My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 6

Broke Joy's Fancy Figurine

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2005 on NBC

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  • I think that was the only episode that i didnt enjoy up to know but that doesnt mean that ill stop watchin\' Earl

    I think that was the only episode that i didnt enjoy up to know but that doesnt mean that ill stop watchin\' Earl. well, it had a message but it wasnt that funny !!! they spent a very quite episode all together and i dont think it was really smart that Joy played a role with her dead mom. i mean what does that mean, should it be Funny or someting~
  • While this episode had its good bits, it didn't hold up as well as the precedent ones. the convoluted path he follows makes less sense than it did before. Maybe it's only the adding up of unlikely twists and plain silly details but it just didn't feel rig

    While this episode had its good bits, I felt it didn't hold up as well as the precedent ones. The best aspect of the storyline would be that Earl at last decides to make something up for something wrong he did to Joy (which is hinted will happen again sometimes). However, most of the convoluted path he follows makes less sense than it did before. Or maybe it's only the adding up of unlikely twists and plain silly details but it just didn't feel right this time.
    I can only take so much wackiness. I was busy digesting the fact that a mother-daughter lawnmower-sponsored beauty pageant was taking place that I had to accept that an adult could enter it a the last minute with an urn containing cigarette ash and butts. Then I was expected to believe that said contestants could win the pageant while an unregarded Earl was left spinning on stage with a throwing knife in his leg.
  • Earl sets out to help a family win a beauty pagent in order to win Joy a trophy. Easily one of the best episodes so far.

    Favorite Quote: I've been stabbed by plenty of girls.

    The episode begins with Randy sitting down at the bar. Earl walks in and hands a cereal box to Randy. He looks very happy. Earl tells Randy no more generic cereal for him. He only gets the best now.

    When Earl and Randy get back to the apartment, Joy is there digging through all of their stuff. Earl tells Joy she isn't getting any of his money. She tells him that all she really wants his a hot tub. Earl looks on his list and sees that Joy his on it. He tells her that he will fix that so she'll leave him alone. It says that he blew up Joy's Trophy but he can't really remember what it was for. Later that night he dreams about it. Randy and him are using firecrackers to blow stuff up. They run out of things so Earl brings Joy's trophy. It is a little girl sitting on a lawnmower with the companies name on it.

    The next day Earl goes to the company and asks if he can have one of the trophies. The lady there tells him that the trophies are given out to the winners of the Lawn Mower companies Mother and Daughter beauty pageant. The lady remembers when Joy won. The next year a new mother and daughter entered and that family has won every year since. Their name is the Stokers. Earl goes to the mother and daughter and asks if he can have one of their trophies. They make a deal that if Earl helps them win this year, they will give him the trophy. Earl tells Joy he is going to enter and win her a trophy. She doesn't want him to so she is going to enter, too.

    The beauty pageant is also has a talent show part. The reason this family has won every year is because they have a "gift" in which they can throw knives with amazing accuracy. Earl is placed on a large circle which spins around while Ms. Stoker and her daughter throws knives at him. Earl finds out that the daughter, Candy, has been practicing with plastic knives and she hasn't discovered her "gift" yet. This greatly worries Earl. Ms. Stoker gives Candy real knives and has her try it. She does perfectly, a great relief to Earl.

    Later, when Earl is alone with Candy, she tells him that she really wants to become a doctor and not enter these beauty pageants. Earl convinces her that she has to do it for him. Meanwhile, Joy goes out and tries to adopt a child, with little luck. So she calls her mother and asks if she will enter with her, but has no luck either. Joy gets an idea. Crabman and her smoke a ton of cigarettes and fill up a urn. She convinces the judges at the pageant it is her mother's ashes and they allow her to enter.

    While all this is going on, Randy and Catalina hang out and get to know each other better. The pageant begins and the competition is fierce. After a first couple of groups go, Joy comes out. She is wearing a skimpy two-piece swimsuit carrying her mother's urn. She sings some songs and even starts tap dancing. She really wants to win this pageant. The Stoker family is about to come out and Earl is getting ready. Backstage, he sees Candy and she looks depressed. He talks to her and sees that she is unhappy. He tells her to hit him in the leg with the knife.

    The Stoker family comes out along with Earl. Ms. Stoker goes first and does a perfect job. Candy steps up, throws the knife and it flies right in to Earl's leg! Earl gives Candy a thumbs up to let her know he's ok, aside from a knife in his leg. He tells her he is ok and that he has been stabbed by plenty of girls. The judges come out and announce that Joy is the winner. She gets a trophy and Earl realizes that he did the right thing. Joy got her trophy back and he can cross her off his list.
  • Pretty good.

    I ENJOYED IT kinda it was really funny to see that girl learning how to throw darts at Earl I loved the end when Earl told the girl to hit him with the knife because he knew it was the right thing to do that was great and put a great morel into this ep that was mainly the only part i liked.
  • Earl and his message: Do good things and good things will happen to you

    The little girl is so cute. It made me sad that Earl stabbing the girl is the only method for her to become a doctor. I never can stand stupid parents on TV Shows... Mean children are as bad :) (see Grey's Anatomy 01x07 & 01x08

    Go Kellogg's!!! Made me craving for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes.

