My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2007 on NBC
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Earl takes on number 101 on his list, "stole a girl's identity." The girl turns out to be Joy's half-sister that she never knew about and the one person that could possibly help her get sympathy from the jury. The problem, Joy and Liberty are enemies.

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  • It's so stupid, it's funny.

    I didn’t think this episode was all that funny compared to previous episodes, but I liked it because they found a really interesting way to cover up Jamie’s pregnancy. However, I did think it was pretty funny that Joy’s worst enemy was also her half-sister, and I liked that part where they show Liberty saving the parking spot and Joy makes Earl hit her with the car to get the spot. That was funny. And Liberty wrestling against a white supremacist was funny, just because it was really stupid. It was also quite hilarious seeing Liberty’s scrawny, white husband playing the manager of supremacist. Actually, now that I’m thinking back on the episode it was really very funny. I didn’t really think it was so funny while I was watching it, but right now I can’t stop laughing. So I’m going to change my score of this show and recommend that everyone watch this episode, it’s really good.moreless
  • More Liberty and Ray-Ray!

    Joy discovers she has a half-sister, her grade school nemesis Liberty. Liberty is married to a sweet skinny guy who has a pet iguana. ("He went right off his lettuce and such. Wouldn't touch the arugula." I can't even tell you why that was funny, but we had to pause it so we could LAUGH for 3 minutes straight!) Well, Ray-Ray wants a little Ray-Ray-Ray, but Liberty dreams of a career as one of the Black Ladies of Wrestling, so pregnancy's out. Joy decides she needs to get knocked up so the jury in her trial will feel sympathy for her. Can Earl get these two firebrands together to solve their mutual problems? Uh, have you never seen this show before? Of course he can! What a brilliant way to write actress Jaime Pressly's real-life pregnancy into the show, and two wonderful potential new family members to pop up again in later episodes. And Randy even gets to live his dream of being a wrestling villain. Everyone lives happily ever after!moreless
  • Every episode should be about Joy, she's so funny!

    This episode was quite funny. Every episode that is focused on Joy somehow is always hilarious. I was a little disappointed because I believed they would explore Catalina's new found love for Randy a little more but I guess they will do so in a later episode. Joy is pregnant with her half sister's baby!! That was certainly a shocker. That should make up for a very funny labor episode, I can't wait. The sister is definitely going to appear in upcoming episodes which is good because I found the character to be quite funny. I give it a 9.5 rating.moreless
  • A very complicated, thus entertaining episode

    This is one episode that will probably go down as a classic, with Randy's dream of being a wrestler, arch rivals Joy and Liberty being half sisters and chances at a new identity, Catalina's new infatuation with her green card husband, and a pivotal moment in the My Name Is Earl saga - Joy getting pregnant again, this time as a surrogate.

    This has a lot of classic one liners, especially Randy wondering which half of the sister Liberty was and the opposite interracial relationships both siblings have and their clear similarities.

    Overall, this was a great episode, not as an item to cross off but as a bond for Joy to have after we see how she deals with her legal woes at the start of the episode, her pregnancy question to Randy also sparking a terrific one-liner and while an instant classic may not be the way to describe this episode, it is certainly hilarious and one of my favourites.moreless
  • A very heartwarming yet utterly funny episode. Joy is not as shallow as she appears; she can actually empathize with someone else. And Earl's attempts to reconcile the estranged sisters was done truly in Earl's style.moreless

    I was disappointed in last week's episode and did not find it worth writing about, but this week absolutely turned it around for me and restored my faith in the show.

    It was surprising to learn of Joy's half-sister (though not so surprising in retrospect) and her utter hatred of her, without knowing who she really was, was very in character. It was fun to see the flashbacks to their childhood rivalries and to see the animosity growing right along with them. So I was very much interested in what could possibly bring the two together.

