My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2007 on NBC

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  • A very heartwarming yet utterly funny episode. Joy is not as shallow as she appears; she can actually empathize with someone else. And Earl's attempts to reconcile the estranged sisters was done truly in Earl's style.

    I was disappointed in last week's episode and did not find it worth writing about, but this week absolutely turned it around for me and restored my faith in the show.

    It was surprising to learn of Joy's half-sister (though not so surprising in retrospect) and her utter hatred of her, without knowing who she really was, was very in character. It was fun to see the flashbacks to their childhood rivalries and to see the animosity growing right along with them. So I was very much interested in what could possibly bring the two together.

    The answer was both shocking and sweet. Joy -understood- Liberty's pain as she was growing up, and that Liberty had an actual excuse to hate her. And to find Joy to be the first to extend the hand of friendship! We all know there was more to her when it comes to her children, but to see that Joy goes even deeper than that. I've always enjoyed her character in that she was so stereotypically white trash and she wasn't afraid to get into people's faces. And her apparent lack of public decorum. Now this new development is edging her up to be my favorite character, fast.

    The other highlight of the episode was Earl's attempts at getting the two together and explaining surrogacy. It was very clever of him to use such simple examples to explain the intricate and delicate procedure the women would actually have to go through. And we once again got to see his persistence that is now the hallmark of his character.

    Randy drinking milk and beer at once was gross and nothing unexpected. I believe one of the writers goals are to see what shocking action they could put Randy through each week that would elicit a reaction from the audience.

    Catalina seemed smitten with Randy now. I like the continuity and the fact they did not overplay the relationship between the two. I can only hope it'll fade with time. Frankly, I was tired of their possible romance well before last week's episode aired.

    Overall, Joy and Liberty stole the show, though Joy manages to do that almost every episode anyway with her quirkiness. I hope they will keep this level of quality writing up, hopefully for years to come.
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