My Name Is Earl

Season 3 Episode 22

Camdenites, Part 2

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 2008 on NBC

Episode Recap

The Camdenites are a rural people who live in their own little world outside of Camden County. They are not dependent on technology or even basic crude inventions such as the wheel. Half of the group left because of this. Whenever a girl turns 21, they must leave the settlement for 21 days and see if they can avoid the temptation of staying out in the real world and come back home.

Earl and Randy dressed up and pretended to be from the Nathanville settlement. They take the seven girls from the Camdenites and got them drunk and had sex with them. They continued to do this every year to get laid.

At the settlement, Earl is talking with a Camdenite elder, Ruth. Ruth says that since the girls are in a trend of leaving the settlement every year that there will be no women left. No women means no future generations of the Camdenites. Ruth asks Earl and Randy to take a newly turned 21 year old Greta and protect her, and to make sure she comes back to the settlement.

They take her back to the motel and show her violent things on TV. Billie comes home and makes Randy and Greta get out. She shows Earl all these kinky sex things such as body gels and fur handcuffs. But then she freaks out at the mess they made on the bed. Earl sees Randy showing Greta bubblegum, and Earl thinks that because Greta likes stuff in the world, Billie is in a bad mood. He is torn between Greta and the list and Billie. Earl lets out that he thinks Billie is a reward and she gets really pissed at this notion. Billie offers Earl an ultimatum. The list or her. Earl deduces that if crosses the Camdenites off his list than karma will put Billie in a better mood. He chooses the list. Billie says wrong answer and decks him with a phone.

Earl gets an urgent call while at the Crab Shack. Billie used ropes and her car to put the trailer back on its side. Earl discovers his list is missing and that Billie has stolen it. Kenny and Stewart come by on their bikes, and tells Earl that Billie told his parents about him being gay and how she is going to undo everything he has done on his list.

Darnell sets up a control center at Earl`s motel room. Several people have been hit, Pop`s Hot Dog Cart has been set on fire and Billie has made a tour showcasing Kevin and his friend. She recorded Escobar`s voice so he could listen to it, and stole Deedee`s prosthetic leg. The victims show up at Earl`s because Billie is married to him. He receives a call and it is broadcast to everyone. She says she will undo everything unless he picks her. Randy lost Greta and Billie with her and is letting her eat burgers that she didn`t have to kill a cow to get. Earl gives up the list.

Earl is at the settlement but Billie arrives without Greta. Earl says he can`t do karma and Billie doesn`t care. Joy, Darnell, and Officer Hoyne show up. Billie utters a death threat against Earl and hides at the settlement, when Hoyne accidentally mentions that police have no jurisdiction there.

Earl has five days to find Greta and bring her back so karma will change Billie`s mood so she won`t kill him. On the fifth day, the Camden County police have a bass fishing trip leaving the town with less officers. Earl returns to the motel and finds out Randy has been hiding Greta because he likes her. Earl finds out that Randy`s a good guy and karma has rewarded him. But Earl can`t give up Greta to make his marriage better.

Earl has a nightmare when Billie charges in with a shotgun. Then she comes up from the sheets with a knife. The third time she shows up with an axe, for real. She is wearing Camdenite garbs and is holding the axe for protection.

She explains how while staying with the Camdenites, she had finally found the thing she was looking for her whole life. She tried crime with Frank, nursing school, karma with Earl, and finally found her place. Doing chores and work gave her a good outlet for her anger, and stealing would no longer be a thrill since all Camdenites share everything. It was hard for Billie to be greedy with food since she worked with so many people who were willing to give.

Billie tells Earl he can cross the Camdenites off the list. She shows Earl the divorce papers and he signs them, and she and gives him a check for 72,000 as an extra reward for helping her. She says goodbye and Earl realizes Billie was not his reward, but that he was supposed to lead her to where she needed to be.
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