My Name Is Earl

Season 2 Episode 13

Buried Treasure

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

At the beginning of the chatter we see Earl going to trailer lot to try to cross something from his list, he is glad because some neighbors move out, so who can unbury the treasure he had stolen a long time ago from the museum with Randy and Joy. After stealing some silverware they find out that it's really expensive silverware and try to sell it for 2000 dollars, but as this silverware is being looked for everywhere, the buyer doesn't want to have it, so, Earl, Randy and Joy decide to bury the silverware until everything was calmed down. So, Earl, without anyone noticing, writes a letter to the museum asking for money for the silverware, and giving a time and place. So, Earl is waiting for the money outside the old train station, he hides from Joy who is passing by with the car, he sees Randy following a guy with tight pants across the street, and later, he sees the museum lady leaving a bag in a bin. He waits to see if it's not a trap, and a guy opens the bag at the bin, a paint bomb explodes on his face, and the police take him. After that, the bush that Earl was hiding at, starts burning somehow.

Back at the present, Earl tries to unbury the silverware from the trailer lot, but he cannot find it, so Randy starts to think that he wouldn't find it because he took it, so they made another presentation of the show but with Randy, it is like "Do you know that kind of guy who likes spending time with his brother…" and ends with "My name is Randy".

So, another flashback begins, but now, from Randy's point of view. We get to see that while Earl was preparing the exchange of the silverware for the money, Randy went to the Crab Shack, and while speaking with Darnell, a guy overheard that he had the silverware, so, he asked Randy to give it to him and in exchange, he was going to raise the value of it by ten times, so Randy goes back to the trailer lot, unburied the silverware and gives it to the guy, and this, tells Randy that the next day a guy would be waiting with his money at the old train station. At the next day, Randy goes there and starts asking everyone if they had the stuff, the old lady from the museum answers that he only has that food, and some guy says that he hasn't and asks Randy for food. Randy answers that an old lady left a bag with food at the bin, and that's the guy who is caught by the police. Then Randy asks a guy with tight pants if he had the stuff, the guy says that yes but that they had to hide. After hiding, Randy gets out of the hiding spot, terrified.

Back to the present, we get to hear Joy's thoughts, who was looking at Earl trying to unbury the silverware from across her house, so, she starts thinking that they wouldn't get the silverware because she took it, so it happens the same as Randy and it ends as "My name is Joy".

We have another flashback, in which we see that while Earl was planning the exchange, and Randy was at the Crab Shack, Joy changed the silverware with some common forks, and at the next morning, she went to bury it to somewhere else, in the way, she gets near the bushes at the side of the street and throws a smoke, which ends building the fire at the bush where Earl was hiding across the old train station. After that Joy buries the silverware where Earl Jr. was conceived, it was just a place with grass.

Back to the present, Joy tells Darnell what happened, and Darnell starts to think, well, I won't tell Joy, but that Silverware isn't were she thinks, and we get the same as we got with Randy and Joy ending with "My name is Crabman".
We get another flashback but from Darnell's point of view. We see that after his goldfish died, he wanted to bury it in a very special place, the place where he took Joy on their first date, so, while burying the goldfish, he finds the silverware, all broken and dirty, and he decides to take it to the museum, where he sell it really cheap.
Back to the present, Earl still wants to cross that thing of his list, so he goes to the museum, and tries to make a donation, but as he sees the silverware he stole in the museum, besides being all broken and dirty, he crosses that thing off his list.

So, then we see the museum lady and we have a really funny scene, ending in "My name is Dotty".