My Name Is Earl

Season 3 Episode 21

Camdenites, Part 1

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 2008 on NBC

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  • Billie's got more mood swings than a pregnant primate.

    This episode is very funny, as Earl starts crossing off some bad things he's done to women, in an attempt to have a happy marriage. While this clearly shows that Earl's karmic beliefs have gone way into overdrive, since he thinks karma controls Billie's personality, it is quite funny.

    As he finally crosses Didi off his list, with a bit of an anticlimax, as well as some hilarious moments involving Billie's cruelty, the episode is a great one, and while it seems the marriage is doomed to fail, it does prove that you shouldn't rely on a karma coma to make your decisions for you.
  • Not the same Earl.

    I really didn't think that this installment of "My Name Is Earl" was anything special. Yes, it is Part 1 of a 2 parter but even with watching Part 2, it doesn't make Part 1 any better. It just didn;t have that good of a plot, I understand that the writers wanted to fit all that they could in these two episodes instead of leaving some stuff on the floor but I am one you thinks that this episode would have been better if it would've been just 1 episode because it still seems like they tried to cram to much into this one.
  • Earl continues to struggle to make his marriage work,but thinks that by dealing with past mistakes will improve his relationship with Billie,but it backfires when Billie makes Earl choose between her and his list.Billie then sets out to undo his work.

    After a very uneven and sometimes disappointing season, the 3rd season ends on a remarkable return to form. Earl is not sure what to do about Billie, but he think that dealing with the women on his list it will help him and Billie. One notable moment in this episode is Earl finally resolves his problems with the one legged girl. Things take a turn for the worse when Earl is trying to resolve his seduction 7 virgins from the Camdenite religious sect, and Billie makes him choose between her and the list. Earl choosesthe list thinking it will bring her closerto him, but it backfires as Billie leaves and sets out to undo all the good work of the last 2 seasons. When Earl brings in the cops, she takes refuge at the Camdenites. Where the last episode felt a bit contrived, this week feels more real and has a genuine feel good ending the way it used to be. They managed to find a way to get Earl some money without it feeling contrived. And I like how they found a way to deal with Billie. Apparently the show had to go through some difficulty for it to return to what it does best. Im just not sure why they had to get Earl married off to Billie when they knew it couldnt last. But I hope this means the show can move on in a positive way.