    The answer was both shocking and sweet. Joy -understood- Liberty's pain as she was growing up, and that Liberty had an actual excuse to hate her. And to find Joy to be the first to extend the hand of friendship! We all know there was more to her when it comes to her children, but to see that Joy goes even deeper than that. I've always enjoyed her character in that she was so stereotypically white trash and she wasn't afraid to get into people's faces. And her apparent lack of public decorum. Now this new development is edging her up to be my favorite character, fast.

    The other highlight of the episode was Earl's attempts at getting the two together and explaining surrogacy. It was very clever of him to use such simple examples to explain the intricate and delicate procedure the women would actually have to go through. And we once again got to see his persistence that is now the hallmark of his character.

    Randy drinking milk and beer at once was gross and nothing unexpected. I believe one of the writers goals are to see what shocking action they could put Randy through each week that would elicit a reaction from the audience.

    Catalina seemed smitten with Randy now. I like the continuity and the fact they did not overplay the relationship between the two. I can only hope it'll fade with time. Frankly, I was tired of their possible romance well before last week's episode aired.

    Overall, Joy and Liberty stole the show, though Joy manages to do that almost every episode anyway with her quirkiness. I hope they will keep this level of quality writing up, hopefully for years to come.moreless
DJ Qualls

DJ Qualls

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Tamala Jones

Tamala Jones

Liberty Washington

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Gigi Goff

Young Joy

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    • Joy: This is for slashing my tires. (spins Liberty around the ring)
      Liberty: (hits Joy on the back) That's for trashing my credit rating.
      Joy: (puts Liberty in a leg lock) And this is for making out with that Math teacher when you knew he had a crush on me.

    • (Joy grabs Liberty by her hair)
      Liberty: Not my weave, not my weave.
      Talent Scout: Damn! A deweaving, now you can't fake that.
      Ray-Ray: I better go get that hair.

    • Randy: (yelling at Liberty) You, go to the back of the bus.
      (crowd boos)
      Earl: (voiceover) Randy, may have had the perfect head for wrestling, but his heart was a little too soft, and he just couldn't take the booing.
      Randy: I'm not really the man. I'm Randy and I'm nice. I like black people, I love Oprah especially when she acts black.

    • Liberty: (yells at Ray-Ray) Come on, let's go.
      (Darnell begins to follow)
      Joy: Darnell?
      Darnell: Sorry baby, sometimes I just respond to yelling.

    • Darnell: What's your little man's name?
      Ray-Ray: Oh, this right here is mister bearded dragon. Yours?
      Darnell: Mister turtle. Call me if you ever interested in setting up a play date.
      Ray-Ray: Oh, that be nice.

    • Liberty: You?
      Joy: You? Earl, if this whom I'm supposed to met, we're done. I'd rather have a pitbull of puppies stick a litter in me than carry this woman's demon child.
      Liberty: That pitbull would have to be pretty drunk to knock you up.
      Earl: Okay, that's a nice icebreaker now let's stop right there while the score's even.
      Joy: Slut!
      Liberty: Road whore!
      Earl: Okay, still tied, two to two.

    • Catalina: Are you guys done with this gum on the side of the tv?
      Randy: Pink gum, yes, green gum, no.

    • Joy: Well, lookie here. Looks like we got us a little private time. You wanna have sex? (opens her overcoat)
      Earl: Joy, are you crazy?
      Joy: Crazy for you. Made us some sangria. (hands the bottle to Earl and licks her lips)
      Earl: I'll drink the sangria, but the days of me and you having sex are over.
      Joy: I need to get knocked-up, Earl. Juries go easier on pregnant women, and you know I got a deaf lawyer and I'm guilty, so I need all the help I can get, and Darnell's not giving it to me so I need it from you.
      Earl: Look, it sounds like a perfectly good plan, but I can't be a part of that. Besides, I can't do that to Darnell.
      Joy: Oh, come on Earl, you spent a few years taking care of one of his babies, now he can take care of one of yours.
      Earl: Joy, just go home.
      Joy: God, I've never been 0 for two in one night. Two for three, but never 0 for two.
      (Randy enters the room)
      Joy: (opens her coat) Randy, you know where babies come from?
      Randy: Yeah, the bottom of that fuzzy lightning bolt.
      Earl: Joy!

