My Name Is Earl

Season 3 Episode 22

Camdenites, Part 2

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 2008 on NBC

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  • Another season of Earl comes to a close.

    While this season has been inconsistent, the prison episodes being teriffic, though a couple of poor fillers like another Cops and the Creative Writing, the coma being original, though the sitcom fantasy getting old fast, and Earl rushing into a third doomed marriage, which was funny but repetitive, My Name Is Earl was still very entertaining, and this was a great way to end the season. While there was a lack of the list this year, the show is more about karma in general, which was used very well, and was quite funny as well, and of course the white trash element of the show was still alive and well.

    As for this episode, it is hilarious, particularly the Randy/Greta conversations, and Billie going insane after Earl really makes a stupid choice when deciding between a hot wife and a piece of paper. The ending with the trade of Greta for Billie to the Camdenites was an interesting choice and while it wasn't quite believable, it was still very funny, especially Earl's dreams of dying.

    Overall, this episode is a great example of the third season, entertaining and original, and now that Earl's back to the list, hopefully next season will stay as fresh as this one has.
  • Better than most other episodes from this season.

    I thought that Part 2 here was better than Part 1 and that they did a good job of not trying to cram everything in really quick. I thought that Part 1 tried to put to much stuff in it but Part 2 here was a step up and it also had a really nice way to wrap up the story plot. Although I only gave it a score of 8, I still think that it was probably one of the best from this season. I give it a score of 8 because it still lacks what once made this show shine.
  • No Billie, Bad Billie don't tip the trailer over Billie

    The conclusion to a season that was all over the place tries to set things right for next season. That means getting rid of Billie, giving Earl some cash back to help and making sure Earl will have little distraction in his Karmidic tasks. Before that though we get a pretty predictable episode which has Billie undoing the good deeds that Earl has done through his list. Suffice to say she angers a lot of people in doing so. In the meantime Earl tries to put right what once went wrong when he sets out to make up for seducing 7 Camdenite (a local religious group that do not use modern machinery or tools) virgins. He does this by looking after the daughter of the women elder when she comes of age and is therefore allowed to go out into the wide world and choose to stay or not. Of course none of the young women go back to the camp afterwards.

    As soon as Billie decides she is going to hide out in the Camdenites encampment its pretty predictable that she was going to find peace and stay there. Frankly as a character she had served her purpose so why not. After some of the mean things she did in this episode like telling Kenny's parents that he was gay and tipping over Joy and Darnell's trailer again.

    One thing I'm not clear upon though is will Greta the Camdenite daughter stay with Randy. It'll be interesting to see him in a relationship next season.

    So predictable but fun
  • After a lackluster season which saw the show try different directions this episode finally manages to return Earl, Randy and the rest of the crew to where they were at the end of last season

    Billie starts to undo Earls previous attempts to complete his list to try to make him choose between her and the list. In the end it leaves us in a situation where we can return to the inital premise of the series. It is a bit cornball how it achives this with Billie finding her place in life via the simple existance and hard work of the Camdanittes but corn ball is classic Earl at it's best. This season had become to rely too much on smut to try to get a laugh so it was nice to see it return to it's roots at the end of this episode.
  • Not my favorite season storywise.However the peisode did have some touching moments going for it.

    Not my favorite season storywise,but I thought the finale has some really touching moments such as the closing scene with Billy and Earl,getting the list back and that great Reggae cover of the John Denver song "Countntry Roads" playing in the background which ends with that nice little recap flashback of the season that end on such a hopeful and happy(maybe even a little bittersweet)ending of Earl standing in the doorway.

    IMHP the best Earl episodes always had a sweet and hopeful ending to the episode and in the respect the episode didn't disappoint.Although am not too crazy with the Tim Stack these last 2 seasons.

    This episode even had some some great music going for it with Reel big Fish's Sell Out(one of my all time favortie RBF's song) and The Toots and The Maytals cover of Country Road.
  • Nice.

    It's wonderful that Earl decided to choose karma over his wife, but I was astonished that he changed his mind after Billie threatened him by doing everything the opposite way on Earl's karma list.

    Greta was such a nice presence to have this episode. I think Randy should really be offered his own wonderful romance storyline for next season. He is a nice guy to watch trying to be romantic, doncha think?

    I thought it was cheap that Billie got along with the nice Camdenites, I mean, work on farm is a great way to let out anger? Yeah right. But then again, with the food that was so willingly given and stealing things that were shared, it was actually kinda sweet and it kinda fit. I can live with that bit of writing, I guess.

    It's a nice episode for a finale. Not fabulous, but nice.
  • I love a happy ending.

    This two-parter ended quite well. While it would have been nice for Earl to have a girl, I guess it wouldn't really have worked; he's got his brother, and the list isn't finished yet.

    Earl's desire to make things right is the driving force of the show and it was nice that he was encourage to continue doing so. Of course he was only doing good things to have good things happen to him, which by Dante's definition would restrict him to the Second Sphere of Heaven, but that's still better than abandoning the list like he almost did a few episode ago.
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