My Name Is Earl

Season 3 Episode 21

Camdenites, Part 1

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 2008 on NBC

Episode Recap

Earl's wife is driving him crazy. She is in control since its her money. She makes him cut back on toothpaste and tissues, and makes Randy sleep on the balcony outside. Earl can't figure out why he is with her since she drives him crazy.

Billie tortures Randy by making him do embarrassing things for a Klondike bar, like having garbage thrown at him or selling girl scout cookies.

Earl pops by Joy's trailer, which has been turned on its side since "Bad Earl". Darnell writes down all the things he doesn't like about Joy in notebooks. Joy surprises them and reads a passage, but Darnell says its poetry. She reads some and dislikes how it doesn't rhyme. A close call for both Earl and Darnell. Earl rescues Randy from Billie and they move onto Kenny and Stewart, who are now a gay couple. They say foreplay is important and to say 'lover' while stroking the other`s chest.

Earl tries it later that night, but something bad happens under the covers, something about a finger and a hole.

Earl moves onto his mother, who starts talking about foreplay. Earl quickly asks for his father, who is working late at the frame shop. He's not there to pick out the drapes, and when Earl is forced to pick one its the wrong one. His mom starts yelling at him and Earl recounts how his father was never there for dumb family events, such as caroling in silly costumes and eating crickets during Asian food night.

Earl figures out his father is a genius, immersing in work to avoid his wife. Earl has his list instead of a job, so he decides to immerse himself into it to avoid Billie.

The next day Earl rounds up all his new friends he has helped with karma. They use ropes and pull the trailer back to its original position. Billie is angry when Darnell tells her Earl was drinking a beer. Earl avoids picking up dinner and they find Deedee`s prosthetic leg in the trailer.

Earl doesn`t want to confront Deedee since he`s been avoiding her for so long. They show up at Yummy`s Donuts because she wouldn`t have her shotgun. She throws donuts at them and Earl gives her back the leg. She wants him to go everywhere with only one leg.

Earl carries groceries to her house on one leg, but moves a bag to free up a hand to open the door with a key. He tips over because of the weight. Earl can`t cross a crosswalk with one leg and can`t even hold two beers. After a day of leg hopping, Earl and Deedee share a foot bath and he goes home.

Billie is in a great mood. She gives Earl an ATM card so he doesn`t have to ask her for money since they are married. She also gives him his own box of tissues and gives Randy a klondike bar. Earl assumes that he has treated women terrible his whole life. He needs to cross off the biggest mistreatment to women, seducing 7 virgins from the Camdenites.