My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 23


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 04, 2006 on NBC

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  • Only Earl could shoot his crush in the butt

    This episode is a great example of the humour used in My Name is Earl, with Joy stealing Earl's license and waiting for thunder and Randy and Earl watching worms "fight" aswell as the whole concept of Earl being the straw that breaks the camel's back ("camels can go 40 days without water?").

    The ending was played very real and not a "happily ever after" ending you'd expect when a daughter finds out her horrible father is now a drunk, and it shows that while things may not go as expected, things can still be crossed off the list in new hilarious ways.
  • Not as funny as other episodes but still really worth watching.

    When Earl bumps into an old crush who he accidentally shot in the butt with a bb he decides its time to cross another item off the list.

    A funny episode with a good plot line, the end was a bit disappointing but it was realistic.

    Randy chasing after the packet of baloney was hilarious, and the joke about his ignorance of the cavity search was well written.

    Its good to know that its not only Earls' life that gets changed by the good things he does and that Gwen changes her aspect on life as well.

    And the histoy of Patty as an under plot was good fun!
  • Hysterical

    I love this one! Right up there with the best of this series!

    Joy and Crab Man always crack me up! I am sure Jamie Pressly must have a blast playing Joy.

    It is amazing how they can cover so many story lines in less than 30 minutes!

    My husband is from Tennesse and watching Jason Lee doing this character reminds us of so many people from his home town! The nice thing is they dont just pander to the stereotypes. These characters have heart and depth even if they do talk with twaings and long \\\'a\\\'s. Even Joy who is superficial so much has deep love for her children.
  • Not as funny but still a great episode!!!

    After karma punishes Earl by giving him tickets, he is forced to go down to the court house and finds the next thing he must cross off his list. When Earl was a kid he had shot a girl in the butt with a BB gun, and apparently the BB was still there. So Earl tells her all about his list and how he is now obligated to help her. He finds out that it was not the BB that hurt her, it was the fact that after that day she had never spoken to her dad. So Earl sets out to find her dad in hopes of a renewed relationship between the girl and her father, but getting her dad turns out to more of a problem then Earl had thought!!!
  • Who would have thought that the BB would stick???

    The episode starts off with Earl putting quarters in parking meters. He quickly found out that doing so was illegal and at the same time her reviled that he had been driving without a license so he received another ticket. The reason he had been driving without a license was because in 2004 he and Joy got into a fight over the card game Uno. While on his way into court to take care of his tickets he finds his next project. When he was a child he had a crush on a girl and she was walking with another boy so Earl tried to shoot the boy in the ass. He missed and shot his crush in the ass and to this day the BB is still there. He found this out because she was stopped also going into court because she couldn’t make it through the metal detector. Earl tries to confront her, but she wants nothing to do with him. Earl then tracks down Gwen’s dad and tried to bring him to her, but he got away. Then Earl tries to get Gwen to go see her dad, but she still wants nothing to do with it. Earl then just tows Gwen’s dads’ trailer to Gwen. After seeing her alcoholic dad it didn’t make her feel bad…it made her feel better about the way he treaded her when she was a child. After the whole situation Gwen is a much happier person.
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