Is Randy!

    This episode plays a little bit with the concept of My Name is Earl and is very amusing, especially Randy's attempts at making things right like cofessing to sleeping with a guy's wife and having to go back and forth to get details.

    The plot is very entertaining and it is interesting to find out that Randy may be responsible for how Earl's life turned out, the twists really being critical to the story.

    Overall, the episode is a hilarious way to see role reversals and all of the scenes are classic, especially the mottos of the Ranch (We don't do anything inappropriate with kids).
  • Earl and the kids!

    Joy wants to enroll her ill-disciplined kids at a youth camp for troubled kids, but because of Earl's past with the place, where he burned down their barn, the kids are not allowed in, becuase they are still using Earl's last name.

    Earl goes to the Youth Center to make amends, and learns something was actually Randy who burned down the band and not him. Earl lays the guilt trip on him and gets dim-witted Randy to do his dirty work while he relaxes at home.

    Overall, another great episode.

  • So funny, I just couldn't stop laughing!!!

    Funniest Earl-Quote ever: "Randy is afraid of birds... and of the pope, but only because he thinks there's a chicken hiding under his big hat". I almost fell from my Couch when I heard that, or when I saw Randy lying in the dust in front of the ostrich. In my opinion the best episode so far, and I can't imagine how the could make it any better!!
  • It'll go down as one of the classic episodes of My Name is Earl - with its hilarity, sensitivity, and existential musings about why people end up where they end up in life - and how they can find Forgiveness regardless.

    I tivo'd this and have watched this several times, already. It'll go down as one of the classic episodes of My Name is Earl - with its hilarity, sensitivity, and existential musings about why people end up where they end up in life.

    Randy's bond to Earl is explained and forged in this episode, for those who ever wondered. In the past, we learned about why Earl took to caring for Randy, but in this episode you learn why Randy takes to Earl.

    More importantly, the lesson on Forgiveness is simply unforgettable. Adult and child can learn, through laughter, how and why to forgive those we love and who've errored through this episode.

    In time, this episode will be referenced again and again as a My Name is Earl classic - as it articulates beautifully how Earl and Randy never learned to make the Right Choices and came to regret it, thanks to Carson Daily and Karma, years later.
  • Funniest episode yet!

    This is the absolute funniest episode yet! They touched nerves from all angles. This took the cake people. LOVE IT! I will be quoting from this episode for years to come. Poor Randy made this a hit this time. I was looking forward to an episode based on his efforts.
  • Welcome to the Right Choice Ranch!

    When Joy’s kids are denied enrollment into the camp for troubled youth at the Right Choice Ranch, Earl realizes his reputation for burning down the Ranch’s barn when he was a youngster has had a lasting effect. Earl, Randy (Ethan Suplee), and Catalina (Nadine Velazquez) all travel to the Ranch to make amends for the barn burning by building a pen for the camp’s new ostrich. When Earl adds Randy to his list for getting him kicked out of the Right Choice Ranch as a kid and consequently ruining his chances at succeeding in life, the truth comes out about how the barn really got destroyed. Earl then decides he and Randy should share responsibility for everything on his list that occurred after the barn incident and forces Randy to right a lot of his wrongs. Eddie Steeples also stars.
  • The keeper of the list

    The kids cannot get into the Right Choice Ranch. With the application under Hickey, there's a reason. Earl burned down the barn from a left over cigarette. After Randy admits it was he that burned it down after heading for the cigarette butt but a chicken scared him and he knocked over the latern. Earl gives Randy the list because of the idea that most of the things on the list wouldn't be on there if he had turned his life around at the Right Choice Ranch.

    It was interesting to see Earl turn the list over to Randy and make Randy make-up things that Earl did wrong. However, I thought that it really was Earl's fault for Randy burning down the barn, because Earl brought the cigarettes. Without the cigs, Randy wouldn't have had the urge to try it out.

    I thought the slogans for Right Choice Ranch were hilarious and were kind of creepy at the same time.
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