    *Die wecken den Tiiiger in dir*
  • Competition gets funny tha competitive

    After breaking a figurine back when he was a kid
    Earl vows to help a mother and daughter when from
    His friend but later on, his friend enters the competition
    With hopes of winning a hot tub. That is when it goes
    From being competitive to really being funny. Great show as usual and always!
  • When earl tries to make up for breaking Joy fancy figurine he learns that he can\'t just go to the pawn shop and buy a new one, he learns that she won the figurine in a mother-daughter beauty pagent and the only way to make it up to her is to help her win

    This episode was nothing special, it was just fair for me. It was very touching and I had to fight back tears lol.
    When Earl decides to cross of number 152 on his list: Broke Joys fency figurine. He thinks he could just go and buy her another one but learning that she won it in a mother-daughter beauty pagent makes him realize that, it ment much more to Joy then he thought. so He knows that he has to have her enter the beauty pagent and win it again, this task would be difficult due to the fact that Joy\'s mother is dead so they decide to enter the pagent with joy\'s mother ashes, which really are just ciggrite ashes I found this part very funny. But more trouble follows when they meet the \"unbeatable\" chumps for so many years running. Earl eventually ends up helping them because he made a deal with the mother that he could keep the figurine if they win, but after a few days with them he learned that the little girl doesn\'t want to do the pagent and wants to be a doctor.
    In the end, it was so cool, how earl told the little girl that she could be whatever she wants to be and that she doesn\'t need to do the pagent, that she could go and become a doctor. anyway, this was an okay episode. it had its funny moments.
  • funny

    I like this episode it was really cute I like the way Joy kept on about that hottube. I also think it was funny the way he was talking about a knife only hurting if you turn it around pull it out and put it back in, I thought that was extremely funny. I also just love all the episodes of Earl so that’s partly why I love it.
  • Earl finds interesting ways to cross things off his list!

    This episode is proof that Earl will do anything to become a new person, including getting stabbed in the leg so Joy would win the pageant and get the figurine she didn't want so he would have to give her a hot tub. If that doesn't sound complicated, you've obviously seen the episode.

    Joy was terrific in the episode, such as faking a cremation and trying to adopt a child, and it was good to see Earl could cross one of many things off the list involving Joy, against her will which made it quite funny aswell.

    Overall, the talent is a hilarious idea and brings the whole episode into an entertaining watch.
  • You will laugh right throughout this one!

    This was an insanely funny episode of 'My Name Is Earl', and I really couldn't stop laughing when I watched this awesome episode! There is so much great about it, and I really enjoyed the scenes where Joy and Darnelle smoked cigarettes to create Joy's mother's 'ashes' and enter the pageant!

    The pageant in itself was really funny, including Joy's act with her "mother" and also the knife to the knee for Earl. Very funny concept.

    Overall, if you are in seearch of a great laugh, look nor further. This is one hilarious episode, and I promise that will be your opinion of it as well! Keep it up, guys!
  • Another very entertaining episode.

    Earl gets tired of Joy trying to steal his money. So he tells her he will do one of the bad things on his list he did to her. Joy of course says no, she wants a hot tub. He broke a figurine she won as a child in a mother/daughter pageant. The figurine can't be purchased it must be won. So Earl finds some contestants and agrees to help them win if he can have the figurine. This makes Joy angry bcuz she wants a HOT TUB! She figures a way to enter herself. Ol' Earl helps her and a little girl out in the end.

    As the New Yorker critic, find something more intelligent to say. Pseudo-intellectuals droning on about what they think is intelligent does nothing but show us the true lack of wit and complete ignorance.
  • Karma, good or bad really happens really does come back to you.

    I may be just a little biased because I’m a huge Jason Lee fan, but this is one of the best comedies to coma round in a long time – well, along with “The Office”, but that’s another review.

    Earl continued quest of bringing good Karma into his life comes back twofold in this episode, this time by trying to make amends for breaking Joy’s Prettiest Pretty Princess trophy – even though she thinks she really wants a hot tub.

    His attempt to win a trophy for her by helping – horrors! – her childhood nemesis, backfires…sort of. Little did he know that Joy would actually pull off entering the pageant with her dead mother’s “ashes”.

    Earl throws the contest with the help of a determined little girl who wants to be a doctor, and Joy, who much to her surprise actually wins!

    Funniest moment:

    Earl waking up to his brother cutting his toenails: “Thank God! I thought they just weren’t growing!”
  • Joy wants a Hot Tub, Candy wants to be a doctor, Candy's mother wants to win the beauty pagaent, Earl wants to cross Joy off of his list (and NOT get stabbed in TOO many places in the process). All in all a hillarious episode!

    Joy wants a Hot Tub, Candy wants to be a doctor, Candy's mother wants to win the beauty pagaent, Earl wants to cross Joy off of his list (and NOT get stabbed in TOO many places in the process). All in all a hillarious episode!

    I liked all of the little details in this episode: from Earl's brother clipping Earl's toenails in his(Earl's) sleep; to Joy pretending her mother was dead and using cigarrette ashes in an urn to aid her entrance in the pagaent (to the whole lawn mower thing, to Earl not remembering how painful it was to get satbbed in the leg, even though many women have stabbed him before).

    The entire knives "talent" storyline was very funny(and at the end kind of sweet), and that little girl who played Candy was actually an excellent actress. All in all, a great episode!
  • Another great, hilarious episode.

    Another great, hilarious episode. Damn, comedies really aren't dead after all. South Park, Drawn Together, Arrested Development, and My Name is Earl make up for the recent loss of Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond.

    Earl's next item on his list involves fixing Joy's irreplaceable broken figurine ... by entering a beauty pageant with a knife-throwing man-hater and her daughter.

    Problem is, Joy wants a hot tub, and enters the pageant herself with the "dead ashes" of her mother. At first Earl is only fixated on crossing Joy off his list, but he finally comes to his senses and realizes that the little girl's wishes were more important.

    VERY touching ending, when Earl let the little girl hit him in the leg with the knife, and what he said about needing a doctor in the future and wanting that doctor to be her. *sniff* Anyway, Joy ended up winning, and Earl ended up "bringing back the kid in her." So, despite Joy still wanting a hot tub, Earl crossed her off his list.

    Another wrong made right.