My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2006 on NBC
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Earl decides to cross off "made a kid scared of the Boogeyman" from his list. Earl soon discovers just what kind of lasting affect he had on the little boy.

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  • A middling episode ruined by a very poor casting decision.

    All in all, the story was not wholly terrible, but not one of the show's best. Earl discovers that a boy he scared by pretending to be the Boogeyman is still traumatized by it years later. So shaken by what he's done, Earl goes beyond the day of slavery (which felt a bit like a rip-off of Richard Pryor in "The Toy") that was demanded to cross this off his list, and helps the boy recover. Eventually the kid wants to live with Earl, and tracks him down to the hotel. It wasn't filled with as many laughs as many previous episodes, but it was heartfelt.

    Sadly, the miscommunication that then led people to believe Earl kidnapped the boy was far too obvious, and the kid's coincidental behavior that created the situation a bit too convenient. The show also felt hemmed in by the smaller than usual parts for CrabMan and Joy. However, the biggest problem was a monumentally huge casting blunder. I'm certain Malcolm David Kelley is a fine young man, and he's a decent actor, but his presence in the show as the traumatized boy was so jarring to anyone who's a fan of "Lost" that he was nothing more than a huge distraction. You just can't see him as anyone other than "Walt," and the episode suffered greatly for his presence. Having someone known from such a giant, breakout show was just a flat-out mistake.

    In the end, we're left with an episode that was one of the weaker installments as it is, but the casting error made it even worse.moreless
  • Very enjoyable to watch.

    What can I say about this episode? I thought it was brillant. The episode was very enjoyable to watch. I could watch it over and over again. The writers did a great job, writing this episode. Also, the actors in this episode were great. Earl was so kind crossing off, a little child. The boy, was so cute aswell. I might go and watch this episode right now. All in all a very, enjoyable episode to watch, for me it was one of the best in episodes in season one, but they are all so good. So its a hard choice, but a very good episode.moreless
  • Yet another original idea

    This episode is hilarious, especially the first part of the episode where Earl cures the phobia of the dark which was very funny and while the fake kidnapping was probably even funnier, it went on a little too long but the ending with the gas was a brilliant idea because it is a real situation and if it wasn't explained by the kid, cops are clearly going to gas the criminals for our amusement.

    There are a few slips in quality but very few in the episode and overall, I found it most entertaining but certainly not one of the best.moreless
  • Earl decides to cross off "made a kid scared of the boogeyman" from his list.

    Earl decides to cross off "made a kid scared of the boogeyman" from his list. At a young age, we have very delicate minds that could be easily traumatized by even the weirdest moments. In attempt to rob a house, Earl scares a small rich kid and makes him believe that there is a real boogeyman. The boy is still afraid to sleep with the lights off and Earl offers to be his personal slave to cross out his bad deed. The kid definitely has some fun on Earl’s expense but they quickly become good friends. Earl’s new friend leaves home and moves in with him. This leads to a tense police standoff in the motel and Earl being accused of kidnapping. During Joy’s TV interview, the notion of Earl’s Karma list makes Earl appear as some sick child predator. Ethan Suplee was at his goofiest. He really enjoyed playing with all the kid’s toys and taking advantage of being a kidnapper. He also takes a liking to the gas bomb that the police lodge through the window.moreless
  • Good episode, enjoyable

    In 2000, Earl, Randy, Joy, tried to rob a house when the owners returned. They hid inside, fleeing one at a time. Earl however, was trapped in a kid's bedroom. The child goes to bed and Earl tried to sneak out. When the kid saw Earl, he thought he was the boogeyman.

    Now, Earl tries to make it up to the kid by being his slave. But after a day of slavery he realizes that Albie is afraid of the dark. So each night they dim the lights a little, and Earl sits outside Albie's window, talking to him. After a week, he is no longer scared of the dark.

    Albie then shows up at Earl's door, saying he wants to live with him because his own parents ignore him. Earl tries to call the kid's dad, saying "I have your son" and Albie hangs up the phone, then rips the cord out of the wall. His dad believes that Earl kidnapped his son.

    Soon the motel where Earl lives is surrounded by police. Albie's father climbs the motel fire escape, and tries to rescue his son. Seeing that his dad cares about him, Albie returns home.moreless

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    • Earl: (voiceover) And, after a week of sleeping on a tree full of bugs, I was looking forward to taking a nap on real furniture full of bugs.

    • Earl: It's okay to be scared of the dark, Albie.
      Albie: I'm not scared of the dark.
      Earl: Alright. But even if you were, it's okay. I'm scared of stuff.
      Albie: Like what?
      Earl: Well, like, sewer gators. Y'know, they might come up and bite me when I sit on the toilet, so most times I just kinda hover.
      Albie: I am scared of the dark, Earl.
      Earl: I'm gonna help you get over that.

    • Earl: (voiceover) Turning down the lights that night helped Albie a little bit; but what really helped was just talking. The next night, we dimmed the lights a little bit more and talked about relationships. (to Albie) Why don't you ask her out?
      Albie: I dunno. What you said really scared me.
      Earl: Well, Joy's a bad example; not all women are like that.

    • (Joy is looking at the Detective's hand)
      Joy: See what I do is push these cuticles back, they'll look a lot more clean.
      Albie's Dad: Is this the kind of thing you need to be doing right now?
      Detective: Sir, it's a waiting game.

    • News Reporter: Camden Police Department has identified the kidnapper as Earl Hickey. With me is the alleged kidnapper's former wife Joy Turner. Joy, what was it like to me married to a monster?
      Joy: Truthfully, I didn't know he was capable of something like this. But, I know earlier in the week he was talking about spending nights with a boy.
      News Reporter: So, this was planned?
      Joy: Yes. But, it was okay, cause the boy was on his list.
      News Reporter: He has a list of boys?

