My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2006 on NBC

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  • A middling episode ruined by a very poor casting decision.

    All in all, the story was not wholly terrible, but not one of the show's best. Earl discovers that a boy he scared by pretending to be the Boogeyman is still traumatized by it years later. So shaken by what he's done, Earl goes beyond the day of slavery (which felt a bit like a rip-off of Richard Pryor in "The Toy") that was demanded to cross this off his list, and helps the boy recover. Eventually the kid wants to live with Earl, and tracks him down to the hotel. It wasn't filled with as many laughs as many previous episodes, but it was heartfelt.
    Sadly, the miscommunication that then led people to believe Earl kidnapped the boy was far too obvious, and the kid's coincidental behavior that created the situation a bit too convenient. The show also felt hemmed in by the smaller than usual parts for CrabMan and Joy. However, the biggest problem was a monumentally huge casting blunder. I'm certain Malcolm David Kelley is a fine young man, and he's a decent actor, but his presence in the show as the traumatized boy was so jarring to anyone who's a fan of "Lost" that he was nothing more than a huge distraction. You just can't see him as anyone other than "Walt," and the episode suffered greatly for his presence. Having someone known from such a giant, breakout show was just a flat-out mistake.
    In the end, we're left with an episode that was one of the weaker installments as it is, but the casting error made it even worse.
  • Very enjoyable to watch.

    What can I say about this episode? I thought it was brillant. The episode was very enjoyable to watch. I could watch it over and over again. The writers did a great job, writing this episode. Also, the actors in this episode were great. Earl was so kind crossing off, a little child. The boy, was so cute aswell. I might go and watch this episode right now. All in all a very, enjoyable episode to watch, for me it was one of the best in episodes in season one, but they are all so good. So its a hard choice, but a very good episode.
  • Yet another original idea

    This episode is hilarious, especially the first part of the episode where Earl cures the phobia of the dark which was very funny and while the fake kidnapping was probably even funnier, it went on a little too long but the ending with the gas was a brilliant idea because it is a real situation and if it wasn't explained by the kid, cops are clearly going to gas the criminals for our amusement.

    There are a few slips in quality but very few in the episode and overall, I found it most entertaining but certainly not one of the best.
  • Earl decides to cross off "made a kid scared of the boogeyman" from his list.

    Earl decides to cross off "made a kid scared of the boogeyman" from his list. At a young age, we have very delicate minds that could be easily traumatized by even the weirdest moments. In attempt to rob a house, Earl scares a small rich kid and makes him believe that there is a real boogeyman. The boy is still afraid to sleep with the lights off and Earl offers to be his personal slave to cross out his bad deed. The kid definitely has some fun on Earl’s expense but they quickly become good friends. Earl’s new friend leaves home and moves in with him. This leads to a tense police standoff in the motel and Earl being accused of kidnapping. During Joy’s TV interview, the notion of Earl’s Karma list makes Earl appear as some sick child predator. Ethan Suplee was at his goofiest. He really enjoyed playing with all the kid’s toys and taking advantage of being a kidnapper. He also takes a liking to the gas bomb that the police lodge through the window.
  • Good episode, enjoyable

    In 2000, Earl, Randy, Joy, tried to rob a house when the owners returned. They hid inside, fleeing one at a time. Earl however, was trapped in a kid's bedroom. The child goes to bed and Earl tried to sneak out. When the kid saw Earl, he thought he was the boogeyman.

    Now, Earl tries to make it up to the kid by being his slave. But after a day of slavery he realizes that Albie is afraid of the dark. So each night they dim the lights a little, and Earl sits outside Albie's window, talking to him. After a week, he is no longer scared of the dark.

    Albie then shows up at Earl's door, saying he wants to live with him because his own parents ignore him. Earl tries to call the kid's dad, saying "I have your son" and Albie hangs up the phone, then rips the cord out of the wall. His dad believes that Earl kidnapped his son.

    Soon the motel where Earl lives is surrounded by police. Albie's father climbs the motel fire escape, and tries to rescue his son. Seeing that his dad cares about him, Albie returns home.
  • good.

    Well I really like this episode one because it was a reasonable list thing also the begining was funny because they were stealing and he jumped out from under the bed it that scene was funny to me, I also enjoyed watching this because of Malcolm David Kelly, Albie, the reason I like that is because hes plays Walt in Lost and I am a Lost addict so I enjoyed seeing someone in it play in another show I love. fi also think Earl was funny in that tree when hed wake up and snails were on him. ha ha.
  • A graet episode

    I really liked thsi episode especially the guest apperance by malcom david kelley who is just like his character Walt in lost here. The plot at the end was very predictable but a very funny story throughout. This was a classic earl episode because you think it will be easy to cross made a kid scared of the bogey man of hislist but as this si earl nothing is that simple. I do believe the epsiode would have been even better if randy was given more screen time as he is the best character. Overall a greta episode can not wait for the next one
  • Don\'t forget the Dreamcatcher movie allusion!! Excellent episode. Although I was happy with a Walt-free tv...

