My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 9

Cost Dad the Election

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2005 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Earl's dad is handing out buttons after the live debate, at the end of the scene there's is another High Def easter egg. Just as the scene is about to cut to Randy handing out cookies is a sign at the extreme left. The sign reads: "Carl Hickey Loves High Def"

    • Featured Music:
      "Electric Avenue" by Eddy Grant (Joy and Earl get tasered)
      "Higher Ground" by Stevie Wonder (People start hearing the planes again)
      "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival (Earl's Dad re-enters the election)
      "Mexican Radio" by Wall of Voodoo (Randy loses the election forms)
      "Time Has Told Me" by Nick Drake (Earl is getting bailed out the last time)

    • List Trivia:

      (Re-)Introduced in this episode:
      #4 Blew dad's chance to be elected mayor.
      #86 Stole a car from a one legged girl. (Previously introduced in the pilot episode and episode 1-02)

      Crossed off in this episode:
      Nothing is officially crossed off - however, by what Earl's father is saying, Earl probably crossed off "breaking a window".

      Earl mentions that his dad is #4 on his list several times during the episode, while we can clearly see during the title sequence, that "Cost Dad an Election" is #65.

    • The sign that Earl's dad, Carl, put in the window of the store said 'Honk for Peace and Quiet'.

  • Quotes

    • (in the strip club)
      Earl: Jasmine, Savannah I'd like to talk to you ladies about another kind of poll. (shows them a voters registration form)

    • (outside the County jail)
      Earl: Felony or Misdemeanour?
      Guy: Misdemenour.
      Earl: Great. Can we talk. (gives him the voters registration paper)

    • Earl: Hey mom.
      Kay: Need money son, is that it?
      Earl: No, I just wanna....
      Carl: Hey, who is it?
      Kay: Just some Mormons Carl. (whispers to Earl) Look he's out on the Mormons, so scoot, I'll put twenty dollars under the lawn goose.
      Earl: I don't need money mom.
      Carl: (walking to the door) For the last time boys, we already have a lord. (Earl waves and Carl walks away)

    • Earl: (voice over) Back when I was married to Joy she often filled the role of designated driver.... (Earl and Randy are in the back of the truck, drinking, Earl throws an empty beer can, that hits a cop car) Of course that didn't mean we stayed out of trouble.
      (the cop pulls them over)
      Joy: (gets out of car and speaks to Earl) What kind of idiot throws a beer can at a cop car?

    • (Earl and Randy are trying to break into an armoured truck)
      Cops: Stop, or I'll shoot you in the face.
      Earl: I locked my keys in my car.

    • (Earl and Randy are trying to rob the Atm with a blowtorch)
      Cops: Police, freeze.
      Earl: It ate my card.

    • Rick: (walks over to Earl) Well Earl, what are you doing up so late? (rubs Earl's head) Little fella. (Young Earl punches him in the balls)
      Carl: Sorry Rick. We're having him tested.

    • Earl: I'm entering Dad in the election race whether he saysd he wants me to or not.
      Randy: So you can cross him off your list?
      Earl: It's about more that the list Randy. I want him to see I've changed, I want us to be a family again.

    • Earl: (Talking about his father) He bailed me out!
      Randy: What?
      Earl: He hasn't bailed me out in over six years! He's coming around, Randy. He's coming around.
      Earl narrating: I was foolish to think I could win back my father's respect by simply winning him the election. I spent my whole life causing him nothing but grief and it's gonna take some time before he believes that I've really changed. I just have to keep doing what I'm doing and, maybe one day I've crossed enough things off my list, Dad'll be proud of me.
      (Cut to Carl and Kay sitting in their house)
      Carl: You know, I ran into John Shepard down the street. He said Earl came by and paid for the window he broke fifteen years ago.
      Kay: Really?
      Carl: Yup.

    • (Hands Earl money.)
      Carl: Here ya go fella. I always like to help the homeless. Don't spend it on booze!
      Earl: Dad!
      Carl: Move along, hobo!

    • Randy: Dad, the photographer from the newspaper's here. We gotta hurry though. A chicken truck tipped over on the interstate.

    • Randy: Now don't misunderstand the cookie. We like air travel. We just don't like planes flying over our heads. It's all on the back of the cookie.

    • Rhonda Gibbs: Mr. Hickey, your views on transportation infrastructure?
      Earl: One time my dad made his own driveway sealer out of maple syrup and ground up glass. Randy tried it on pancakes. That's another story.

