My Name Is Earl

Season 1 Episode 17

Didn't Pay Taxes

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2006 on NBC

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  • Governments can be confusing

    Something as simple as paying taxes is bound to become complicated when Earl's involved and this episode has so many entertaining twists in his attempts to give the government five hundred bucks, which you'd expect would be easy.

    Being sent to jail for filling a pothole with a prison crew (and not the baby killing the previous cop suspected was very amusing and after that punishment, you'd expect Earlto give up but no, he misbehaves on a water tower which gets more and more funny with a spectacular end.

    Overall, whether you support or detest the government, you'll love this episode.
  • A very special episode for me

    The reason this episode is so special for is that it was the first one i've watched, and not only that, i began to watch 10 minutes into the episode, but the rest of the minutes made me understand that this show is was something special.
    And when i started watching the rest of the episodes, i realized that this episode wasn't the best one, and that show is more then special, for me, it's the best one since seinfeld, and if it keeps getting better it may be even my favorite.
  • After not paying his taxes Earl is lieterally left hanging.

    Earl feels guilty about not paying his taxes a few years ago so he tries to give the government back their money. Stupidly the people won't take it, probably the only time they wouldn't

    When Earl and Randy try to break the law so that they can pay the money they end yp in a redicament far worse than that of owing money.

    In the end they pay more than they originally set out to do so, but at least Earl has crossed something off his list.
  • For the first sight it seemed the worst, but watched it again, turned out it's as cool as the others.

    To tell the truth, it's really not the best original story, but the jokes are still outstanding... like the asbestos or the pothole scene. Also has a lot hidden references to other movies or cartoons I like very much.

    And at the end, Earl tells the not so hidden message to respect the government for its work. With the other message: „Do good things and good thing hapen – Do bad things and bad things happen” it gives you a good example how to live (wrapped with a real funny garnish)

    I like this Earl episode, still way better then other shows around.
  • not the best but not the worst... as in all the episodes it did have its funny moments though

    well of course earl feels bad about not paying his taxes and has to put it onto the list and correct teh problem... so he trys and trys to correct the problem by just giving them the money but they wont accept... so this leads him into having a great idea of doing something illegal to get fined the amount of money he ows. not the most creative idea but throughout the episode it deffinitly has its really funny parts
  • Not the best, but...

    It was not the best My name is Earl episode, but it was still funny... Earl and he's brother chall pay back some taxes, but the state won't have the mony... So they goes on a water tower, and that was so borig that they began to wressel... And then they maked a hole in the roof, and they felled in the hole, but luckyli it was no water in the water tower.. And at the end Earl have to pay 500$
    And then he can take that off he's list...

    My Name Is Earl rock's, i can hardly wait for the next episode...
  • My Name is Earl has been delight to watch.

    I have always loved this show, but when you allowed the American Flag to hit and lie on the floor you lost me as a viewer. I come from a strong military family and many of my friends and family members have died for that flag and you disgraced it in the name of \\\\\\\"funny\\\\\\\" I say no way. God Bless our troops now and then..
    Your rating system won't let me leave a 0.
  • The worst one yet sadly

    I need to get this out of the way. I did like this episode but it seemed to go a little to slow. I am also very patriotic but this one semed to cram it down our throats. The jokes were good but I am wondering how Earl got his coat back if he left it on a rock. Plot holes and slow progression messed it up.
  • In this episode, earl wants to pay the government back on taxes he owes.

    I am surprised to see people were disappointed with this episode. I thought it was hysterical! I laughed so hard and loud my daughter came running in to see what I was watching. The part where Earl gets thrown into jail, despite telling the guard over and over that he doesn't belong there was classic. Then, he and Randy tie themselves to the top of the water tower and Randy asks Earl if he wants to wrestle! Randy just makes that show perfect. I was very happy with this episode.
  • Probably the worst of the series so far, nothing really happened, but still enjoyable compared to most TV. (spoilers)

    What can I say, after the rest of the season I expect better that this episode. The episode fell from the ‘karma’ train and jumped on a ‘government-isn’t-all-bad’ train. What did falling in a water tower have to do with karma? Nothing. It was just telling earl that the government does more than he understands, if they start bashing their ignorance in that way for karma, they (and well frankly everyone) would be nothing but karma’s bitch, as the last episode so eloquently put it and living like rats if they’re lucky. Up to this point when something bad happened to Earl it was because he did something wrong, this episode he got thrown in jail for volunteering, and that’s off key for this show.

    Usually the show delivers more in message and humor than anything else on TV, I suppose this was the exception (I hope) and they get back to the good ones. Waiting for next week.
  • After waiting in anticipation for the next new episode, I was disappointed by this installment.

    Earl decides to pay the Government back for not paying his taxes (on the rare occasions when he did honest work). One problem: They won’t take his money. The tax office has no record of him owing money, therefore in their eyes he doesn’t owe it. Not satisfied buy this Earl tries to find other ways to pay the Government what he owes. This story had the potential for great laughs, but sadly does not deliver. Earls attempts to make up for this item on his list are neither funny nor entertaining. In fact this is the first time I have been tempted to turn off the show, rather than sit through it to see if it gets any better (it doesn’t). The episode was not so much ‘bad’ in that it inspired anger or frustration, but rather it simply uninteresting, inspiring boredom and apathy instead.

    But I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: Every show needs episodes like this, so that the good ones stand out all the better.
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