    Earl's confession that he is afraid of sewergators is an allusion to the 2003 movie Dreamcatcher (directed by
    Lawrence Kasdan and based on a Stephen King novel) in which Jason Lee's character (Joe 'Beaver' Clarenden) was [spoiler allert!!] killed on a toilet while trying to keep a "sewergator" alien monster under the lid.[/spoiler] Scary scary scene...

    This is another excellent episode in my soon-to-be favorite TV comedy. Earl continues to grow as a character, finding reason and satisfaction in doing god instead of doing good for the sole purpose of crossing things off his "idiot list".

    Although I was happy with a Walt-free tv...
  • There is a boogeyman! There is a boogeyman!!

    When a family comes home unexpectedly while Earl is robbing their house, he was to drop what he’s thieving and hide. Unfortunately he hides underneath a boys bed. The boy discovers him and thinks it's the boogeyman. So now Earl has to make up for traumatising the kid. Young Albie demands that to make up for what he did, Earl has to be his slave for a day. After being a slave, Earl discovers that he did much more than give the kid a fright, but made him too scared to sleep with the lights. So Earl sits in the tree outside Albie’s window for a week, in case he’s needed, while Albie slowly dims the light each night till he can sleep in the dark.

    I liked this episode much more than the most recent episodes. This one had the heart and humour that makes this show so enjoyable and entertaining. I marvel at the fact that no one question why Earl was hanging around outside a kids bedroom though. We didn’t get to see much of Catalina which I find a shame. She’s a lovely character, and should be used more often. That aside, this was an excellent episode, of an excellent show.
  • First episode I've seen and now I want to watch this regularly. Earl rights a wrong committed six years ago when he inadvertantly scared a little boy.

    I was moved to write this review because I so vehemently disagreed with another reviewer. I've been a big fan of "Lost", but have lost interest this season due to the lack of "Walt" (who only showed up for about ten seconds in two early episodes). I only watched "Boogeyman" because I saw on a message board that Malcolm David Kelley was guest starring in it; I had never seen "Earl" before. After watching this episode, I want to see "Earl" regularly, and can look forward to summer reruns of all the shows I missed. It was great seeing Malcolm doing something again, and I, along with most people I know, am certainly capable of distinguishing between different roles played by the same actor. If Malcolm can't be seen as anyone other than "Walt," then logically he shouldn't be allowed to be cast in any other role, which is patently unfair, especially since he is not appearing regularly on "Lost" any more.
    Fortunately, the creators of "Earl" made a good decision in getting this guest star, and now I realize "My Name is Earl" is an entertaining and unique show. It's originality is a breath of fresh air in the world of stale sitcoms.

    The interaction and acting between Earl and Albie was excellent all the way through. The way Earl still wanted to help the boy after going through that day of slavery was touching, while in a comedic setting. And Randy had several great one-liners. My main regret was that this episode wasn't longer.
  • Can this show get any better???

    This week Earl tries to help out a young boy he scared. Earl recalls that he, along with his gang, was trying to rob a place when all of a sudden the owners came back and it turned out they ware having a party. So Joy, Randy and Earl all try to hide. Earl finds a spot under a bed, and when the young boy (who is very scared of the dark and the boogieman) looks under the bed he finds Earl and starts to scream his lungs off. So now Earl is back trying to cross him off his list. Earl tells him that he will do anything, so the boy asks him to be his slave for a day, and so Earl does that. When the day is over and Earl has to leave he realizes that there is a bigger problem. The boy is still afraid of the dark, and so Earl sets out to help him so that finally he can cross him of his list…
  • This week, Earl tries to make up for making a young kid afraid of the dark. This leads into new problems. A nice guest appearance by Malcolm David Kelley who played Walt on Lost.

    This week, Earl tries to make up for making a young kid afraid of the dark. This leads into new problems.

    A nice guest appearance by Malcolm David Kelley who played Walt on Lost.

    I understand that when you catch a show, you must suspend your disbelief at times. The problem I have with this show is, I feel I have to suspend my belief quite often. Some instances form this episode are that no one saw Earl sleeping in a tree all week. Also, no one heard Alvie talking to Earl during the night and morning. Alvie knew how to locate Earl's room. Earl knew Alvie's phone number off the top of his head. There are more, but I think I've made my point. While none of those things are that big of a deal, I just feel too many of them occur in each episode.

    Also, instead of the scene at the end of the episode featuring Randy lying to Earl, I would have preferred to see a scene where Earl is trying to convince the cops that he is innocent. Or even a scene where he how he got out of it.