    • Randy: If dad was mayor, we'd get to wear top hats and sashes and judge beauty contests.
      Earl: That's Monopoly, Randy.

    • Catalina: I'm sure your parents will forgive you eventually. Your mom is sweet and Carl has a very good heart.
      Earl: Have you been there, too?
      Catalina: (with a guilty look) No.

    • Earl: How come you hate me, but you'll gamble for marshmallows with Randy?
      Kay: Well there's a difference between you two. See one of you's bad and one of you's simple and Earl, you're bad.
      Randy: What am I?

    • Cop: Ma'am, I'm gonna need you to get back in your vehicle. I don't want to use my Taser.
      Joy: Oh please, put your little ray gun away.
      Randy: Shoot her!
      Earl: No, no, no, don't. Don't shoot her!
      Randy: Shoot her!
      Cop: Get back in your vehicle, miss. I will Tase you.
      Joy: I wish you would Tase me. I'll sue your ass so fast you... (Joy gets Tased.)

    • Randy: Was it my fault we got caught?
      Earl: Of course it was your fault. I was half way down the block with the basket of money and you tripped over your damn dress. I told ya to go as a priest, but no, you thought it would be funny to dress as a nun. If you'd just listen to me instead of worrying so much about trying...
      (Both start laughing.)
      Randy: It's funny, isn't it? Is it funny?
      Earl: Yeah, it's funny.
      Randy: I told you. It's because I'm a man, but I'm dressed like a woman.

    • Earl: Whether it was getting behind Ford, McGovern, Carter, or the metric system, my father was always on the losing side of things.

    • Catalina: How many times did this robot man hit you with that sign?
      Earl: I don't know. I blacked out after about seven. Still can't figure out why he took my boots. Seems like a pointless crime.

    • Randy: Man I wish I had robot legs or robot hands. Robot hands would be cool with, like, a knife finger and a spoon finger and a fork finger and a toothbrush finger and a comb finger and a bottle opener finger and a flashlight finger and a screw driver finger, but regular thumbs. Ya gotta have regular thumbs.

    • Earl: And as handi-capable as one legged Didi was, her no legged boyfriend was handi-capabler.

    • Darnell: I'm already registered to vote.
      Joy: What?
      Darnell: Not that it matters, because until we reform the electoral college, the popular votes will be ignored, and we'll keep electing Presidents that only get a minority of the vote.
      Joy: That must be some black stuff. I don't know what he's talkin' about.

    • (Carl has just seen on TV that he is supposed to be in a live, televised debate for mayor.)
      Rhonda: (on TV) Filling in for Carl Hickey will be his son, Earl Hickey.
      Carl: (to TV) No, no, no, no, no, no, no...
      Earl: (on TV) My father is feeling a little under the weather.
      Carl: Now don't embarrass me. Don't embarrass me!
      Rhonda: Nothing serious, I hope.
      Earl: Uh, diarrhea.

  • Notes

    • The Czech episode title is "Earlův otec kandiduje na starostu", meaning "Earl's Father Is Running for Mayor".

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: September 21, 2009 on Prima COOL

    • Although this episode is number nine in the series, it screened as episode three in Australia.

    • Cameron Clapp, who plays Didi's boyfriend, is a real-life athlete and competes in disabled running, swimming and golf events around the country. He won gold medals in running and swimming at the 2004 Endeavor Games for Athletes with Physical Disabilities. Clapp was injured on September 15, 2001, when he was hit by a train and lost both legs (up to just above the knee) and his right arm. He has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles, including USA Today and People Magazine, and on CNN Headline News. Before guest-starring on My Name Is Earl, Clapp had a small part in HBO's "Carnivale" and was offered a guest-starring role as a triple-amputee soldier in "Six Feet Under", but turned it down because it conflicted with his message of hope.

  • Allusions

    • Carl: You know I ran into John Sheppard down the street.

      This is very likely a inside joke. Beau Bridges (Carl) is currently 1 of the stars on Stargate SG-1, the name of the main character in it's spin-off series, Stargate Atlantis, is called John Sheppard.

    • Joy and Darnell are playing a board game called Mouse Trap when the plane flies over. In Mouse Trap, you move your piece around the board while assembling the trap. You try to not get captured by the large, intricate contraption.