My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 23


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 04, 2006 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In one of the earlier scenes, in the trailer park, Darnell mentions a 'Darwin fish' that he put on the back of the car. In the next scene, Earl exits the trailer, (when Randy and Catalina are trying to make the worms fight) and the fish is visible on the car.

    • Featured Music:
      "American Woman" by The Guess Who
      "Double Trouble" by Lynyrd Skynyrd
      "Roll On Down The Highway" by Bachman-Turner Overdrive

    • When Officer Ross runs toward Earl while he puts quarters in the parking meters, the policeman drops his gun on the sidewalk to the right of the parking meter. When he picks up the gun, it is located to the left of the parking meter and closer to the tire of the parking car.

    • List Trivia:

      Introduced and crossed off in this episode
      #147 Shot Gwen Waters in the ass with a BB.

    • Earl's driver license reads:
      License No. 023052378
      Class 1
      Expires 04-25-2009
      Hickey, Earl
      Pimmit Hills Trailer Park
      Space C-13
      Camden County

      DOB 04-25-1970
      Issued 04-25-1970
      HGT 6-01
      WGT 190

      And of course a picture of Earl with his eyes closed. The license also shows him as a donor.

      Earl's license reads that it was issued on 04-25-1970, the same day he was born. Licenses aren't issued at birth.

      The license read "Camden County drivers license". Counties don't issue licenses.

  • Quotes

    • Joy: (falls over painting) Damn it! Who left Jesus and his buddies down here?

    • Randy: (to Earl) I bet he had twenty beers today. That's how many I had when I tried to plug the tv into that dog.

    • Patty: (to Cops) Out of my way. I'm not going to jail for a cheesburger handy.

    • Catalina: Do worms have butts?
      Randy: If they do, it would look just like their faces.

    • Randy: He threw my favourite food at me, Earl. What was I supposed to do?
      Earl: Randy, baloney isn't your favourite food, animal crackers are!
      Randy: No, they're my favourite food shaped like an animal. Do you even listen to me when we talk at night?

    • Gwen: Look, just forget about this okay. It's not your fault, you were just the straw that broke the camel's back.
      Earl: But that's the thing! I'm the straw. Without the straw, the camel wouldn't have a broken back.
      Gwen: Yes, but if you remove the straw from the camel's back, that doesn't fix it. The camel is still dead.
      Earl: (thinks for a moment) Camels can go forty days without water…

    • Earl: He's awake now so I put him in the bath and threw in a bar of soap.
      Randy: What'd he look like naked?
      Earl: Kinda like ET when they found him by the river.
      Randy: That poor little monkey. He just wanted to phone home.

    • Darnell: Listen, Earl. I'm gonna turn around and then I'm gonna bend over and tie my shoe. You might wanna thumb through my hair while I do it.
      Earl: Okay… (Darnell turns and ties his shoe, while Earl pulls his licence out of Darnells hair) Thanks Crabman!
      Darnell: No problem, Earl.
      Earl: (voiceover) That was by far the best thing I'd ever found in Darnell's hair.

    • (about two worms on the ground)
      Earl: Hey, that one looks kinda angry… maybe we should cut him in half and make him fight himself.
      Randy: I don't think that'd work. If you cut me in half I wouldn't fight with my legs, I'd try to work with them and get us to a hospital.

    • Darnell: I can't believe there's a hole behind this picture. That's a relief… last week it was banging on the wall, and I thought Jesus was mad at me for putting that Darwin fish on the back of the car. Guess it was just windy.

    • Joy: You cheatin' son of a bitch! You're supposed to say "Uno" when you only got one card left!
      Earl: I said "One"!
      Joy: You're supposed to say "Uno"! It's a Mexican game! (Gets up and walks to the door)
      Earl: Joy, this is why the kids won't play Candy Land with you anymore.

    • Darnell: You know, Joy, technically that licence is state property. Doesn't belong to either one of you.
      Joy: Okay, Darnell… You're painting a turtle right now and I'm not taking legal advice from you or any other turtle painter.

    • Earl: Joy, just give me my licence.
      Joy: Why? What's in it for me?
      Earl: Well you'd be doing a nice thing, which would get you two steps closer to heaven. And if I had to guess, you're probably a few steps closer to somewhere else.

    • Joy: Oh, snap! Earls drivers licence! Holding onto this for a rainy day.
      Darnell: Too bad it didn't thunder when you said that. That woulda been cool, like you're an evil genius or something.
      Joy: That would have been cool. (holds the licence up to the sky and shouts) I'm holding on to this for a rainy day!
      Darnell: I think you need clouds to thunder.
      Joy: (gasps) Look at that bird up there! How the hell do they stay up there like that?

    • Randy: Earl- before when you said "different cavity," did you mean "butt cavity?"
      Earl: 'fraid so, Randy.
      Randy: Sometimes I don't like the world we live in.

    • Prosecutor: The prosecution will show that the defendant was taking money in exchange for sex at the Rainbow Burger drive-thru.
      Patty: That's a lie! I wasn't taking money for sex, I was taking burgers for sex. And curly fries for a diddle and a pickle for a lookie.

    • (to the judge after receiving a $500 fine)
      Patty: Any chance you want to take that $500 out in trade? I'll let you take a ride on the Patty wagon.

    • Gwen's Father: If you pull em up... I will poop em!

    • Randy: Why'd you ever have a crush on her? She's a bitch. And not the good kind like that "Kiss My Grits" lady from the diner show. "Kiss My Grits." chuckle We should go to Arizona.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Joy claims the troops in Iraq will respond to a picture of her "spread-eagle Whitesnake-style on the hood" on her car. She's referring to Tawny Kitaen dancing on the hoods of two Jaguars in the 1987 video for Whitesnake's Here I Go Again.

    • Randy tells Earl about how funny that diner show was with the "kiss my grits lady." He's referring to the show "Alice" ( The "kiss my grits" line was also referenced in Kevin Smith's "Chasing Amy" in which Jason Lee played a major character. Ethan Suplee has a small role in Chasing Amy as well.

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