My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 18

Dad's Car

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2006 on NBC

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  • Karma can work in mysterious ways

    This episode was very interesting indeed because we find out that Earl is on his own list and he can't forgive himself for the life he could have had had the mustang not been lost. This brought a lot of funny moments and I for one found this episode to be entertaining on a lot of different levels.

    Mother's Day was a great idea for an episode and the combination of the two was done perfectly, the coupon book being hilarious and showing that sometimes stealing isn't the answer.

    Overall, the plot and jokes of this episode are very good and it also develops the relationship between Earl and his father.
  • Earl is on his own list...

    Earl gives his mother a happy mothers day to make up for all the bad ones she’s had. When she asks him to do something for his father, he decides to get back his dad’s car that he lost in a road race (telling his dad that it was driven into a lake) when he was 11. But instead of being overjoyed at it’s return, Earl’s father reveals that it was not his car but Earls, intended to be given as a 16th birthday present. So Earl finds himself in a new position: He’s on his own list. He sets about restoring the car, with his dad reluctantly joining in to help. For the first time in years the father and son team are talking without fighting and at last Earl has mended his relationship with his father.

    I liked this episode a lot. It was not as funny as previous episodes (the best lines came from Joy in her side story of having Mother’s day without her kids) but it had great character development. Perhaps it was a bit sentimental, but I think it is really starting to show how much Earl is growing as a person. Excellent episode!
  • Earl tries to give his mom her first great Mother's Day.

    I have been getting bored with this show. Over the last month or two, I have mainly been watching the show strictly because my girlfriend and I always watch it together.

    This episode, however, reminded me why her and I began to watch it in the first place. Well written and funny. It was good to see that Earl is finally making progress with his father (a role Beau Bridges plays wonderfully) and the two are becoming closer, which is something those two have never had.

    Watching Joy totally drunk was also a bonus.

    This episode had some great morals in it. Earl and his father stop fighting and work on the car. Joy missed her children so much that she had Randy play with her. This episoded fleshed out some of the characters a bit more, namely Earl's father and Joy.
  • They are all good, but this one is just hillarious.

    These Episodes are almost as compact and fast-pacing as video clips. Bang! Bang! Bang!
    Joke after joke. This one is just really funny. I like the short format and I always look forward to the next one. The characters in this ep. are just great. Earl's ex-wife, her boyfriend, Earl's mother and his father, his brother or the cruel guys at the junkyard. There are played with so much love. In times where ther are so many action series around where the topics are always just sex, terror, crime and the fight for or against it, this series is a highlight in the current us.
  • Earl tries to make up for all the horrible Mother's Days he put his Mom through.

    One of the best episodes of the first season. It is both heartfelt and hysterically funny. Heartfelt: Earl finally breaks through his Dad\'s rough facade when he returns a car that he had lost in a drag race. Hysterically funny: The first drag race and then the second drag race where we see all the changes.
  • Good Hearted half-hour of TV

    A very few but great lines where in the Episode that made it the comdey that it is. It is nice to see that Earl's Parents may get into more shows as the series moves on. The Drag race at the end is the best part. Catch it on re-runs don't steal it from Limewire or anyother peer to peer software.
  • A great reason to watch this show (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    So Earl has to make amends to his Mother, and Randy is (yet again) along for the ride. This is a fun family-based episode, with a nice parallel between Earl\'s family and Joy\'s kids. And I know the reunion between father and son was obvious from the beginning of the episode, but I still enjoyed it.

    And by the way, the bit with Catalina and the mice under the bed was very funny.
  • Good use of Joy in this one...

    "Hey dummies..."
    Classic moment!
    Good for Timothy Olyphant showing up and playing that part perfectly.
    Joy was excellent in this episode and it was nice to see Earl and his dad make up for lost time.
    Catalina also had a great line in this one with her "It was her or me" comment.
  • Another great episode. (spoilers)

    Earl never ceases to amaze me, always good. This show I had never planned on watching, I am glad I did eventually watch it. It’s one of the best shows, cast, and writer combination on TV today. This episode was no different. Watching Joy and her drunkenness was very funny. It’s good to have a show that you can count on, not only for really good humor, but a nice wrap up in the end; unfortunately Hollywood really doesn’t like the neat little wrap ups anymore at the end of an episode. I’m glad we have earl to have it somewhere. Can’t wait for more!
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