    • Joy: (yelling at Darnell) Fine. But, just so you know I didn't wash the sheets from last night yet, so I may not need you anyway.

    • Joy: This pamphlet says that pregnant women have a 50% higher acquittal rate with sympathetic jurors. Double snap! Darnell, get your jammy bottoms off right now.
      Darnell: Why?
      Joy: 'Cause, you're gonna get me impregnated so I won't be incarcerated. Damn, I know a lot of big words.
      Darnell: Joy, that's a terrible reason to have a baby.
      Joy: A terrible reason? Darnell, the reason I had my first child was a broken condom. Reason I had my second one: because we were standing up, you had a cramp in your leg which prohibited you from making a timely exit. Staying out of jail is the best reason I ever had. (puts her hand under the covers) Now, gimme that thingy and let's do this.
      Darnell: No, stop pulling on me.

    • (Liberty hits Randy on the head with a chair)
      Liberty: Hey, Ray-Ray you can go on the long walk with your stupid lizard, I found a new white devil.

    • Earl: Anyway, I was hoping to do something to make up for running up your credit card.
      Liberty: I don't know what you can do, I got all the debt erased. They finally realized a black woman didn't have any use for a tanning bed and Jimmy Buffet tickets.

    • Liberty: (on the phone) No, I did not buy tickets to Graceland. Elvis stole his music from the black man. Why would I want to see what he bought with the money?

    • Joy: Liberty.
      Liberty: Joy.
      Joy: Parking space says compact, so unless you want a ticket you better move your fat ass.
      Liberty: What, you'd just say?
      (Joy backs up her car)
      Liberty: Whoa, whoa! (she falls inside the car's trunk)
      Liberty: Oh, hell no!
      (Liberty takes a knife out of her purse)
      Joy: Oh, you gonna cut me?
      Liberty: Oh, yeah!
      Joy: Okay. What I got? (searches her car)
      Liberty: Enjoy the parking space, cause you gonna be here a while. (punches the car's tire)
      (Earl gets out of the car)
      Earl: Liberty, calm down, okay.
      Joy: I got a hair spray and a lighter. Hope your man like barbecue.
      Liberty: Bring it.
      Earl: Don't test her. I've seen her cook a turkey that way, just, just, go.
      Liberty: Fine. But, I'm not leaving because I'm scared, I'm leaving to find my man a new parking space.

    • Joy: Check it out. I was just in my deaf lawyer's office and the most unbelievable thing happen.
      Earl: She can hear now?
      Joy: No, you idiot.
      Randy: She can see through walls?
      Joy: Yeah, that's it genius, she can see through walls.

    • (Randy is drinking two glasses of beers at the same time)
      Randy: I told you the light beer drinks faster.
      Earl: Well, it only makes sense.

    • Joy: (Opening her robe to entice Randy) Randy, do you know where babies come from?
      Randy: (rather nonchalantly) Yeah right at the bottom of that fuzzy lightning bolt.

    • Earl: Wow, a half-sister!
      Randy: Is it the top half or the bottom? I'm amazed they even kept her alive.
      Joy: I'm amazed they kept you alive.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Earl: Joy made Liberty's neighbor an offer she couldn't refuse.

      This is a reference to the famous line, "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse." It was spoken by Don Vito, played by Marlon Brando, in the 1972 film The Godfather.

    • Assistant: Don't say things you've seen the movies, like you're out of order or you can't handle the truth.

      This is in reference to Jack Nicholson's famous line from the movie A Few Good Men which premiered in 1992.

      you're out of order is in reference to Al Pacino's line from the 1979 movie ...And Justice for All.

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