    • Earl: Joy, do you remember a few months ago when Dodge was scared of the dark?
      Joy: Yeah! Unfortunately, that was my fault cause when he heard us having sex I told him it was me fighting off the wolf man.
      (flashback scene)
      Dodge: Mommy, are you okay?
      Joy: Go to bed honey. Mommy's just fighting off the wolf man again.
      (flashback ends)
      Earl: So, how did you cure him?
      Joy: Fortunately, he got brave one time and walked in to save me and saw that there was no wolf man, just Darnell ploughing me.
      Darnell: He still won't look me in the eye.

    • (Earl and Randy are rushing to steal as many things as they can)
      Joy: (standing by the fridge) Would you two dummies relax? (points to a note on the fridge) Aunt Edna's birthday party from 5 to 8. We got all night. Now, who wants rich people food? (opens the fridge) Ohhh, ya'll they got real cheese.
      (the home owners return)
      Earl: (voice over) Unfortunately, the family only left to pick up the guest of honor. Aunt Edna's birthday party was here and that changed our plans from robbing to get the hell out.

    • Earl: (voiceover) You may wonder why me and Randy are hiding in the bushes, watching a little kid. Well it all started about six years ago, and I don't mean our watching little kids. (cut to Joy, Randy and Earl hiding in the bushes casing a house)Joy had recently given birth to my first illegitimate child, and we didn't have a fancy nanny; so every day was take your baby to work day.

    • Randy: Look Earl! He's got a trampoline! We should steal it and put it in the motel parking lot, then we could use it to go up and down from our room without ever having to use the stairs.

    • Earl: (voiceover) I explained my list and the whole boogeyman misunderstanding to Albie. And I realised if you talk to kids like they're adults, they'll treat you with the same respect.
      Albie: You're a buttwad and I hate you!

    • Earl: Sometimes the people on my list; they choose how I'm gonna make things up to them.
      Albie: So… whatever I say, you have to do, buttwad?
      Earl: Yeah, that's kinda how it works.
      Albie: Be my slave, all day!
      Randy: You should do it Earl! Being a slave could be cool; you get to sing while you work!

    • Earl: (voiceover) Albie's suggestion was a little childish. But he was just a kid. (cut to Albie shooting Earl with paintballs) Unfortunately, he handled firearms like an adult.

    • Randy: How's being a slave? Is it fun?
      Earl: No it isn't fun Randy! I got shot with paintballs, was used as a motorboat and was forced to race his dog on all fours!
      Randy: That's not fair Earl. Dogs are used to racing on all fours. I bet he won. Did he win?
      Earl: Yeah, he won.

    • (Joy is giving Darnell a manicure)
      Darnell: This feels weird.
      Joy: It's not weird. It's metro-sexual. Pretty soon metro-sexuality's gonna hit Camden County and when all the men start turning into half fruits, Joy's Nails is gonna be ready.

    • Albie: I was wondering… what's it like having a moustache?
      Earl: (thinks for a moment) Let me give you one piece of advice, Albie. The second your body is ready: grow one.

    • Earl: Well no one really knows for sure, but I like to think the first thing that happens in heaven is you get to watch your life on TV.
      Albie: That's cool. So one day we might both be watching this on TV?
      Earl: Yeah, maybe.
      Albie: (waves at the ceiling) Hey dead Earl!
      Earl: (waves at the sky) Hey dead Albie!

    • Randy: I still can't believe you didn't call me when you were playing paintball. It combines two of my favourite things; toy guns and paint.

    • (sees the police and SWAT team gathering outside the motel)
      Earl: Oh my God! They think we're… I'm gonna go out and explain everything to them.
      Albie: I don't wanna go home. If you go out there I'll tell them you kidnapped me.
      Earl: And I'll tell them I didn't.
      Albie: Then I'll tell them you did.
      Randy: And I'll tell them you didn't.
      Albie: (to Randy) Then I'll tell them you put my underwear on your head.
      Randy: Uh oh… I'm sorry Earl. I really did think it was a mask.

    • Earl: How long do you think we can stay locked up in here? We don't even have any food! Just give up!
      Albie: (opens the door and yells out to the cops) They said they're gonna kill me if you don't give us pizza!
      Earl: Albie, what are you doing?!?
      Randy: Hey, tell them we'll still kill ya if it's not pepperoni.

    • (on TV)
      Joy: I just wanna say one thing. If you're looking for a reasonably priced manicure, that's gentle enough for a woman but man enough for a half fruit: Call Joy's Nails. We're in the book!

    • (the cops shots tear gas into their room)
      Randy: Look Earl, fancy smoke, but it's making me sad.
      Earl: Put it down.
      Randy: No it's pretty.

    • Earl: See, your dad cares about you.
      Albie: His just saying that because the cameras are there, he doesn't want to look like a bad dad on tv.

    • Albie: How come there's two of you and only one deodorant?
      Randy: We're brothers so we share.
      Earl: We do?

    • Albie: What's on your face?
      Earl: Snails. I stop swatting them off around midnight.

    • Albie: I'm going to sleep now try to keep the crickets down will you.
      Earl: How?
      Albie: Scare em, your good at that.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Man: Who's that "Boo Radley" guy behind the plant?

      Boo Radley is the neighbor in Harper Lee's "To Kill A Mockingbird". He is a large man who never talks to anyone and is thought by most to be clinically thick. Thus; Randy.