My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 23


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 04, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

Earl is putting change in parking meters for list item from when he stole change from parking meters. The cop asks for his license, but Earl had his stolen by Joy.

Earl goes to Joy's to get it, but she wants him to fix a hole behind a picture frame that she says he was responsible for. A flashback reveals Joy got angry during a game of UNO and she did it. Earl refuses and leaves, but Darnell slips it to him so he can pay the ticket.

At the courthouse, Earl sees his old crush Gwen, who is being screened at the metal detector. The normal security guard who knows about her condition is sick. The handheld metal detector beeps when the guard goes past her backside. She whispers that she has a BB in her buttock, and Earl knows why.

When Earl was a kid he had a crush on Gwen. But Gwen was being wooed by someone else, and Earl got jealous. Earl tried to aim at the other guy, but accidentally shot Gwen with a BB gun and hit her in the butt.

A woman with a child asks Gwen if she does drawings for parties (since Gwen is a sketch artist for trials) and she says no. Earl confronts her and tells her about the list, but things become more difficult.

Gwen told her father about the BB, but he was a drunk and didn't believe her. When her father Paul asked Earl if he did it, Earl lied and he believed him. Gwen's relationship with her father was never the same after that and he never believed anything she said after that. In order to make up for it, Earl has to reunite father and daughter.

Earl and Randy go to find Paul and find out that he is still a drunk. They try and take him back to Camden County but he jumps into a boat being towed by another car. They go back and find him in his trailer, passed out. Earl takes his booze stash and locks him in the trailer. He tells Randy to keep an eye on him while he goes to get Gwen.

Gwen refuses to do children's party sketches when asked again, and refuses to go back with Earl. She doesn't want to make up with her father. Earl goes back to the trailer park and finds Randy locked outside. Paul used bologna to trick Randy and is now drunk in his trailer again.

Earl gets sick of it and tows the entire trailer with the El Camino. He gets Gwen's attention while she is leaving, and sees her father drunk with pants around his ankles. She is actually surprised at what a drunken idiot he has become, and cannot believe that she ever felt like she had to prove anything to him. Gwen realizes she didn't have to hold onto all that anger and she tells Earl to cross her off his list. She then agrees to do children's party sketch when asked again.

Earl goes back to Joy's place and fixes the hole in the wall, even id he is not responsible for it. Holding onto that anger is bad and Earl has learned a lesson.