My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 9

Cost Dad the Election

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2005 on NBC

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  • Earl tries to win his dad an election

    As usual, Australia messes up its programming, in this case Channel 7 shows episode 9 this week, skipping episodes 3 through 8. However, it doesn’t seem like much has changed, though Joy seems to hate Earl a lot less (I guess he crossed off one of the many things on his list that involved his ex-wife).

    Anyway, this episode is very entertaining as we get to meet Earl’s parents, his father being a great character and the bail issue is handled very well, though Earl couldn’t cross the election off his list (guess he’ll have to wait four more years).

    The tasering and the excuse that he locked his keys in his car were the highlights of the episode for me though I also greatly enjoyed Earl saying his father had diarrhea on the debate and all in all this episode is quite good and I hope 7 fills in the blank episodes.
  • Another great episode.

    i loved this is it was so great when Earl wasnt tring to do anything and then that scared cop trazors him then Earl tries to get him and he does it again that was so great one of my fav. flashbacks this season. Then when the planes flew by and every one with out even knowing held things up that thats great. This is a special episode because we see more into Earl's family and because this is the first one that he never got to cross something off his list.
  • Cost Dad The Election, Earl gets arrested several times and cost Dad the election for it.

    I thought this episode was great. The first time Earl was locked up and the big guy jail guard came around the corner with his Dad was chuckles, and then when he came the second time, I giggled, by the fourth and fifth time, I was crying laughing. The security guard, Vernard "Bone" Hampton, is a comedian that goes just by the name Bone, or Comedian Bone, good to see him on NBC. The different costumes that Earl and his brother had on in jail was too funny.
    Such a truth that some people think that moving their problems, the airplane noise, over to another area solves the problem when in essence it only makes it worst for others.
  • Excellent look into Earl's family life.

    This episode was a bit of a surprise. I expected Earl to have been raised in a trailer trash environment that would do Jeff Foxworthy proud. We discover, however, that his parents, though certainly not ranked among the culturally elite, are fairly normal, upstanding members of society.

    This made the father's frustration with Earl all the more believable. After all, if the apple had not fallen so far from the tree, Earl's father surely would not have been so enraged by his son's antics. The constant disappointment in his son built up over the years until it got to the point that no one single act could alleviate all the negatives in their relationship. Earl will have to earn his father's trust and respect and that is a great setup for future episodes.

    Was this episode knee-slapping funny? Not really, but I don't mind at all. My Name is Earl is a rarity of a show that has more depth than the average comedy. Like teh Simpsons, it can appeal to a variety of people on different levels. And that is what makes it great!
  • It was bound to happen: a lackluster episode of Earl

    It was bound to happen: a lackluster episode of my favorite sit-com "My Name is Earl"

    It wasn't awful or anything, but it was way below par. I barely laughed at all, which is unusual for the show. I suppose they were going for "a very special episode" kind of thing, but that part didn't work for me either. And I'm usually a sucker for father-son storylines.

    I reckon the problem might have been that Earl's parents were too normal, so they didn't generate enough craziness for Earl and Randy to respond to.

    The whole episode just seemed like a really, really average moment in an otherwise superb show.
  • Another great episode.

    Once again my faith in sitcoms is renewed with this episode of My Name is Earl. The show is just plain funny. The writing is original and creative, something many television shows lack these days. Earl of course comes out with some funny lines the girl with one leg and her boyfriend being handicapable. I loved how the scenes from the past of all the things Earl did to his father especially when they cut a piece of hair from his head and glued it to his lip, and when the doorbell rang told him the Goldberg's were there. It was nice to see at the end the father did see that Earl was changing he bailed him out. I certainly hope we'll see more of Beau Bridges in future episodes. Like I said once again Earl gives me hope for sitcoms.