My Name Is Earl

Season 3 Episode 21

Camdenites, Part 1

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 2008 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Earl: Listen. I need to ask you a marriage question. How do you handle being married to someone who's difficult?
      Darnell: Try this.
      (Darnell retrieves a notebook from under one of the couch cushions.)
      Darnell: I just write down everything Joy does that bothers me. Most psychologists will tell you to express your thoughts and feelings without fear of confrontation. These are individuals I call 'People Who Have Not Met Joy'.
      (Joy then crawls through the tipped-over trailer door.)
      Joy: Earl!! You gotta put this trailer right side up. I've got so many bruises by climbing through this door I'm like a woman in a Lifetime movie.
      Earl: I'm gonna do it, Joy. I just need to figure how to get some money from Billie to rent a crane.
      Joy: One way would be to grow some 'nads. Speaking of bein' 'nadless ... Darnell, are you showin' Earl your poetry book?
      Darnell: Uh, yeah. We were havin' a poetry slam.
      Joy: Let me read one.
      (Joy grabs notebook from Darnell and reads from it.)
      Joy: Today she hit a new low.
      (Darnell winces.)
      Joy: Got mad cookin' dinner and threw the chicken on the lawn.
      (Earl's eyes go wide with fear while Darnell closes his eyes with fear.)
      Joy: Once again I see why everyone in our trailer park despises her and wishes we would move.
      (Joy thinks about it for a moment, then chuckles to herself.)
      Joy: That's a terrible poem, Darnell. It don't even rhyme.
      (Earl and Darnell relax a bit.)
      Joy: Hey, remember the time I threw a chicken on the lawn? You should write a poem about that, but make it rhyme.
      (Joy scoffs at Darnell, gives him a condescending smile as she hands his notebook back to him and walks off. Darnell turns quietly to Earl after Joy leaves the room.)
      Darnell: Did you pee a little?
      Earl: Yup.
      Darnell: Me too!